RPG Encyclopedia: 1977

Volume 1: Faerie ed (1977) L.W.Felstead Ltd
Chivalry and Sorcery
1st ed by Ed Simbalist, Wilf K. Backhaus (1977) FGU
Dungeons and Dragons
Basic Set 1st ed ed by J. Eric Holmes (1977)
En Garde
2nd ed (1977)
The Fantasy Trip
Melee ed by Steve Jackson, Howard Thomson (1977) Metagaming
Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mongo
1st ed by Lin Carter, Scott Bizar (1977) FGU
Space Quest
1st ed by Paul Hume, George Nyhen (1977) Tyr Gamemakers Ltd
Star Patrol
Space Patrol ed by Michael Scott Kurtick, Rockland Russo (1977) Gamescience
Superhero 2044
1st ed by Donald Saxman (1977) Gamescience
1st ed by Marc Miller (1977) GDW
Tunnels and Trolls
2nd ed (1977)

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