RPG Encyclopedia: 2004

The 3Fold System
1st ed by Clint Krause (2004) KNRPG Productions
Adventures in Delving
1st ed by Vincent Diakuw (2004) Thousandpress
Adventures in Science
1st ed by Vincent Diakuw (2004) Thousandpress
Platinum Catalyst ed (2004) Sanguine Productions
Alien Summit
1st ed by Annie Rush (2004) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
Altus Adventum
1st ed by Roderic Waibel (2004) Sacrosanct Games Ent.
Archangels: In the Beginning
1st ed by Evangelos Hugo Paliatseas (2004) Plot Device
Ars Magica
5th ed by David Chart (2004) Atlas Games
1st ed by Malcolm Craig (2004) Contested Ground Studios
Battleaxe RPG
1st ed by Donald E. Olson, K. Douglas Woolsey (2004) Sixteen Coal Black Horses
1st ed by Jeff Siadek, Jason Siadek (2004) Gorilla Games
Bloode Island
Diceless ed (2004)
Blood Games: Occult Horror Role-playing
1st ed by clash bowley, Jason Ludwig, Wesley Fornero (2004) Flying Mice LLC
Bones the Role Playing Game
1st ed by Andrew J. Martone (2004) Peregrine
The Book of Jalan
1st ed by Albert Bailey, clash bowley, Klaxon Bowley (2004) Flying Mice LLC
1st ed by Brennan Taylor, C. Austin Hogan, David Sklar, A.J. Hernandez, Jeremy Simmons (2004) Galileo Games
Call of Cthulhu
6th ed by Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis (2004)
Castles and Crusades
1st ed by Davis Chenault, Mac Golden (2004) Troll Lord Games
1st ed by John Wick (2004) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
The Centre of the Universe
1st ed by Richard Parkinson (2004) Timeless Games Better Mousetrap Games
The Centre of the Universe
Special ed (2004)
Cloak of Steel: Gigantic Metal Warriors Clash in the World of Tierplana
1st ed by James Desborough, Steven Mortimer, Raven Morrison (2004) Postmortem Studios
Code of Unaris: Chat Roleplaying
1st ed by Gary Pratt (2004) Goldleaf Games
Conspiracy of Shadows
1st ed by Keith Senkowski (2004) Bob Goat Press
1st ed by Matthew Davenport (2004) self-published
Crimson Empire
2nd ed (2004)
Cthulhu Dark Ages
1st ed by Stephane Gesbert (2004) Chaosium
Cursed Empire
2nd ed by Chris Loizou (2004) Spartans Unleashed
1st ed by David L. Pulver, Marc A. Vezina, Scott Bennie, Patrick Sweeney (2004) Firefly Games
d4-d4 roleplaying game system
1st ed by Kyle Schuant (2004) Better Mousetrap Games Goshu Otaku
Dark Realms
2nd ed (2004) Guild of Blades
Das Schwarze Auge
4th (English) ed (2004) FanPro Fast Forward Entertainment
Dead Inside: The Roleplaying Game of Loss & Redemption
1st ed by Chad Underkoffler (2004) Atomic Sock Monkey Press
Dogs in the Vineyard
1st ed by Vincent Baker (2004) Lumpley Games
Dog Town: The Ultimate Crime Experience
1st ed by Jonathan Ridd (2004) Cold Blooded Games
1st ed by Matthijs Holter (2004) Spartacus Forlag
Dungeons and Dragons
Basic Game ed by Jonathan Tweet (2004)
Eldritch Ass Kicking
Extended Remix ed (2004) Key 20 Publishing Mystic Ages Online
1st ed by Panagiotis "Aiollus" Laskaris, Themis Mpalomenos (2004) Initiative
3rd ed by Petter Nallo (2004)
Gamers against Cancer Edition ed by Timothy Jones (2004) Flying Mice LLC Chine Games
The Farm
1st ed by Jared A. Sorensen (2004) Memento Mori Theatricks
Fastlane: Everything, All The Time
1st ed by Alexander Cherry (2004) Twisted Confessions
1st ed by Rob Vaughn (2004) Fantasy Flight Games
4th ed (2004)
HardNova ][: Space Action Adventures
1st ed by Brett M. Bernstein, Matt Drake (2004) Politically Incorrect Games
Heaven and Earth
3rd ed by Lee Foster, Michelle Lyons, James Maliszewski, John R. Phythyon, Jr., Lucien Soulban (2004) Abstract Nova Entertainment
Heavy Gear
3rd ed (2004)
Hollywood Lives
1st ed by Reiner Knizia, Kevin Jacklin (2004) Fantasy Flight Games
Holy Lands: The Christian Role-Playing Game
Light Edition ed by Matthew Nigro (2004) Faith Quest Games
Infinite Legends Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Jason Broadley, Robert Frey (2004) Darkharbor Games
Iron Gauntlets: Heroic Fantasy Roleplaying
1st ed by Brett Bernstein (2004) Politically Incorrect Games
3rd ed by Nils Gullikson, Stefan Ljungqvist, Terry K. Amthor (2004)
Lacuna Part I: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City
1st ed by Jared A. Sorensen (2004) Memento Mori Theatricks
1st ed by Anders Blixt, Krister Sundelin (2004) Rävspel
Live System: Modernised OGL System
1st ed by James Desborough (2004) Postmortem Studios
Lone Wolf the Roleplaying Game
1st ed by August Hahn (2004) Mongoose Publishing
5th "M.a.g.u.s. d20" ed (2004) INOMI Publishing
Maid RPG
1st ed by Ryo Kamiya (2004) Sunset Games
"Classic Battletech RPG" ed (2004) FanPro
Meddling Kids: An Introductory Role-Playing Experience
1st ed by Allysson Brooks (2004) Meddling Games Pandahead Productions
Meikyu Kingdom (迷宮キングダム)
1st ed by Touichirou Kawashima (2004) Adventure Planning Service Hobby Base
1st ed by Christian Neff (2004) fiveSTORMS Productions
Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot: the Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Chad Underkoffler (2004) Atomic Sock Monkey Press
Nebuleon SF RPG
1st ed by William Corrie III (2004) HinterWelt Enterprises
Nine Worlds
1st ed by Matt Snyder (2004) Chimera Creative
No Press Anthology
1st ed by Luke Crane, Alexander Cherry, Michael S. Miller, Kirt Dankmyer, Daniel Solis, Matt Machell, Jeffrey Schecter, Mike Holmes, Ben Lehman (2004) Key 20 Publishing
Now Playing: Roleplaying the World of Television
1st ed by Bradford Younie (2004) Carnivore Games
OGL Ancients
1st ed by Adrian Bott (2004) Mongoose Publishing
OGL Steampunk
1st ed by Alejandro Melchor (2004) Mongoose Publishing
OGL Wild West
1st ed by Gareth Hanrahan (2004) Mongoose Publishing
Open Core Role Playing System
1st ed by Christopher Helton, Jamie Borg, Ewen Cluney, Richard Gazley, Tim Huntley, Jonathan M. Thompson (2004) Battlefield Press
Opera RPG 'Beholders Lost in Alternative Realities'
1st ed by Leonardo Andrade, Rogério Godoy (2004) Comic Store Comercial Ltda
"XP" ed by Allen Varney (2004) Mongoose Publishing
Perry Rhodan - Das Rollenspiel
1st ed by Alexander A. Huiskes, Jürgen E. Franke (2004) Verlag für Fantasy und SF-Spiele
Pie Shop
1st ed by Mr. Toad (2004) Corone Design
Power Grrrl
1st ed by Michael Fiegel (2004) aethereal FORGE
Realms of Wor
1st ed by Jeffrey Walker, Steve Ong, David Wainio (2004) Three Sages Games
1st ed by Juan Antonio Huerta Domínguez (2004) Edge Entertainment
Roma Imperious: Alternate World History
1st ed by William Corrie III (2004) HinterWelt Enterprises
Run Robot Red
1st ed by Annie Rush (2004) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men
1st ed by Annie Rush (2004) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
The Shadow of Yesterday
1st ed by Clinton Nixon (2004) Anvilwerks
1st ed by Carmen Bellaire (2004) Palladium Books
Star Thugs
1st ed by Mark Argyle (2004) GhazPORK Industrial
1st ed by Vincent Diakuw (2004) Thousandpress
The Terran Story
1st ed by Richard Parkinson (2004) Timeless Games
Tibet the RPG
1st ed by Brian St.Claire-King (2004) Vajra Enterprises
Tombstones n' Tumbleweeds
1st ed by Christopher Bracket (2004) Game Werks
Trials of the Grail
1st ed by Jasper McChesney (2004) Primeval Games Press
Urban Faerie
1st ed by James Desborough (2004) Postmortem Studios
1st ed by Alexandre Amirà, Remi Barbarin, Julien Blondel, Arnaud Cuidet, Miroslav Dragan, Philippe Fenot, Johan Scipion, Pascal Bernard, Michaël Croitoriu, Loïc Portnoë, Léonidas Vesperini, Gaylord Desurmont, Gr´gory Privat (2004) 7ème Cercle
With Great Power...
Preview/Interim ed by Michael S. Miller (2004) Incarnadine Press
The World of Bloodshadows
2nd ed by Nikola Vrtis (2004) West End Games
The World of Darkness
1st ed by Bill Bridges, Rick Chillot, Ken Cliffe, Mike Lee (2004) White Wolf
Wyrd is Bond
1st ed by Jason L. Blair (2004) Key 20 Publishing

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