RPG Company List: F

Faith Quest Games
Small-press makers of the fantasy game, Holy Lands: The Christian Role-Playing Game, by Matthew Nigro (2004).
Fallen Publishing
Small-press makers of the historical occult mystery game, Operation: Fallen Reich, by Mikael Reidal (2009) - an English-language game produced in Sweden. Founded in 2009 by Mikael Reidal and Christian Knutsson.
Fantasy Productions GmbH, aka FanPro
Makers of the German-language fantasy RPG Das Schwarze Auge. Founded in 1977 as a game shop, then expanded in 1983 to a company, and in 1988 in its present form. Founded by Werner Fuchs, Hans Joachim Alpers, and Ulrich Kiesow.
Fantages Studios
c/o Scott Broadbent, 33 Sunset Drive, Smith Falls, ON, K7A 4S5 (Canada)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") and D20 Modern, including the Wrestle supplement. Founded in 2002 by Creative Director and Chief Editor Scott Broadbent.
Fantasy Flight Games
2021 West Country Rd, Roseville, MN 55113 (USA)
Publishers of the 2nd edition Blue Planet hard sci-fi RPG, which was acquired from Biohazard Games, as well as various board and card games including "Diskwars". Founded by Christian T. Petersen.
Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
PO Box 1082-D, Gilbert, AZ 85234 (USA)
213 N. Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234 (USA)
Former publishers of numerous RPGs by independent designers, including Aftermath, Bushido, Bunnies and Burrows, Chivalry and Sorcery (1ed + 2ed), Daredevils, Flashing Blades, Lands of Adventure, Other Suns, Privateers & Gentlemen, and Psi World, Space Opera, and Villians and Vigilantes. Founded in 1975 by Scott Bizar as a wargames company (starting with "Gladiators" and "Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age"). Originally published games from 1976 to 1987. Although it essentially shut down at that time, FGU retains rights to most of these games, and keeps them nominally in print via mail-order (which prevents the rights from returning to the author). Associated with Waterloo Games (602-497-9809).
Fantasy Makers Industries, LLC
8208 S. Placita Juan Tabo, Tucson, AZ 85747 (USA)
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG, Legends of Kralis (formerly "RealmQuest"). Founded by author Levi Davis.
Fantasy Worlds Unlimited
PO Box 2033, Orange, CA (USA)
Former small-press makers of the fantasy RPG Wizard's World.
Far Future Enterprises
1418 North Clinton Blvd, Bloomington, IL 61701 (USA)
Current makers of the long-standing Traveller sci-fi RPG. Founded by Marc Miller in 2000 to reprint his original Traveller rules and supplements, first published in 1977. They also license Steve Jackson Games to produce "GURPS Traveller".
Farsa's Wagon
A Spanish-language publisher of games that was later absorbed by major publisher Devir.
PO Box 6930, Chicago, IL 60680 (USA)
Makers of the Shadowrun and Mechwarrior RPGs and various other games (board games, computer games, and more). Former makers of Earthdawn, a Star Trek RPG (1982), the Doctor Who RPG, along with various wargames including "Battletech". Founded in 1980 in Chicago by Jordan Weisman and L. Ross Babcock III, it originally produced supplements for the Traveller RPG. In 1998 it acquired Ral Partha miniatures company. In 1999 it was scheduled to be acquired by Decipher Inc. but that apparently fell through. In 2000, president Jill Lucas and Battletech line developer Brian Nystul left. It has announced that it will be shutting down in Spring 2001, selling its Battletech and Shadowrun properties to Wizkids LLC.
Fast Forward Entertainment
6302 First Avenue, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 (USA)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") as well as the upcoming 2nd edition of Metamorphosis Alpha and the English version of the German fantasy RPG, Das Schwarze Auge, "The Dark Eye". Publishers of "Games Unplugged" and "Campaign" magazines. Founded by Timothy Brown, James Ward, Lester Smith, John Danovich, and Sean Everette in 2001.
Fat Dragon Games
Dayton, OH (USA)
Small-press producers of 2D and 3D card stock terrain for RPGs and wargames, including the E-Z DUNGEONS and E-Z TILES series as well as supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). President Tom Tullis, with writers Kevin Stephens, Chris Stephens, et al.
Fat Messiah Games
PO Box 341136, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (USA)
Makers of the fantasy / sci-fi boardgames "Insecta", "Last Frontier", and "Shapeshifters". Founded in 1992 in New York by Neal Sofge and Mike Wasson, currently based in Los Angeles.
F. Douglas Wall Publishing
California (USA)
Small-press makers of the children's fantasy RPG, Adventures in Oz (2010). An imprint of author F. Douglas Wall.
FarEast Amusement Research co., ltd. (F.E.A.R.)
Makers of the Japanese-language sci-fi RPG, Tokyo Nova. A subsidiary of Enterbrain, Inc..
Feder & Schwert
Small-press makers of the German-language fantasy RPG Engel (2001), as well as partners with White Wolf for its English edition. Founded in 1989 publishing German translations of White Wolf's World of Darkness series of RPGs.
FGJ Games
Small-press makers of The Dance and the Dawn (2009) and the free horror adventure for multiple systems, "Exit Music". An imprint of author Dev Purkayastha.
Fiend Games
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), publishing an early adventure entitled "Galal's Grave".
Fiery Dragon Productions
115 Front St. East, Suite 411, Toronto, ON, M5A 4S6 (Canada)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). Three products were distributed as their own brand, but as of May 2001 they distribute under White Wolf's "Sword & Sorcery" brand. Founded in 2000 by authors Jason Kempton, James Bell and Todd Secord with Mike Johnstone as editor.
Final Sword Productions
Small-press makers of the Dead Night of Space RPG line using the D6 system for a space-faring science fiction game, in cooperation with West End Games, slated for release in March 2003. By Scott Palter, with additional material by Ron Seiden, Marino Panzanelli, and Ron Fricke
Firebird Productions
PO Box 278, Madeley nr Crewe, Cheshire CW3 9YY (UK)
Small-press makers of Mythic Russia: heroism and adventure in the land of the Firebird (2006), which adapts the HeroQuest rules to the setting of mythic Russia. This is the imprint of Mark Galeotti, one of the developers of HeroQuest, acquisitions editor for Issaries, Inc., and the author of the Imperial Lunar Handbook supplement.
Firefly Games
4514 Marconi Ave. #3, Sacramento, CA 95821 (USA)
Small-press makers of Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat; distributed by Gold Rush Games. Founded by Patrick Sweeney in January 2002. Products are distributed under agreement by Gold Rush Games and fulfilled by Tundra Sales Organization.
Firehawk Games
Rome, GA (USA)
Small-press makers of Novus Fantasy Roleplaying Game (2012). Founded in December, 2010 by author Tim Dugger after he finished a 7+ year stint working for Mjolnir Games, LLC, more commonly known as Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) during the time that he worked for them.
Fire Ruby Designs
Small-press makers of the sci-fi RPG Ruby...Worlds beyond Dream (2007), the post-apocalyptic RPG Summerland (2009), the sci-fi RPG In Flames (2011). An imprint of author Greg Saunders.
Firestorm Ink
1 Belgrove Dr., Toronto, ON M9B 1S2 (Canada)
Small-press makers of Gaesa - a game of people in various setting plagued by Faeries - and the humorous fantasy RPG Critical!: Go Westerly. They also produce Cybergeneration and supplements under license from R. Talsorian Games, Inc.. Founded by Jonathan Lavallee in 2003.
FireWater Productions
Small-press makers of the tongue-in-cheek modern-day fantasy RPG, Chaos University, by Jennifer Schoonover (2005). Founded by Jennifer and Daniel Schoonover in 2005.
fiveSTORMS Productions
Goethestrasse 33, 9008 St. Gallen (Switzerland)
Small-press makers of the German-language RPG Mondagor (2004). Founded by author Christian Neff.
FJ Gaming
Short for Fat Jonny Games; small-press makers of Privateers & Pirates (2005) and Gunslingers & Gamblers (2006). Founded by author Jonathan Clarke.
Fly By Knight Games
California (USA)
Small-press makers of the "Quick and Dirty" freeware online RPGs, by Michael Straus.
Flying Games
Makers of the German-language universal RPG system, TRAUMA Universalrollenspiel (2003).
Flying Buffalo
PO Box 1467, Scottsdale, AZ 85252 (USA)
Long-standing makers of Tunnels and Trolls, Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes, and various generic supplements. Founded in 1970 by Rick Loomis and Steve MacGregor as a play-by-mail company. It now operates primarily for PBM.
Flying Mice LLC
Small-press makers of the space-opera RPG Starcluster, along with the compatible fantasy world within the cluster ("Jalan") and steampunk world ("Sweet Chariot").
Fool's Moon Entertainment Inc.
Small-press makers of the Mhar Fantasy RPG. Founded in 2001 by Kevin Papineau and Christopher "Kit" LaHaise.
Forever People Digital Press
Bristol (UK)
Former small-press makers of the Key-RP system and various house titles. Founded by David Sharrock, Wyn F. Dawkins, and Suzanna Hope. The company folded in October 2007.
Foreverworld Books
Nevada (USA)
Small-press makers of the Neverworld fantasy system, focussing on a variety of fantasy races and cultures. Founded in 1996 by in Manitowoc, Wisconsin by Erin Laughlin. It is now a virtual corporation with Erin Quick-Laughlin in Nevada and other members scattered across the U.S.
The Forge Studios
A small-press Polish game company, makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including sets of artwork, battle tiles, and maps. Founded by authors Maciej Zagorski and Pawel Dobosz, with "support members" Aśka, Daniel, Krysiek, Iwona, and Przemek.
Fractal Dimensions Home Page
17-29 Main Street, STE 316, Cortland, NY 13045 (USA)
Small-press makers of the S.O.R.D. generic RPG and the free "Dark Fantasy" RPG.
Fria Ligan
Small-press makers of the Swedish-language fantasy RPG Svavelvinter (2012). Founded by Nils Karlén, Tomas, Kosta Kostulas, and Christian Granath.
Frog God Games
Small-press company producing supplements and adventures for third edition D&D (aka "D20"), intended to be reminiscent of classic 1st Edition AD&D. Founded by CEO Bill Webb. In 2010, they merged with Mythmere Games.
Frontiers Design Studio
Missouri (USA)
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG Apocrypha (2000) by founder Barbara J. Webb and editor Heather Watson.
FSpace Publications
30 Gardiner Grove, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 5014 (New Zealand)
Small-press makers of the sci-fi game FSpace RPG (1991), by founder Martin Rait.
Full Moon Medicine Show
Developers of the upcoming sci-fi RPG Unity Underground. Founded in 2009 as the publishing imprint of Clint and Cassie Krause, a successor to Clint Krause Games and KNRPG.
Full Void Studios
PO Box 199121, Indianapolis, IN, 46219 (USA)
Developers of the upcoming fantasy RPG Ustio: the Rebirth. Founded by Charles Warren, Scott Chevalier, Jay Duncan, and Travis Neal (Lead Artist).
Fun Sized Games
Small-press makers of Little Fears Nightmare Edition (2009). An imprint of author Jason L. Blair.
Furry Games
San Diego, CA (USA)
Creators of Furry Outlaws, co-published with Furry Pirates, co-published with Atlas Games. An imprint of authors Bruce Thomas and Lise Breakey.

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