RPG Company List: D

D101 Games
Oldham (UK)
Small-press makers of OpenQuest (2009), Wordplay: The Big Five (2009), and the military RPG The Company (2012). An imprint of Newt Newport, with help from Mark Galeotti (Editorial), Neil Gow (Business advice), Neil Ford (Demo Games Master), Matthew Harrison (Demo Games Master), John Ossoway (Art and Writing), Sacha Ratcliffe (Proofreading), and Graham Spearing (Editing).
Daedalus Games
Ontario (Canada)
Former makers of the martial-arts action RPG Feng Shui and Nexus: The Infinite City. Founded by Jose Garcia in 1995. It eventually sold FS to Atlas Games in 1998 and folded.
Daemornia Games
Small-press makers of the post-apocalyptic science fantasy game, Daemornia, by Michael Lirko (2005). An imprint of Better Mouse Games.
Dakkar Unlimited
Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Small-press makers of the tongue-in-cheek near-future science fantasy game, Hot Chicks: The Roleplaying Game (2008). Founded by authors Scott Corum and Victor Gipson.
Darcsyde Productions
187 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn, Victoria 3103 (Australia)
A defunct Australian company, former makers of the English translation of the French game TRAUMA (released at GenCon '92). Related people Liam Routt lro@melb.bull.oz.au.
Darkfuries Publishing
PO Box 2232, El Cajon, CA (USA)
Small-press publishers of D20 System RPG sourcebooks and accessories, founded in 2001 by Brian Moseley, including the "Masterwork Maps" series and a floor plans series.
Darkharbor Games
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (USA)
Small-press makers of the Infinite Legends RPG (2004). Founded by author Jason Broadley.
Darklore Publishing
Alexandria, VA (USA)
Small-press makers of the Demons & Saints RPG (2015).
Dark Matter Studios, LLC
416 North Tracy Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715 (USA)
Makers of Epic Role Playing (2005). Founded by authors Chris Organ and Kent Davis. The system was started as a project at at Michigan State University, though company is now based in Bozeman, Montana.
Dark Nebulae Games
244 Fifth Avenue Suite 2923 New York, NY 10001-7604 (USA)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D, (aka "D20") including the "Shadow Council Archives" line. Founded by Guy Le Breton, Eugene Zee, and Mark Mazella in 2000.
Dark Nova Games
Houston, TX (USA)
Small-press makers of the sci-fi, Dark Nova Roleplaying Game (2012).
Dark Portal Games
205 E. Dimond Blvd, Suite 459, Anchorage, Alaska 99515 (USA)
Small-press makers of electronically-published supplements for 3rd edition D&D, (aka "D20") including the "Lands of Arekoz" campaign setting. Founded by Tony Bounds, Darrin Drader, and Michael Picagli in 2000.
Dark Quest, LLC
23 Alec Dr, Howell, NJ 07731 (USA)
Small-press makers of "City Guide" supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). Formed in the late 1990s as a means to promote the explorations of medieval re-enactment through silversmithing, leatherworking, and other medieval crafts. In 2001 expanded into lines which promotes medieval and other forms of roleplaying games.
Dark Skull Studios
Houston, TX (USA)
Small-press makers of New Gods of Mankind (2007). The imprint of owner and author Richard Leon.
Darwin's World
Small-press makers of "Darwin's World" post-apocalyptic sourcebook for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). Founded in 2001 by Dominic Covey with illustrator V. Shane and contributor Chris Davis.
Dayspring Games
(South Korea)
Korean-language publishers of translations of GURPS products, in cooperations with Steve Jackon Games.
Death's Edge Games
3096 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, MO 65202(USA)
Former small-press publishers of Inferno by Gabe Ivan (1994). Now known as Spartacus Publishing LLC.
Decipher, Inc
Norfolk, VA (USA)
Makers of the "How to Host a Murder" series of party games, various collectible card games, the Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, and the Star Trek Roleplaying Game (2002). Based in Norfolk, Virginia. Founded in 1983 by Warren Holland.
Deep 7
PO Box 46373, Seattle, WA 98146 (USA)
A small-press company making a number of small one-page RPGs and other cheap games, published in electronic format. Principles Ron Dugdale, Samantha Downing, and Todd Downing.
Devir Iberia
Rambla Cataluña, 117 Pral. 2, 08008 Barcelona (Spain)
A Spanish company which produces Spanish adaptations of Dungeons & Dragons, Hackmaster, and Star Wars d20. They also publish 2nd edition Fanhunter and the Capitán Alatriste RPG.
Devir Livraria
Sao Paolo (Brazil)
Publishers of a number of Portuguese-language RPGs, including translations of GURPS, Dungeons & Dragons, and World of Darkness products.
DGA Games
10104 Todd Mill Rd, Huntsville, AL 35803 (USA)
Makers of the The Great War of Magellan RPG (2007), adapted from the science fiction comic series of the same name. This is the games division of DG Associates, a multimedia company in Huntsville, AL founded by President Duke Gerhardt.
Different Worlds Publications
Former publishers of the "Different Worlds" gaming magazine, along with supplements for third edition D&D (aka "D20") including "The Eight Kings" adventure by Robert J. Kuntz, and the "World of Valus" sourcebook and adventures by Ryan Smalley. It was founded in 1987 by editor Tadashi Ehara, formerly of Chaosium, to take over the venerable Different Worlds magazine. Aided by Alan Grohe who acts as project manager, editor, and developer.
Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing
New York, NY (USA)
Small-press makers of Time & Temp (2009). An imprint of author Epidiah Ravachol.
Digest Group Publications
Former small-press makers of various supplements for Traveller, including "Grand Survey" (1986) and "Grand Census" (1987). It started on an original RPG, A.I., which was never published. DGP was purchased by Roger Sanger and slowly disappeared.
Digital Animations
Glasgow (UK)
Current publishers of the Tales of Gargentihr RPG, bought from Sanctuary Games after it folded in 1995.
Dilly Green Bean Games
Maine (USA)
Small-press creators of Guardian Universe Core Fuzion and Xandoria Core Fuzion, as well as publishers Pulp Era: Cinematic Adventures in the Yesteryear by James Carpio, Michael Smith, Jon Richardson (2005) -- in cooperation with Chapter 13 Press.
Dimensional Strategies, Inc.
208 South Clay, Marshfield, MO 65706 (USA)
Small-press makers of the Time Drifters time-travel / Old West RPG (1990).
Discordian Games
Suite 101-8391 Bennett Road, Victoria, B.C. V6Y 1N4 (Canada)
Former makers of the Legacy hard science sci-fi RPG, by J.D. Frazer. Related persons: designer J.D. Frazer (a481@mindlink.bc.ca), developer Nick Janow (a684@mindlink.bc.ca), and tech advisor Tom Klok (a344@mindlink.bc.ca).
Disenchanted Games
115 Curly Hill, Ilkley, W. Yorkshire, LS29 0DT (UK)
Small-press makers of the "Casalana" line of generic fantasy sourcebooks.
Dissolute Press
Small-press makers of It's Complicated. An imprint of author Elizabeth Shoemaker, along with alternative imprint Two Scooters Press.
Distri Magen
Pico Mulhacén, 24. Pol Ind. "El Aquitón". 28500, Arganda del Rey (Spain)
Makers of Spanish-language RPGs translated from English.
Divine Legacy Games
Lebanon, KY (USA)
Small-press makers of DL-Quarterly, a quarterly periodical each containing a complete role-playing game. This is the imprint of author Troy M. Costisick, author of Ember Twilight.
Doc's Games
Small-press makers of the mini-RPGs Dinky Dungeons, Small Space, and Freaks and Friendlies; by author Denton R. Elliot. Subtitled "An Uncle Morty Production".
Dog-eared Design
Milwaukee, WI (USA)
Small-press makers of Primetime Adventures. It is the sole design and publishing venture of author Matt Wilson.
Dog Soul Publishing
Small-press makers of supplements for third edition D&D (aka "D20"), including the Rassiya setting and Kitsunemori, Fox Forest. This is a division of Emerald Press, founded in 2005 by Sean C. Frolich and Deborah Balsam, two writers and gamers from Southern Florida.
Dogtown Games
Dayton, OH (USA)
Small-press makers of Story Cards (2008) as well as the board game, "The Mother Lode of Sticky Gulch". Founded by Scotto Starkey.
Domibia Games
California (USA)
Former name of the company which merged with Seraphim Guard, LLC in 2005. Original projects were the "Open Core" universal system (to be published under the OGL), and "Gatecrasher 2371". Founded in 2003 by Richard Gazley and Tim Huntley. They acquired the Gatecrasher property from Grey Ghost Games in September 2003.
Dominion Games
Small-press makers of the free, open-source fantasy RPG, Dominion Rules. Founded in 1999.
Dork Storm Press
Madison, WI (USA)
Publishers of the gaming-related comic series "Dork Tower", and former publishers of second edition Pokethulhu parody RPG.
Double G Press
Pearce, ACT (Australia)
Spring Lake, NC (USA)
Formoer small-press makers of an unpublished pulp source book for the Savage Worlds system, The Ravaged Earth Society, originally slated for a first quarter 2007 release. Founded in late 2004 by two gamers -- one in the United States and the other in Australia.
Dragon Games
PO Box 916, Greenwood, Nova Scotia B0P 1N0 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the Xenoforce alien invasion conspiracy RPG. A Canadian company formed in January 1993 as a play-by-mail company.
Dragonslayer Games
Oklahoma City, OK (USA)
Small-press makers of the universal RPG system, EPICS, by J. Scott Pittman (2000).
Dragon Tree Press
POB 1209, Guerneville, CA 95446 (USA)
Makers of the Arduin Adventures RPG (2nd ed) and various Arduin supplements, along with various "generic fantasy" supplements and adventures (aimed at D&D). Founded circa 1980 by Ben and Mary Ezzell (??).
Dragon Wizards
9143 Glover Rd, Fort Langley, B.C., v1m 2s5 Box 1167 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the free fantasy role-playing/card game "Dragon Wizards", available as a download, along with fantasy artwork under the label "Art Fantasies" available through RPGNow.
Dreaming Merchant Press
Sacramento, CA (USA)
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG Tomb Reavers as well as supplements for third edition D&D (aka "D20").
Dream Pod 9
5000 d'Iberville, Suite 332, Montreal QC H2H 256 (Canada)
Makers of the sci-fi mecha games Heavy Gear and The Jovian Chronicles along with the post-magical-holocaust fantasy game Tribe 8. A Montreal-based company, founded in 1992 as the games design division of Ianus Publications.
Dreamscape Design
Small-press makers of the D100II SRD and the upcoming AEON RPG.
Driftwood Publishing
451 N 200 E #3 Provo, UT 84606 (USA)
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG The Riddle of Steel. Founded by authors Jacob Norwood, Rick McCann, and Ben Moore.
Dunham Studios, Ltd
Small-press makers of the upcoming "Elemental Lands" sourcebook for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). Founded by C. K. Dunham in 2001.
Dwarven Forge
306 East 51 Street, New York, NY 10022 (USA)
Makers of fantasy miniatures gaming accessories, including a huge dungeon scenery set ("Master Maze"). Founded by artist Stefan Pokorny.
Dynasty Presentations, Inc.
PO Box 221, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 (USA)
300 S. Edwards Blvd, #23, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 (USA)
Makers of Dark Conspiracy (2nd ed), and the "Games Unplugged" RPG magazine. Founded in 1998 by Ken Whitman with Tony Lee and Lewis McLouth.

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