RPG Encyclopedia: 1983

Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic
1st ed by Richard Tucholka, Chris Belting (1983) Tri-Tac Games
Call of Cthulhu
2nd ed (1983)
Chivalry and Sorcery
2nd ed (1983)
Dragons of Underearth
1st ed by Keith Gross (1983) Metagaming
1st ed by Neil Patrick Moore, Derek Stanovsky (1983) Integral Games
Dungeons and Dragons
Basic Set 3rd ed by Frank Mentzer (1983)
Dungeons and Dragons
Expert Set 2nd ed by Frank Mentzer (1983)
Empire of the Petal Throne
2nd ed (1983) Gamescience
1st ed by George MacDonald, Steve Peterson (1983) Hero Games
Gamma World
2nd ed by James M. Ward, James Ritchie, Gary Jaquet (1983)
Heroes of Olympus
2nd ed (1983)
James Bond 007
1st ed by Gerard Christopher Klug (1983) Victory Games
Lands of Adventure
1st ed by Lee Gold (1983) FGU
1st ed by Stéphane Daudier, Marc Deladerrière, Philippe Mercier, Jean Marc Montel, Guillaume Rohmer (1983) Jeux Descartes
Mach: The First Colony
1st ed by Michael Lange (1983) Alliance Publications Ltd.
Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes
1st ed by Michael A. Stackpole (1983) Blade (a division of Flying Buffalo)
The Morrow Project
3rd ed (1983) Timeline, Inc. Abacus Dimensions
1st ed by Kevin Dockery (1983) Firebird, Ltd.
Other Suns
1st ed by Niall Shapero (1983) FGU
1st ed by Marc W.D. Tyrrell (1983) Valhalla Simulation Games
Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game
1st ed by Kevin Siembieda, Erick Wujcik (1983) Palladium Books
Powers and Perils
1st ed by Richard Snider (1983) Avalon Hill
Privateers and Gentlemen
1st ed by Jon Williams (1983) FGU
1st ed by Sherman Kahn, John Hewitt, Lynn Willis, Sandy Petersen, Charlie Krank, Rudy Kraft (1983) Chaosium
1st ed by Matthew P. King (1983) Roleplayer Enterprises
I Signori Del Caos
1st ed by Giovanna Maselli, Auro Miselli, Franco Tralli (1983) Black-Out
Star Frontiers
2nd ed by Lawrence Schick, David Cook (1983)
Star Trek
2nd ed by Wm John Wheeler (1983)
1st ed (1983) Judges Guild
2nd ed by Steve Perrin (1983) Chaosium
Swords & Glory
Volume 1, 1st ed ed by M.A.R. Barker (1983) Gamescience
Swords & Glory
Volume 2, 1st ed ed by M.A.R. Barker (1983) Gamescience
Sword's Path: Glory
1st ed by Barry Nakazano, David McKenzie (1983) Leading Edge
1st ed by Mark Acres, Gali Sanchez, Garry Spiegle, Andria Hayday, Smith (1983) Pacesetter
To Challenge Tomorrow
2nd ed (1983)
L'Ultime Épreuve
1st ed by Fabrice Cayla (1983) Jeux Actuels
Valley of the Pharaohs
1st ed by Matthew Balent (1983) Palladium Books
Victorian Adventure
1st ed by Stephen Smith (1983) Kestrel Design / SKS Distribution
Witch Hunt
1st ed by Paul D. Baader, Roger Buckelew (1983) Statcom Simulations, Inc.
Wizard's Realm
2nd ed (1983)
Wizard's World
1st ed by David Silvera, Douglas S. Krull (1983) Fantasy Worlds Unlimited

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