RPG Encyclopedia: 1998

1st ed by Kristoffer Simonsson (1998) Point Blank Games
1st ed by Bill Slavicsek, Richard Baker (1998) TSR
Armored Trooper VOTOMS
1st ed by Tim Eldred, Paul Sudlow, Mike Pondsmith, Benjamin Wright (1998) R Talsorian
Blood of Heroes
1st ed by Tony Oliveira, Ray Hedman, Joshua Marquart, Christopher Tatro (1998) Pulsar
Call of Cthulhu
5.5th ed (1998)
1st ed by Charles J. Walther (1998) Cooperation
Cyb: Gioco di ruolo in un lontano futuro
2nd ed (1998) Qualitygame
Dark Conspiracy
2nd ed (1998) Dynasty
DarkTown: The Apocolyptic Cycle
1st ed by Roger McReynolds, Ben Reading (1998) Propaganda Publishing Gold Rush Games
Deadlands: Hell on Earth
1st ed by Shane Hensley (1998) Pinnacle
Dragonball Z RPG
1st ed by Mike Pondsmith (1998) R Talsorian
Dragonlance: The Fifth Age
1st ed by William W. Connors (1998) TSR
Book of the Light ed (1998)
Book of the Spirits ed (1998)
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
1st ed by Baron Munchausen, James Wallis (1998) Hogshead Games
Fantasy Legend
1st ed by William F. Lorenz, Mike Katzenberger (1998) Black Knight Games
Forge: Out of Chaos
1st ed by Mark Kibbe (1998) Basement Games
1st ed by Anders Blixt (1998) Rävspel
Heaven and Earth
1st ed by John R. Phythyon, Jr. (1998) Event Horizon Productions
Hercules and Xena
1st ed by George Strayton et al. (1998) West End Games
Imagine Role Playing System
1st ed by W. Michael Tenery III (1998) Imagine
Kobolds Ate My Baby!
1st ed by Christopher O'Neill, Daniel Landis (1998) 9th Level Games
Lace and Steel
2nd ed (1998) Plainlabel / Pharos
1st ed by Howard I. Scott III (1998) Chaos Enterprises, Inc.
Lex Arcana
"Essential Rules" ed (1998) Nexus Editrice
Maelstrom Storytelling
1st ed by Christian Aldridge, Seth Lindberg (1998) Hubris
Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade
1st ed by Phil Brucato (1998) White Wolf
Marvel Superheroes Adventure Game
1st ed by Mike Selinker, Michele Carter, Bill Olmesdahl, Steven Schend, Steven Brown (1998) TSR
1st ed by Jeff Diamond (1998) 6-0 Games
Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game
3rd ed (1998)
QAGS: Quick Ass Game System
1st ed by Leighton Connor, Steve Johnson, Dale French (1998) Hex Games
QCCS - Quick Charakter Creating System
2nd ed (1998)
Red Shift
1st ed by Paul B. Spence (1998) Grendel
Revelation: The Modern Superheroic Horror Role-Playing Game
1st ed by James C. Taylor Jr., Jason Knizley (1998) Happy Nebula Adventure Publishing
Run Out the Guns
1st ed by Jason Hawkins, Todd McGovern (1998) Iron Crown Enterprises
Sailor Moon RPG
1st ed by Mark C. MacKinnon (1998) Guardians of Order
1st ed by Ewan Murray (1998) Lance and Crown Games
Shades of Heroes
1st ed by Jason Kirby, Jason Thomas, Dean Meuggenburg, Shiree Nabours, Jon Kawa, Brian Henrikson, Jon Kawa, Jason Thomas, Dean Meuggenburg (1998) Argonaut Game Studios
3rd ed (1998)
Sol Levante
1st ed by Eugenio Maria Lauro (1998) Qualitygame
Sorcerer RPG
1st Electronic ed by Ron Edwards (1998) Adept Press
S.O.R.D.: System of Role Development
1st ed by Scott J. Compton (1998) Fractal Dimensions
1st ed by Aaron Rosenberg (1998) Clockworks Games
Star Trek: The Next Generation Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Christian Moore, Ross Isaacs, Kenneth Hite, Steve Long (1998) Last Unicorn
Sulle sponde del Nilo
2nd ed (1998) Kaos magazine #53
1st ed by Jim Dietz (1998) Jolly Roger
1st ed by Ville Vuorela (1998) Burger Games
Tales of Gargentihr
2nd ed (1998) Digital Animations Mind Ventures
The Thol-Far RPG
1st ed by Thomas Cook (1998) Thol-Far Adventures
Throwing Stones
2nd ed (1998) Prism Games
Tokyo NOVA
Tokyo NOVA: The Revolution ed (1998)
Tribe 8
1st ed by Philippe R Boulle, Stephane Brochu, Joshua Mosqueira Asheim (1998) Dream Pod 9
Unknown Armies
1st ed by Greg Stolze, John Tynes (1998) Atlas Games
Vampire: The Masquerade
Revised ed (1998)
Warlock: Dark Spiral
1st ed by Brandon Blackmoor, Susan Blackmoor, Chris Nasipak, David Bolack, Nathan Bordsley, R. Sean Borgstrom (1998) Black Gate Publishing
The Way
Ansgar ed (1998)
Wayfarer Infinity
1st ed by Timothy S. Till (1998) Rune's Law
3rd ed (1998) Rävspel
The World of Barador RPG
2nd ed (1998)
7th ed (1998)

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