RPG Company List: V

Vagrant Workshop
Köln (Germany)
Small-press makers of both German-language and English-language RPGs, including BARBAREN! (2009), Western City (2008), as well as the upcoming horror game Vampire City and upcoming future fantasy game Equinox. Founded as a private alliance of independent game designers, led by Carsten Damm and Kathy Schad.
Vajra Enterprises
Eureka, CA (USA)
Small-press makers of the cyberpunk RPG Fates Worse than Death (2003), Tibet the RPG (2004), KidWorld (2009), Hoodoo Blues (2010), and Seeker (2012) -- all by Brian St.Claire-King, Creative Director and founder of the company.
Valdron, Inc.
PO Box 1036, Newcastle, DE 19720-1036 (USA)
Small-press makers of the dimension-hopping RPG Multiverser, by authors E. R. Jones and Mark Joseph Young. Founded around 1997 by Mark Young, Christopher Jones, and Jim Denaxas.
Valent Games
Troy, NY (USA)
Small-press makers of the science fantasy RPG Valence, as well as Minigame Magazine. An imprint of author Colin Fredericks.
Valiant Games
PO Box 371, Union Grove, WI 53182 (USA)
Small-press makers of the medieval fantasy RPG Hidden Legacy. Founded January 1, 1999 when OmniMarcus, the original makers of Oem Prime was dissolved.
Västerås Stift
The Västerås Diocese of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, makers of the Swedish-language RPG Tellus, and publishers of the series of Christian-education RPG series The Way.
Vengeance Games
Memphis, TN (USA)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including the "Friday Night Six Pack" accessory of pre-generated character packs.
Verlag für Fantasy und SF-Spiele
Ringstraße 22 D-67705 Stelzenberg (Germany)
Makers of the German-language fantasy RPG Midgard and the licensed sci-fi RPG Perry Rhodan, in partnership with Pegasus Spiele. Founded by Elsa Franke and others in 1981 for the publication of Midgard.
Viking Games
Bellingham, WA (USA)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), some in agreement with 0one Games. Founded in autumn 2001 as the brainchild of Western Washington University alumni Richard A. deMorris.
Visionary Entertainment Studio, Inc.
3705 New Macland Road, Suite 200-314, Powder Springs, GA 30127 (USA)
Small-press makers of the Everlasting RPG series, including "Book of the Unliving" and "Book of the Light". They had also announced plans for "Remembrance", a self-styled "game of death & eternal love". Founded in 1994 under the direction of Steve Brown, an established free lance writer whose works includes the Sabbat books for Vampire: The Masquerade and many other books for White Wolf. In 1997 Steve released his own role-playing game line, The Everlasting, with the release of the "Book of the Unliving". After receiving rave reviews he followed up with the release of the "Book of the Light"(1998) and the "Book of the Spirits"(1998). In 2003, Visionary Entertainment Studio Inc was sold to Chip Dobbs, a fan and advocate of The Everlasting.
Visions of Essence, LLC
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG, Eoris (2008), by David Torres, Alejandro Cárdenas, and Nicolás Acosta. Based Bogotá, Colombia with offices in Miami, FL (USA).
Void Star Games
Huntsville, Alabama (USA)
Small-press makers of Strands of Fate (2010). An imprint of author Mike McConnell.
VSCA Publishing
Small-press makers of the hard science fiction RPG, Diaspora (2009).

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