RPG Encyclopedia: 1997

1st ed by Marco Pecota, Wes Johnson (1997) Global Games
The Age of Phaedrus
1st ed by Sean Bindel, Brian Fitzpatrick (1997) Moebius Adventures
Angeli e Demoni
1st ed by Antonio Sottocasa, Sergio Giovannini, Massimo Ghirardi, Davide Tortosa, Giacomo Sottocasa (1997) Rose and Poison
Armageddon: The End Times
1st ed by C. J. Carella (1997) Myrmidon
1st ed by Aaron Rosenberg (1997) Clockworks Games
The Babylon Project
1st ed by Joseph Cochran (1997) Chameleon Eclectic
Big Eyes, Small Mouth
1st ed by Mark MacKinnon (1997) Guardians of Order
Blue Planet
1st ed by Jeff Barber, Greg Benage, John Snead, Jason Werner (1997) Biohazard Games
Bubblegum Crisis
1st ed by Benjamin Wright, David Ackerman-Gray (1997) R Talsorian
Champions: The New Millenium
1st ed by George MacDonald, Steve Peterson, Ray Greer, Mike Pondsmith (1997) R Talsorian
Changeling: The Dreaming
2nd ed by Ian Lemke (1997)
1st ed by Lee Garvin (1997) Reality Cheque Games
Cthulhu Live
1st ed by Robert McLaughlin, Dan DePalma, Scott Nicholson, Cyndy Schneider (1997) Chaosium
Dark Realms
1st ed by Ryan S. Johnson, John L. Ross (1997) Guild of Blades
Demon's Lair
1st ed by Dan Hensel, Al Seeger, Dave Schmitz, Gino Holland (1997) Lasalion
Don't Look Back: Terror is Never Far Behind
2nd ed (1997)
Dzikie Pola
1st ed by Jacek Komuda, Maciej Jurewicz, Marcin Barylka (1997) Wydawnictwo MAG
The End
1st ed by Joseph E. Donka (1997) Scapegoat Games
Das E.R.S.T.E.
1st ed by Ralf Sandfuchs (1997) Harlekin
Book of the Unliving ed by Steven Brown (1997) Visionary Games
Extreme Vengeance
1st ed by Tony Lee (1997) Archangel
1st ed by "The Fuzion group" (1997) R Talsorian
Giallo in Casa Vernaschi
1st ed by Maurizio Mancini, Mauro Teragnoli (1997) Qualitygame
Havoc! Live Role-Playing
1st ed by Clinton J. Staples, Wendy Speary (1997) Seventh Moon
Heavy Gear
2nd ed (1997)
In Nomine
2st [English] ed by Derek Pearcy (1997) Steve Jackson Games
Jovian Chronicles
1st ed by Phillippe Boulle, Jean Carrieres, Wunji Lau, Marc-Alexandre Vézina (1997) Dream Pod 9
2nd ed (1997)
Legend of the Five Rings
1st ed by John Wick, D. Williams (1997) Alderac Entertainment Group
The Legend of Yore
1st ed by Brennan Taylor (1997) Galileo Games
'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' Role-Playing Game Book
1st ed by Greg Farshtey (1997) Putnam Publishing Group
3rd "Első Törvénykönyv" ed (1997)
Men in Black
1st ed by George Strayton, Nikola Vrtis (1997) West End Games
1st ed by E.R. Jones, M. Joseph Young (1997) Valdron Inc.
Mutantes en la Sombra
"G2" ed by Mikel Cabriada, Igor Arriola, Joseba Calle, Carlos Monzón, J.A. Tellaetxe Isusi (1997) Ludoctenia
1st ed by Jason Inglert, Jack Norris, Curtis Werner (1997) Archon Gaming Inc.
1st ed by Daniel Schuler (1997) self-published
Oem Prime
1st ed (1997) Omnimarcus
Of Gods and Men
1st ed by Jeffrey Konkol (1997) Non-Sequitor Productions
Over the Edge
2nd ed (1997)
1st ed by Kevin Munoz (1997) Tesarta
Pocket Warrior
1st ed by Guy McLimore, Greg Poehlein (1997) Plaid Rabbit
1st ed by Philippe Tessier (1997) Halloween Concepts
Principia Malefex
1st ed by Alison Whetton, Ruari Armstrong, M. Retallack (1997) Principia Malefex
Providence RPG
1st ed by Richard Binek, Nicolas Jequier, Jeff Mackintosh, Michael Scott, Lucien Soulban (1997) XID Creative
1st ed by Manda, Jeff Dee (1997) Unigames
Raven Star
2nd ed (1997)
The Shattered Sky
1st ed by Paul Lucas (1997) Propaganda Publishing
1st ed by "sjb" (1997) Critical Mass
Space Gothic
2nd ed (1997)
SpaceNinjaCyberCrisis XDO
1st ed by Matt Johnston, John Fleming, Colin Johnston, Eamon Watters, Mark Lamki, Lesley McLarnon (1997) Crucible
1st ed by Ryan Dunlavey, Steve Ellis, Jamal Igle, Carson Jones, Stew Noack, Lauren Rabinowitz, Fred Van Lente (1997) Unstoppable Productions
1st ed by Aleksi Stenberg (1997) Saruwine
Teenagers From Outer Space
3rd ed by Mike Pondsmith, Greg Costikyan (1997)
Tenra Bansho
1st ed by Junichi Inoue (1997) F.E.A.R.
Tinker's Damn
1st ed by Andrew LaRoy (1997) Studio Cranium
1st ed by Andrew Bates, Ken Cliffe (1997) White Wolf
Usagi Yojimbo
1st ed by Greg Stolze (1997) Gold Rush Games
Waste World
1st ed by Bill King (1997) Manticore Productions
The Way
1st "The Way" [English] ed (1997)
Werewolf: The Wild West
1st ed by Justin Achilli, Ethan Skemp (1997) White Wolf
W.H.A.T.? Customizable RPG
1st ed by Ryan Johnson (1997) Guild of Blades
1st ed by Simon Parkinson (1997) Dragon Games
1st ed by Steve Stone, Lester Smith (1997) Archangel

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