RPG Encyclopedia: 2007

Aces & Eights
1st ed by Jolly Blackburn, Brian Jelke, Steve Johansson, David Kenzer, Jennifer Kenzer, Mark Plemmons (2007) Kenzer & Company
Æternal Legends
1st ed by Stewart Wilson (2007) Mob United Media
1st ed by Lee Foster, Monica Valentinelli, Werner Hager (2007) Abstract Nova Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game
1st ed by Jamie Chambers, James Davenport, Sean Everette, Patrick Kapera, Nathan Rockwood, Floyd C. Wesel (2007) Margaret Weis Productions
Beast Hunters
1st ed by Christian Griffen, Lisa Griffen (2007) Berengad Games
Bliss Stage
Ignition ed by Ben Lehman (2007) Tao Games
The Boomtown Planet
"Saturday" ed (2007)
1st ed by Jeff Mejia, James Stubbs, Todd Downing (2007) Deep7
Classroom Deathmatch
1st ed by Jake Richmond, Matt Schlotte (2007) Atarashi Games
Codex: Story Gaming for Creative People
1st ed by Malcolm Sheppard (2007) Mob United Media
Colonial Gothic
1st ed by Richard Iorio, Monica Valenrinelli, Matt McElroy, James Maliszewski (2007) Rogue Games
The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries
1st ed by Eric J. Boyd (2007) Eric J. Boyd Designs
Conan: The Role-Playing Game
2nd ed by Ian Sturrock, Gareth Hanrahan (2007) Mongoose Publishing
2nd ed (2007)
The Dark Fantasy of Sundrah
1st ed by T. Glenn Bane (2007) Scaldcrow Games
Dice & Glory
1st ed by Robert A. Neri Jr (2007) Ranger Games
Dirty Secrets: a game about crime
1st ed by Seth Ben-Ezra (2007) Dark Omen Games
dread: The First Book of Pandemonium
Unrated ed by Rafael Chandler (2007) Neoplastic Press
EarthAD.2 RPG
1st ed by Brett M. Bernstein, Peter C. Spahn (2007) Politically Incorrect Games
Elemental Axes
2nd ed by Eric Seaton (2007) Crosstime Games
Elric of Melnibone
1st ed by Lawrence Whitaker (2007) Mongoose Publishing
EPIC Role Playing
Revised ed by Chris Organ, Kent Davis, Andrew Mertz, Andy Monroe (2007) Dark Matter Studios
Fae Noir
1st ed by Justin Bow (2007) Green Fairy Games
Faery's Tale
Deluxe ed (2007) Firefly Games
1st ed by Andrea Sfiligoi (2007) Ganesha Games
Forward... To Adventure!
1st ed by The RPG Pundit (2007) Flying Mice LLC
Funky Colts: Das 70er / 80er Jahre Actionserienspiel
1st ed by David Grashoff, Daniel Mayer (2007) Projekt-Kopfkino
GORE - Generic Old-school Role-playing Engine
1st ed by Daniel Proctor (2007) Goblinoid Games
The Great War of Magellan RPG
1st ed by Richard Hatch, Jonathan Bjork (2007) DGA Games
Grey Ranks
1st ed by Jason Morningstar (2007) Bully Pulpit Games
Gun Tale
1st ed by Christos Giannakoulas, Panagiotis Panagiotidis, Panteleimon Pantou, Evangelos Polizoides, Emmanuel Zachariadis-Sourvos, Konstantinos I. Zachopoulos (2007) Psychis ta Lampyrismata
1st ed by Gareth Hanrahan (2007) Mongoose Publishing
Idyll: Romantic Fantasy
1st ed by James Stubbs (2007) Heyoka Studios
1st ed by David Sharrock, Wyn F Dawkins, Suzanna Hope (2007) Forever People Digital Press
1st ed by Willy Favre, Jérôme Larré, Neko, Christophe Valla, Julien Heylbroeck (2007) 7ème Cercle
Labyrinth Lord
1st ed by Daniel Proctor (2007) Goblinoid Games
6th "új Törvénykönyv" ed (2007) "Mazsola" Húsáru és Delikát Trade LLC "Mazsola" Húsáru és Delikát Trade LLC Tuan Publishing
Mars: A Roleplaying Game of Planetary Romance
1st ed by Gareth-Michael Skarka (2007) Adamant Entertainment
Monsters and Other Childish Things
1st ed by Benjamin Baugh (2007) Arc Dream Publishing
Monte Cook's World of Darkness
1st ed by Monte Cook, Luke Johnson, Sean K. Reynolds (2007) White Wolf
1st ed by Joseph Fanning (2007) self-published
1st ed by Lambert Tóth (2007) Delonaran
1st [English] ed by Massimo Bianchini, Mario Pasqualotto (2007) Mongoose Publishing
New Gods of Mankind
1st ed by Richard Leon (2007) Dark Skull Studios
Og: The Role-Playing Game
Unearthed ed by Robin D. Laws (2007)
One Can Have Her
1st ed by Jonas Ferry (2007) self-published
Opening the Dark
1st ed by Malcolm Sheppard (2007) Mob United Media
Pirates of the Spanish Main
1st ed by Paul Wade-Williams (2007) Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Poison'd: a pirate rpg
1st ed by Vincent Baker (2007) Lumpley Games
The Princess Game
1st ed by Colin Fredericks (2007) Valent Games
Qin: The Warring States
1st English ed (2007)
1st ed by Frank Rieter-Lambers (2007) self-published
1st ed by Greg Stolze (2007) Schroedinger's Cat Press
Ruby...Worlds beyond Dream
1st ed by Greg Saunders (2007) Fire Ruby Studios
1st ed by Tom K. Loney (2007) Peryton Publishing
Ryuu Tama Natural Fantasy RPG (りゅうたま)
1st ed by Tokuhiro Okada (2007) Tabletalk Cafe Daydream Jive Ltd
Shock: Social Science Fiction
1.1 ed (2007)
1st ed by Michael Mendoza (2007) 44 Productions
Sine Requie
Year XIII ed (2007) Asterion Press
Sláine: The Role Playing Game of Celtic Heroes
RuneQuest Slaine ed by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (2007) Mongoose Publishing
1st ed by Tom K. Loney (2007) Peryton Publishing
2.0 ed by Alex Flagg, Patrick Kapera, Scott Gearin (2007) Mongoose Publishing
Star Wars Roleplaying Game
Saga ed by Owen K.C. Stephens, Rodney Thompson (2007) Wizards of the Coast
Steal Away Jordan
1st ed by Julia B. Ellingboe (2007) Stone Baby Games
StrikeForce: 2136
1st ed by Lee Kamberos (2007) RolePlayersInk
The Supercrew
1st ed by Tobias Radesäter (2007) self-published
1st ed by Mike Pohjola (2007) Riimuahjo Publishing
The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Scott Agnew, Jeff Lilly (2007) Morrigan Press
Two-Fisted Tales
Revised ed by Matt Stevens (2007) Politically Incorrect Games
1st ed by Clint Krause (2007) Clint Krause Games
Vanishing Point
2nd ed (2007)
Witch Hunter: the Invisible World
1st ed by Scott Charlton, Rucht Lilavivat, Henry Lopez, M. Sean Molley, Brian Schoner, Robert J. Schwalb, Robert Vaughn (2007) Paradigm Concepts
Zombeja! Ovella! / Zombie Cinema
1st ed by Eero Tuovinen (2007) Arkenstone Publishing

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