RPG Company List: R

Rackham Press
Paris (France)
Makers of miniature and board games, along with the Cadwallon tactical fantasy RPG in French and English (compatible with their Confrontation miniatures game). Founded in 1997.
Radioactive Ape Designs
Devon (UK)
Small-press makers of Atomic Highway - Post Apocalyptic Roleplaying. Founded in May 2009 by author Colin Chapman to produce short roleplaying games using the V6 Engine system.
Ragnarok Press
POB 140333, Austin, TX 78714 (USA)
Former makers of the Ysgarth and Oroborus RPGs. Founded by David Nalle circa 1979. Currently a design house for typographic fonts. The games are still in their online ordering form, and still have material on the web.
A Swedish RPG company. Former makers of En Garde! and Skuggornas Mästare. Founded by Gunilla Jonsson and Mikael Petersén.
Rampant Mouse Weaponry
520 South Hacker Road, Brighton, MI 48114 (USA)
Makers of latex weaponry for use in live-action role-playing games, along with providing other live-action RPG resources.
Ramshead Publishing
Peoria, IL (USA)
Small-press makers of Universalis: The Game of Unlimited Stories. Founded by authors Ralph Mazza and Mike Holmes.
Ranger Games
San Bernardino, CA (USA)
Small-press makers of the generic system Dice & Glory (2007). The imprint of author Robert A Neri Jr.
Rapport Games
Springfield, MO (USA)
A small-press company, former makers of Attack of the Humans and Morpheus, both (1990) by Devin Durham. The company/game rights were owned by Crunchy Frog for two years, then by Propaganda Publishing for two years. The rights were acquired by Rogers Cadenhead in 2001.
The R.A.S.H. Engine Team
Small-press makers of R.A.S.H. Engine Fantasy (2010). The system was first started in 2004 by Shawn Houghtaling for the superhero roleplaying genre. In 2007, Jesse Sikes joined Shawn in developing the system.
Rattrap Productions LLC
A small-press company, makers of .45 Adventure: Crimefighting Action in the Pulp Era (2006) and Gloire: Swashbuckling Adventure in the Age of Kings (2006). Founded by Richard A. Johnson.
Raven Star Game Designs LLC
32832 Lancaster Ave, Warren, MI 48093 (USA)
Small-press makers of the sci-fi game, Raven Star. Founded by A. Siddiqui in 1993.
A Swedish company, makers of the Western wild west RPG (3rd ed), and the Gondica fantasy RPG. Founded in 1998 by four RPG veterans Anders Blixt, Anders Gillbring, Tove Poon-Gillbring, and Eke Rosenius.
Rävsvans Förlag
A small-press Swedish RPG company, makers of the fantasy RPGs Trollvinter and Västmark. Founded by Krister Sundelin.
Reality Blurs Game Design Studio
Memphis, TN (USA)
Small-press makers of adventure supplements for True20, Mutants & Masterminds, and Savage Worlds. Founded in 2004 by president Sean Preston.
Reality Cheque Games
Maryland (USA)
Small-press makers of the Control conspiracy RPG (1997). Shortly after its release, the company went on hiatus as the main creator (Lee Garvin) got a job at West End Games. This hiatus ended with West End's financial troubles in 1999.
Reality Deviants Publications
Garland, TX (USA)
Small-press publishers of PDF supplements for third edition D&D (aka "D20"), including the Blood Throne Campaign Setting as well as feat books and others. Founded by David Jarvis.
Realms Publishing
Small-press publishers of Covenant: the story game of failing conspiracies (2006). This is the imprint of author Matt Machell.
Reaper Miniatures
PO Box 293175, Lewisville, TX 75029 (USA)
Small-press makers of fantasy and science-fiction miniature figures and related accessories for use with role-playing games.
Rebel Minis
Chattanooga, TN (USA)
A manufacturers of 15mm and 28mm miniatures as well as rules such as Six Gun Assassins (2006).
Red Brick Limited
Auckland (New Zealand)
An international publisher of roleplaying games based in Auckland, New Zealand. Publishers of the Earthdawn and Fading Suns roleplaying games and related material. They have an original game line, Equinox, currently (2008) in development. It is a science fantasy game set in a dark future, on the war-ravaged Eighth World, where there are spaceships, mystic powers, and exotic races. Founded in 2003.
Red Design
Small-press makers of Empire of Dust (2008) along with KNRPG. An imprint of co-author Amy M. Garcia.
Red Herring Productions
C/O Mike Stevens, 838 Pleasant St., Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (USA)
Producers of mystery games for large groups, primarily for corporate events.
Red Moon Medicine Show
The game publishing imprint of Clint and Cassie Krause, the successor to earlier imprint Clint Krause Games.
Red Spire Press
Calgary, AB (Canada)
Small-press publishers of the Dark Legacies campaign setting for third edition D&D (aka "D20"). Founded in the summer of 2001 by Yuval Kordov. Though Yuval remains the core of the company, it has since expanded with the involvement of others from the gaming, art and new media industries.
Renaissance Ink
c/o Jay Wirth 335 Torrance Ave. Vestal, NY 13850 (USA)
Small-press makers of the Heroic Conquest superhero RPG, by David E. Blake phoenix@terraworld.net. Primarily a wargames and miniatures supplier.
Makers of the Swedish-language fantasy RPG Drakar och Demoner, 6th edition.
Roc Games
Greensboro, NC (USA)
Former small-press makers of the "Mythica" RPG, which was in beta release in Autumn 2000, along with adventures for third edition D&D (aka "D20"). Founded in 1997 in Greensboro, North Carolina. They distributed through another small-press company, Deep 7.
Rogue Publishing
228 Glen Street, Marlborough, MA 01752-1955 (USA)
Small-press electronic publishing company who make adventures and games using the Fudge system from Grey Ghost Games.
Rogue Games
Small-press makers of the alternate historical RPG Colonial Gothic and the science fiction RPG Thousand Suns. They have as upcoming projects the card game Kitchen Kombat and the sci-fi RPG Fourth Millenium. Founded by authors Richard Iorio II and James Maliszewski in 2007.
Denver, CO (USA)
Small-press makers of the dark future hard science fiction game StrikeForce: 2136, along with the collectible card game "StrikeForce: Stacked Deck", and "Food Fight: The Card Game". Headed by author Lee Kamberos.
Ronin Publishing
Boston, MA (USA)
Small-press makers of the horror game Whispering Vault (2nd edition). Headed by Neal Darcy. Based in Boston, MA.
Ronin Arts
Austin, TX (USA)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), as well as an electronic edition of the horror RPG Whispering Vault (2002). Founded by author Philip J. Reed and artist Christopher Shy in 2002. This was a spinoff of Studio Ronin, an artist-owned freelance studio created by Christopher Shy in 1994.
Rose and Poison
An Italian company, makers of the Italian-language modern fantasy RPG Angeli e Demoni, 2nd edition Orlando Furioso, the modern horror RPG Sine Requie, and the Italian version of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen under the title "Le straodinarie avventure del Barone di Munchausen". In 2002 they published a free game called "Free fantasy" that is available for download from our website, and an open-license system entitled "Open Fantasy Rules" with cyberpunk and horror genre support in addition.
RPG Objects
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including the "GM Mastery" series and the D20 starship adventure sourcebook "Blood and Space". Founded by Chris Davis et al.
R Talsorian Games
16212 NE 57th Street, Remond, WA 98052 (USA)
Makers of the Cyberpunk 2020, Cybergeneration, and Castle Falkenstein RPGs, as well as a host of anime-based RPGs (now organized in the "ANimechaniX" division), including: Dragonball Z, Mekton, Bubblegum Crisis, Armored Trooper: VOTOMS, and Teenagers from Outer Space. Former makers of Dream Park. It was founded in 1982 by Mike Pondsmith and others. Formerly based in Berkeley, CA -- it now has contact in Washington since Mike Pondsmith went to work for Microsoft.
Rubicon Games
PO Box 2931, Seattle, WA 98111-2931 (USA)
Small-press makers of Everway (2nd edition) and supplements. Founded in 1995 by Jesse McGatha and took over the Everway line in early 1996. Merged with Jerome Enterprises (owners of the Seattle "Games and Gizmos" stores) in 1998.
Rule of Cool Gaming
Nevada (USA)
Small-press makers of the generic RPG system, Legend (2011) by Jacob Kurzer and Chris Campbell.
Rumland & Flory
Dundorfweg 11, 69181 Leimen (Germany)
Small-press makers of the German-language RPG TRI.
Rune's Law Inc
Small-press makers of the Wayfarer Infinity RPG.
Rus Games
Small-press Australian company, makers of the 1990 RPG Rus about medieval Russia circa 900 A.D.

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