RPG Company List: T

Tabletop Games
29 Beresford Ave, Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 3JF (UK)
A miniatures game company, makers of Once Upon a Time in the West.
Tabletop Adventures, LLC
3240 Potter Street Lincoln, NE 68503 (USA)
Small-press makers of the modern horror RPG Against the Darkness (2006) along with supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including the "Bits of Darkness" series -- a series of short descriptions for dungeons and caverns; along with the similar "Bits of the Wilderness" and "Bits of the Boulevard". Founded in 2004 by President is Daniel M. Brakhage, along with staff including Editorial Minion Vicki Potter. Writers have included Deborah Balsam, Christopher A. Field, Steve Honeywell, K.H. Keeler, Rodney Lucas, Darren Pearce, Martin Ralya, John walksh, and Christopher Welsh.
TAGG: The Australian Games Group
Former small-press makers of the Hunter Planet and Lace and Steel (1ed) RPGs.
Tai-Gear Simulations
Small-press makers of the universal RPG Eternal Soldier, published in 1986. Later, a copy of the rules were made available free via FTP.
Tailor-Made Mysteries
4 Juno Close, Mooroobool, QLD, 4870 (Australia)
Small-press makers of murder-mystery dinner party games available for download or mail order.
Talisman Studios
Former small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") and Savage Worlds, including their fantasy setting "Shaintar".
Tao Games
Small-press makers of the mythic fantasy game, Polaris: Chivalric tragedy at the utmost north. Founded by author Ben Lehman and Calder Johnson.
Target Games
A Swedish company. Former makers of the Mutant Chronicles RPG, Kult (1st edition). They also released the RPGs Drakar och Demoner and Mutant through their trademark Aventyrsspel. Target Games was bought during the 1990's by a "dot-com" company and ceased to actively develop games. The rights to the games was sold to a Swedish company called Paradox Entertainment AB. They have licended the rights to "Drakar och Demoner" to Riotminds, and the rights to "Mutant" to Järnringen HB.
Task Force Games
Texas (USA)
Former makers of the Star Trek-related RPG Prime Directive, along with other (mostly tactical) RPGs: Crime Fighter, Delta Force, Heroes of Olympus, and Supervillian. Founded in 1979. They essentially went bankrupt in the mid-90's and stopped producing new material in late 1996. After nearly three years, they eventually sold their Star Trek license to ADB, Inc. (the original creators and current publishers of the boardgame "Star Fleet Battles").
Tasty Bacon Games
Publisher of the indie supplement "Thou Art But A Warrior" for the game Polaris: Chivalric tragedy at the utmost north. An imprint of author Anna Kreider.
Taupe Games
c/o Gareth Jones, 69 Atherley Rd, Shirley, Southampton SO1 5DT (UK)
Small-press makers of All-Adventure Action Roleplay Game! (aka "AAARG!"). Also the intermittent "Beaumains" fanzine dedicated mainly to Pendragon and Arthurian gaming.
TCK Roleplaying
Chicago, IL (USA)
Small-press makers of the The Hero's Banner (2006). The imprint of the author, Tim C. Koppang.
Technicraft Design
6700 NE 182nd Street, Suite A-104Kenmore, WA 98028 (USA)
Small-press makers of Pax Draconis: the role playing game. Founded by creator Justin Dagna et al.
Technomancer Press
Seattle, WA (USA)
Small-press publishers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), as well as the upcoming print volume, Game Chef 2006, Vol. 1. Founded by Tony Hellmann and Matthew L. Baldridge in 2005, joined by veteran designer Sandy Antunes when they bought his company.
Teddy Bear Press
POB 866, West Seneca, NY 14224 (USA)
Small-press makers of Michael T. Desing's Army Ants: the RPG (based on the comic book by the same author), and the upcoming Guardians of Metro City RPG.
Terra Ferrax Innovations
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). These include a free guide to the fantasy world ("Terra Ferax") along with a Hamlet, and numerous name tables. Founded by author Mark G. West in 2002.
Tesarta Industries
Oakland, CA 94610 (USA)
Small-press makers of the Persona universal diceless RPG.
Theatre of the Mind Enterprises, Incorporated
PO Box 60668, King of Prussia, PA 19506-0668 (USA)
Makers of the fantasy RPG Gardasiyal (1995). This set in the world of Tekumel by M.A.R. Barker, which was the basis for two previous RPGs.
Third Eye Games
Small-press makers of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. (2009), Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade (2010), Part Time Gods (2011), and the upcoming Mermaid Adventures. Founded in April 2008 by Eloy Lasanta.
Third Millenium Games
388 Wellesley Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4X 1H6 (Canada)
Intended makers (confusingly enough) of the upcoming Fourth Millenium sci-fi RPG, by James Maliszewski. As of 2008, Fourth Millenium is set to be published by Rogue Games.
Third World Games
PO Box 667, Westminster, CA, 92687-0667 (USA)
Small-press makers of the sci-fi card game "Firestorm" along with the upcoming Firestorm RPG (slated in Feb 2003 for release in "Fall 2003"), done as a supplement for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20").
Thol-Far Adventures
Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
Former small-press makers of the Thol-Far RPG. Founded by Thomas Cook in 1998 to market an RPG based on his setting used in numerous campaigns and convention tournaments. This stopped distribution around 2001.
Thoughtful Games
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Small-press makers of the medieval storytelling game, Montsegur 1244. Founded in 2008 by Frederik J. Jensen.
Three Sage Games
2450 Meadowland Way, Lincoln, CA, 95648 (USA)
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG, Realms of Wor (2004). Founded by author Jeffrey "Worlord" Walker, along with contributing authors Steve Ong and David Wainio.
Throwing Dice Games
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), published electonically only. Self-described as "A Vanity Imprint for a Few Veteran Gamers". Founded by Joe Mucchiello in August 2002.
Thunderhead Games
311 Sand Ridge Dr, Valrico, FL 33594 (USA)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). Founded by Hal Greenberg with Jim Govreau, V. Shane, Warren "MageStrike" Bailey, Rebecca Glenn, Curtis Bennett, Andrew Troman, Jeffrey Quinn, Matthew "Saphirahn" Mosher, Eric Downton, and Spencer Cooley.
Thyrsus Games
Small-press makers of the RPG Fvlminata, set in an alternate history where Romans discover gunpowder. Design team Jason E. Roberts (Creative Director), Michael S. Miller (Technical Director), Laura Mizii (Artistic Director), Trevor R.F. Higgs (Web and Operations Director).
Timeless Games
Small-press makers of the near-future sci-fi RPG, The Terran Story (2004), by Richard Parkinson. An imprint of Better Mouse Games.
Timeline Ltd
127 Glenn Forest Road, Magnolia, DE 19962-1706 (USA)
Small-press makers of The Morrow Project and Time & Time Again.
Timfire Publishing
Chicago, IL (USA)
Small-press publishers of the samurai adventure game The Mountain Witch by Timothy Kleinert (2005).
Too Much Spare Time Productions
Company title for the preview version of the Metalface. This was retitled Eternal Tempest by the release of the game in 2001.
Torchlight Games
Hoboken, NJ 07030 (USA)
Small-press makers of the 24th-century pulp action RPG Danger Quest RPG, along with the "Geeks: the Convention" card game. Founded by creative director Dave Matalon and entrepeneur Thomas L. Magnano.
Tower Games
44 Landseer Drive, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS13 2QT (UK)
Small-press makers of the Robin Hood RPG Darkwood (2001).
Tower Ravens LLC
P.O. Box 6112, North Logan, Utah, 84341 (USA)
Small-press makers of the sci-fi RPG Universe (2003). Founded in 2002 by authors Mark Wilkinson, Michael Wilkinson, and William T. Pace. Other principal members include Mike Sorenson.
Transfinite Publications
Small-press producer of RPG magazines released in PDF format over the internet: including "Almanack" -- covering fantasy RPGs in general and 3rd edition D&D in particular; "Royal Griffon" -- publishing adventures designed for fantasy campaigns again with a focus on D&D; and "Lemurian Dreams" -- covering fantasy short stories combined with statistics, maps, notes and other RPG information. Founded by Richard Tongue in 2003.
Transneptune Games
Boulder, CO (USA)
Small-press makers of Becoming Heroes (2011). Founded by W. Austin Bookheimer, Kit La Touche, John LeBoeuf-Little, and artist Allie McCarthy.
Trawna Publications
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Small-press makers of the "Infinite Horizons" multi-genre RPG, currently available as freeware. Founded by Greg Schmidt in the early 1990's.
Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc.
260 North 4th St, Hamburg, PA 19526 (USA)
Small-press makers of electronic mini-supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including the "Behind the Monsters" series and the "Behind the Spells" series. Founded in 2007 by brothers Bret and Scot Boyd.
Triple Ace Games, Inc.
Small-press makers of the swashbuckling/Horror RPG All-for-one Régime Diabolique (2010) along with supplements for the Savage Worlds RPG, including the "Necropolis" sci-fi horror setting, the "Sundered Skies" dark fantasy setting, and the pulp supplement "Daring Tales of Adventure". Founded in 2007 by partners Robin Elliott and Paul Wade-Williams, together with author Dave Blewer.
Tri Tac Games
Pontiac, MI 48340 (USA)
Makers of the conspiracy RPG Bureau 13, the dimension-hopping RPG Fringeworthy, the sci-fi RPG FTL:2448, Incursion, and Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters. Founded in 1978 by author Richard Tucholka as "Tacky Tac Games" to produce a humorous Microgame, "Geriatric War".
Troll in the Corner
Small-press makers of sock-puppet RPG, Argyle & Crew (2011), along with various supplements to Pathfinder and other D20 games. Founded by lead author Benjamin Gerber, along with others including editors Jonathan J. Reinhart and Brent P. Newhall.
Troll Lord Games
PO Box 251171, Little Rock, AR 72225 (USA)
Small-press makers of fantasy adventure modules and sourcebooks "for use with any fantasy roleplaying system". Founded in August 2000 by Mac Golden with Davis Chenault and Stephen Chenault, and artists Jason Walton, Mat Lemmons, and Derek Stevens.
Tronen Games
Staffordshire (UK)
Small-press makers of adventures for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). Founded in March 2001 by "Gez" and "Martin".
TSR, Inc.
Lake Geneva, WI (USA)
Former makers of Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Boot Hill, Top Secret, Alternity, and other RPGs. Founded in 1973 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin as a wargames company ("Tactical Studies Rules") by Gary Gygax with financial supporter Don Kaye. It's first product was a wargame called "Cavaliers and Roundheads". The following year they were joined by business partner Brian Blume and designer Dave Arneson, to release D&D. It was re-founded as TSR Hobbies, Inc. in 1975 with the success of D&D and the death of Don Kaye. In 1997 they were acquired by Wizards of the Coast. TSR continued to put out new material until 2000 when all lines were subsumed under WotC.
Twenty-First Century Games
Los Angeles CA (USA)
Small-press makers of the sci-fi superhero RPG Enforcers, by Gary Bernard, Charles Mann, and Larry Troth (1987). Founded in 1987, with a renewed web presence in 2004.
Twilight Press, Inc.
Indiana (USA)
Small-press makers of Ember Twilight (2002). Founded by Troy Costisick, Peter Evan, John Gordon, and Brian Hagerty in 1996.
Twin Rose Software
7953 Ne Pegasus Lane, Kingston, WA B 98346 (USA)
Small-press makers of the "Campaign Suite" RPG Management software for use with 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20").
Twisted Confessions
Phoenix, AZ (USA)
Small-press makers of the universal RPG Fastlane (2004) and the RPG "Snowball" -- published in the No Press Anthology (2004) and also available in electronic format for free. This is the personal imprint of author Alexander Cherry.
Two Scooters Press
An alternative imprint of Shreyas Sampat and Elizabeth Shoemaker of Dissolute Games.
Tyranny Games
804 Robertson Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53213 (USA)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including a d20 adaptation of the Biblical apocalyptic RPG The End and the "Sack Armies" wargame. Founded in 2001 by President Joe Tierney with designer Jeff Konkol and Martin Tierney.

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