RPG Encyclopedia: 2009

1w6 Freunde
1st ed by Markus Heinen, Thomas Michalski, Ralf Murk, Matthias Schaffrath (2009) Prometheus Games Verlag
Action Castle!
1st ed by Jared A. Sorensen (2009) Memento Mori Theatricks
Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying
1st ed by Colin Chapman (2009) Radioactive Ape Designs
BARBAREN! The Ultimate Macho Role Playing Game
1st (German) ed by Frank Tarcikowski (2009) Vagrant Workshop
Barbarians of Lemuria
Legendary ed (2009)
BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes
Ultimate ed (2009)
Beat to Quarters
1st ed by Neil Gow (2009) Omnihedron Games
The Black Spot
1st ed by Mark Silcox (2009) Grasshopper Games
Blazing Rose: A Story Game of Romantic Rivalry
Ashcan ed by Edward "Sabe" Jones (2009) self-published
Bliss Stage
Interim ed (2009)
Century's Edge
1st ed by Louis Hoefer (2009) Whole Sum Entertainment
Chronica Feudalis: A Game of Imagined Adventure in Medieval Europe
1st ed by Jeremy Keller (2009) Cellar Games
The Company
1st ed by Newt Newport (2009) D101 Games
The Dance and the Dawn
1st ed by Dev Purkayastha (2009) FGJ Games
Dawg: the RPG
1st ed by Ashok Desai (2009) Kenzer & Company
Diaspora: hard science-fiction role-playing with fate
1st ed by B. Murray, C.W. Marshall, T. Dyke, B. Kerr (2009) VSCA Publishing
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, The Roleplaying Game
1st ed by David F. Chapman (2009) Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited
Dragon Age
1st ed by Chris Pramas (2009) Green Ronin
The Drifter's Escape
1st ed by Ben Lehman (2009) Tao Games
3rd ed (2009) RedBrick LLC
Eclipse Phase
1st ed by Rob Boyle, John Snead, Brian Cross, Jack Graham, Lars Blumenstein (2009) Posthuman Studios LLC Catalyst Game Labs
Eoris Essence RPG
1st ed by David Torres, Alejandro Cárdenas, Nicolás Acosta (2009) Visions of Essence, LLC
Escape from Tentacle City: A Dark Comedy Game of Survival Horror
1st ed by Willow Palecek (2009) self-published
Fantasy Craft
1st ed by Alex Flagg, Scott Gearin, Patrick Kapera (2009) Crafty Games Studio 2 Publishing
1st ed by Jason Morningstar (2009) Bully Pulpit Games
Fox Magic
1st ed by Christopher La Haise, Catherine Prickett, Lev Lafayette (2009) Fool's Moon Entertainment
Funky Colts: Das 70er / 80er Jahre Actionserienspiel
1st ed by David Grashoff, Fabian Mauruschat, Daniel Mayer (2009) Projekt-Kopfkino Prometheus Games Verlag
Ganakagok: A Mythopoetic Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Bill White (2009) Consensus Games
5th ed (2009)
Hellcats and Hockeysticks: A Role-Playing Game of chaos, anarchy, and decidedly unladylike behavior
1st ed by Andrew Peregrine (2009) Corone Design
2nd ed by Greg Stafford, Robin D. Laws (2009) Moon Design LLC
HERO System
6th ed by Steven S. Long (2009)
Hot War
1st ed by Malcom Craig (2009) Contested Ground Studios
1st ed by Danielle Lewon (2009) Cream Alien Games
1st ed by Brian St. Claire-King, Elroy LaSanta (2009) Vajra Enterprises
Labyrinths & Lycanthropes
1st ed by Joe J. Prince (2009) Prince of Darkness Games
Last Train Out of Warsaw
1st ed by Jason Morningstar (2009) self-published
Little Fears
Nightmare ed by Jason L. Blair (2009) FunSizedGames
Mini Six
Bare Bones ed by Phil Morris, Ray Nolan (2009) AntiPaladin Games
Misery Bubblegum
1st ed by Anthony Lower-Basch (2009) Muse of Fire Games
Montsegur 1244
1st ed by Frederik J. Jensen (2009) Thoughtful Games
No Dice - Pure Role Playing
1st ed by Leo Stableford, Suzanne Jordan (2009) No Dice RPG Team
Norwegian Style
1st ed by Erlend Sand Bruer, Tor Kjetil Edland, Arvid Falch, Ole Peder Giæver, Martin Gudmundsen, Matthijs Holter, Magnus Jakobsson, Håken Lid, Lasse Lundin, Anders Nygaard, Tomas HV Mørkrid, Erling Rognli, Margrete Somerville, Øyvind Stengrundet, Even Tømte, Rune Valle (2009) self-published
On Her Majesty's Arcane Service
1st ed by clash bowley (2009) Flying Mice LLC Precis Intermedia Games
OpenQuest: D100 Gaming Made Easy
1st ed by Newt Newport (2009) D101 Games
Operation: Fallen Reich
1st ed by Mikael Reidal (2009) Fallen Publishing
Pathfinder RPG
1st ed (2009)
A Penny for My Thoughts
1st ed by Paul Tevis (2009) Evil Hat Productions
The Peryton Fantasy Role-Playing Game
Revised ed by Christina Lea (2009) Peryton Publishing
Pribehy Imperia
1st ed by Kryštof Ferenc, Jonaáš Ferenc (2009) MYTAGO
Ribbon Drive
1st ed by Joe McDonald (2009) Buried Without Ceremony
Secrets & Lies: A Hardboiled Detective Game
1st ed by Daniel Bayn (2009) Bayn.org
1st ed by Bill Coffin (2009) West End Games West End Games Purgatory Publishing
Sexy Deadly
1st ed by Tony Dowler (2009) Planet Thirteen Games
Shock: Social Science Fiction
1.2 ed (2009)
Shotgun Diaries
1st ed by John Wick (2009) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
Sign in Stranger
1st ed by Emily Care Boss (2009) Black & Green Games
Slasher Flick
1st ed by Cynthia Celeste Miller (2009) Spectrum Game Studios
S/lay W/Me
1st ed by Ron Edwards (2009) Adept Press
A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying
1st ed by Robert J. Schwalb (2009) Green Ronin Publishing
Summerland: A role-playing game of desolation and redemption within the Sea of Leaves
1st ed by Greg Saunders (2009) Fire Ruby Designs
Supernatural Role Playing Game
1st ed by Jamie Chambers (2009) Margaret Weis Productions
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies
1st ed by Chad Underkoffler (2009) Evil Hat Productions
Swords & Wizardry
1st ed by Matthew J. Finch (2009) Mythmere Games
Terror Thirteen
1st ed by Eric A. Kugler (2009) Anansi Games LLC
Time & Temp
Unbound ed by Epidiah Ravachol (2009) Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing
Umläut: Game Of Metal
1st (electronic) ed by Rich Stokes (2009) Lord of the Pies
Valtyr Chronicles
1st ed by Chuck D. Yager (2009) self-published
Venus 2141
1st ed by Tony Pace (2009) Soyuz Arts
1st ed by Michael Fiegel (2009) Aethereal Forge
Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader
1st ed by Owen Barnes, Alan Bligh, John French, Andy Hoare, Tim Huckelbery, Michael Hurley, John Ivicek, Reason, Sam Stewart (2009) Fantasy Flight Games
Western City
1st (German) ed by Jörg Dünne (2009) Vagrant Workshop
Western City
1st (English) ed by Jörg Dünne (2009) Vagrant Workshop
WHAP Pulp Adventure System
Deluxe ed by Tom K. Loney (2009) Peryton Publishing
While the World Ends: A story game about a future on the brink of change
1st (English) ed by Wilhelm Person (2009) self-published
Witch Girls Adventures: The Drama Diaries Game
1st ed by Malcolm Harris (2009) self-published
Wordplay: The Big Five
1st ed by Graham Spearing (2009) D101 Games

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