RPG Encyclopedia: 1980

1st ed by Carl Smith (1980) Adversary Games
The Archaereon Game System
Mage ed by Wilf K. Backhaus (1980) Archaereon Games Ltd.
The Atlantean Trilogy: The Arcanum, The Lexicon, The Bestiary
1st ed by Stephan Michael Sechi, Vernie Taylor (1980) Bard Games
Basic Role-Playing
1st ed by Greg Stafford, Lynn Willis (1980) Chaosium
Beasts, Men, & Gods
1st ed by Bill Underwood (1980) Imagination Unlimited Imagination Unlimited The Game Masters
1st ed by Paul Hume, Bob Charrette (1980) Tyr / Phoenix Games
Castle Perilous
1st ed by James T. Sheldon (1980) West Wind Simulations
1st ed by James F. Dunnigan (1980) SPI
1st ed by Eric Goldberg, David James Ritchie, Edward J. Woods (1980) SPI
Dungeons and Dragons
Basic Set 2nd ed by Tom Moldvay (1980)
Dungeons and Dragons
Expert Set 1st ed by David Cook (1980)
The Fantasy Trip
In The Labyrinth ed (1980)
The Hammer of Thor: The Game of Norse Mythology
1st ed by Joe Angiolillo (1980) Gameshop
1st ed by Ernest T. Hams (1980) Kabal Gaming Systems
Knights and Magic
1st ed by Arnold Hendrick (1980) Heritage Models
Land of the Rising Sun
1st ed by Lee Gold (1980) FGU
1st ed by Bryan Ansell, Richard Halliwell, Tony Ackland (1980) Tabletop Games
Legio VII
1st ed by Marco Donadoni (1980) International Team
Melanda: Land of Mystery
1st ed by Lee McCormick, John Corradin (1980) Wilmark Dynasty
The Morrow Project
1st ed by Kevin Dockery, Robert Sadler, Richard Tucholka (1980) Timeline, Inc.
The Morrow Project
2nd ed (1980)
1st ed by Marshall Rose (1980) FGU
1st ed by S. Coleman Charlton, Peter C. Fenlon, Kurt H. Fischer, Terry K. Amthor (1980) Iron Crown Enterprises
Skull and Crossbones
1st ed by Gerald D. Seypura, Anthony LeBoutillier (1980) FGU
Space Opera
1st ed by Ed Simbalist, A. Mark Ratner, Phil McGregor (1980) FGU
Star Patrol
1st ed (1980)
1st ed by Jay Hartlove, Aimee Karklyn (1980) DAG Productions
Top Secret
1st ed by Merle M. Rasmussen (1980) TSR
Tunnels and Trolls
4th ed (1980)
2nd ed (1980)

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