RPG Encyclopedia: 1991

Adventure Quest: Jaern
1st ed by Robert Blake, Daniel Lawrence (1991) Lafayette Simulations
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright
1st ed by James Brunton (1991) 23rd Parallel Games
Afterwars: Roleplaying in Post WWIII America
1st ed by Timothy J. McFadden (1991) Stellar Games
All Star Wrestling
1st ed by Paul Schulze (1991) Afterthought Images
Amber Diceless Role-playing
1st ed by Eric Wujcik (1991) Phage Press
Battlelords of the 23rd Century
2nd ed (1991)
Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters
1st ed by Richard Tucholka (1991) Tri-Tac Games
1st ed by Croc (1991) Siroz/Ideojeux
Cyb: Gioco di ruolo in un lontano futuro
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Giuliano Boschi, Agostino Carocci, Massimo Casa, Luca Giuliano (1991) Kappa magazine #1-2
Dark Conspiracy
1st ed by Lester W. Smith (1991) GDW
1st ed by Dave Schacter (1991) Skycastle Games
Drakar Och Demoner
4th aka "'91" ed (1991)
Duck Trooper
1st ed by Richard Tucholka (1991) Tri-Tac Games
Dungeons and Dragons
Rules Cyclopedia ed by Aaron Allston (1991)
FSpace RPG
1st ed by Martin Rait (1991) FSpace Publications
Fuerze Delta
1st ed by Jorge Barquín (1991) Miraguano
Il Gioco Di Ruolo Di Dylan Dog
1st ed by Fabrizio Biasiolo, Roberto Chiavini, Jacopo Garuglieri, Michele Gianni, Alessandro Ivanoff (1991) DaS Productions
Gioco Libero
1st ed by P. Maraziti (1991) Fuori dal Tempo magazine #1
1st ed by James Perham, Gideon (1991) StarChilde
1st ed by Daniel A. Fox (1991) Sutton Hoo Games
Harc és Varázslat
1st ed by Tamás Galgóczi, Péter László (1991) Sportorg LLC
Heavy Metal
1st ed by Croc, Mathias Twardowski (1991) Siroz/Ideojeux
1st [Swedish] ed by Gunilla Jonsson, Michael Petersen (1991) Target Games AB
1st ed by Jacob Octavius Jarlskov (1991) Caligula Forlag
Legend Quest
1st ed by John Josten (1991) Board Enterprises
Lost Roads of Lociam
1st ed by Rasmus Strand (1991) self-published
Lost Souls
1st ed by Kathleen Williams, Joe Williams (1991) Sage Lore Productions, Inc.
2nd ed by Brian Nystul, Lester W. Smith (1991)
1st ed by Francois Perrinel (1991) FLEO
Le Messager
1st ed by Christoph Guillermet (1991) Éditions Role'Mag
La Méthode du Docteur Chestel
1st ed by Daniel Danjean (1991) Presses du Midi
Monsters & Slayers
1st ed by Clifford Raymond Fagan (1991) Atlantis Enterprises
Mutantes en la Sombra
1st ed by Jose Felix Garzon, Igor Arriola (1991) Ludoctenia
2nd ed (1991)
1st [French] ed by Fabrice Lamidey, Frederic Weil (1991) Multisim
2nd ed (1991)
Phoenix Command
4th ed (1991)
Plüsch, Power, und Plunder
1st ed by Ralf Sandfuchs, Steffen Schütte, Thomas Finn (1991) Games-In Verlag
Private Eye: Detektiv-Rollenspiel im Viktorianischen England
2nd ed (1991)
Reich Star
1st ed by Simon Bell, Ken Richardson (1991) Creative Encounters
So Ya Wanna Be A Rock N' Roll Star!
1st ed by Bill Barton (1991) Bill Barton Games
1st ed by Ygor Morais Esteves da Silva, Marcelo Rodrigues, August Julio Cesar Junior, Leonardo Nahoum Pache de Faria, Sergio Fonseca de Castro (1991) GSA Editora
1st ed by Theron, Arvola (1991) Peter's Press
Thundering Steel: The Role-Playing/Combat Game Of Warfare In The Near Future
1st ed by Edwin M. Dyer (1991) Minds in One Productions
Tigres Volants
1st ed by Staphane Gally (1991) Les Créateurs Genevois
1st ed by Ian Marsh, Peter Darvill-Evans (1991) Virgin Books
Deluxe Ed ed (1991)
Vampire: The Masquerade
1st ed by Mark Rein•Hagen, Graeme Davis, Tom Dowd, Lisa Stevens, Stewart Wieck (1991) White Wolf
1st ed by Greg Porter (1991) BTRC
Webs Basic Gaming System
1st ed by Keith Bailey (1991) Web Games
World of Synnibarr
1st ed by Raven McCracken (1991) Real Dream Inc.

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