RPG Encyclopedia: 1986

9th Generation
1st ed by Jeff Siadek (1986) Jeff Siadek Enterprises
Avant Charlemagne
1st ed by Francois Nedelec (1986) Robert Laffont Éditeur
2nd ed (1986)
Call of Cthulhu
3rd ed (1986)
Challenges Game System
1st ed by Tom Moldvay (1986) Challenges Game Systems
La Compagnie des Glaces
1st ed by Jean-Pierre Pecau (1986) Jeux Actuels
Creeks and Crawdads
1st ed by M. Martin Costa (1986) Crustacium Games
Darkus Thel
1st ed by Donald C. Moehlenkamp, Kurt Moehlenkamp, James August Mohow (1986) Sorcerers Guild
Darkus Thel
Book Two ed (1986)
Delta Force
1st ed by William H. Keith, Jr. (1986) Task Force Games
Dungeons and Dragons
Immortals Set ed by Frank Mentzer (1986)
Eternal Soldier
1st ed by Chris Arnold, Rob Arnold, Joe Mays (1986) Tai-Gear Simulations
1st ed by Tonio Loewald (1986) self-published
Freaks and Friendlies
1st ed by Denton R. Elliot (1986) Doc's Games
Freedom Fighters
1st ed by J. Andrew Keith (1986) FGU
Gamma World
3rd ed (1986)
Genesis RPG
1st ed by Kevin D. Clarke, Noel W. Clarke (1986) Inkeptum Ultra Visio
1st ed by Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis, Greg Stafford (1986) West End Games
1st ed by Steve Jackson (1986) Steve Jackson Games
1st ed by N. Robin Crossby (1986) Columbia Games
1st ed by Kerie Campbell-Robson, Sandy Petersen (1986) Chaosium
Holmes & Company
1st ed by Mario Corte, Antonello Lotronto (1986) E.Elle
Holocaustic Dungeons
1st ed by Kristoffer A. Silver (1986) Silver Wolf Games
Hostage... a Pawn of Terrorism
1st ed (1986) Force Four Games
Hunter Planet
1st ed by David Bruggeman (1986) TAGG / HPAC Pty, Ltd.
Premières Légendes ed (1986)
De La Table Ronde ed by Anne Vetillard (1986)
1st ed by L. Ross Babcock, Jordan Weisman, Walter H. Hunt, Evan Jamieson, William Keith, Patrick Larkin, Richard K. Meyer, Kevin Stein (1986) FASA
2nd ed (1986) Jeux & Strategie magazine
Mythworld: Realistic Fantasy
1st ed by Paul Cardwell, Jr. (1986) Hippogriff Publications
Night of the Ninja: Reality Role Playing Game
1st ed by Tom Wall, Sandford Tuey (1986) IIE / Mastery Manual
På eventyr i Vildmarken
1st ed by Klaus Johansen, Paul Hartvigson (1986) Forlaget Stavnsager ApS
Phoenix Command
1st ed by Barry Nakazono, David McKenzie (1986) Leading Edge
The Price of Freedom
1st ed by Greg Costikyan (1986) West End Games
2nd ed by Erick Wujcik (1986) Palladium Books
Robotech the Roleplaying Game
Book One: Macross ed by Kevin Siembieda (1986) Palladium Books
Robot Warriors
1st ed by Steve Perrin, George MacDonald (1986) Hero Games
1st ed by Pierre Rosenthal (1986) self-published
Skæbner og Skatte
1st ed (1986) unknown
Skyrealms of Jorune
2nd ed (1986)
Space Master
1st ed by Terry Amthor, Kevin Barrett (1986) Iron Crown Enterprises
Tomtar och Troll
1st ed by Carl Johan Stróm (1986) self-published
1st [French] ed (1986) "Chroniques d'outre monde" Magazine
Traveller 2300 (aka 2300 A.D.)
1st ed by Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, Timothy B. Brown (1986) GDW
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
1st ed by Richard Halliwell, Rick Priestly, Graeme David, Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher (1986) Games Workshop
Year of the Phoenix
1st ed by Martin Wixted (1986) FGU
1st ed by Nicolas Thery, Franck Bouchaud (1986) Siroz

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