RPG Encyclopedia: 2012

Adventurer Conqueror King System
1st ed by Alexander Macris, Tavis Allison, Greg Tito (2012) Autarch LLC
Age of Heroes - Adventure in High Fantasy
1st ed by Brian Gleichman (2012) self-published
Ascendancy - Rogue Marshall
1st ed by Tim Westhaven (2012) Broken Tower
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea
1st ed by Jeffrey Talanian (2012) North Wind Adventures
Black Seven
1st ed by Stew Wilson (2012) Zero Point Information
Blade & Crown
1st ed by Rachel Kronick (2012) self-published
Blue Planet
Revised ed by Jeffrey Barber, Greg Benage, Allan T. Grohe Jr., Greg Porter, Brian Schoner, John Snead, Mark Stout, James Sutton, Jason Werner, Andrew Whincup (2012) RedBrick LLC
Critical!: Go Westerly
1st ed by Geoff Bottone, Jonathan Lavallee (2012) Firestorm Ink
Dark Nova Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Breandán Ó Ciarraí, Orren Fansler, Martin Fox (2012) Dark Nova Games
Dog Eat Dog
1st ed by Liam Burke (2012) Liwanag Press
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
1st ed by Joseph Goodman (2012) Goodman Games
Dungeon World
1st ed by Sage LaTorra, Adam Koebel (2012) Sage Kobold Productions
Eldritch Skies
1st ed by John Snead, A.J. Luxton (2012) Battlefield Press
Fading Suns
Revised ed by Todd Bogenrief, Vidar Edland, Chris Wiese, Andrew Greenberg, Bill Bridges, Phil Cameron, Richard Ashley, Thomas Baroli, Ruben Ramos, Mark Stout, James Sutton (2012) RedBrick LLC
The Final Girl
1st ed by Bret Billan (2012) Gas Mask Games
Hero Kids: A Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Children Aged 4 to 10
1st ed by Justin Halliday (2012) Hero Forge Games
Lords of Olympus
1st ed by The RPG Pundit (2012) Precis Intermedia Games
1st ed by Joe McDonald (2012) Buried Without Ceremony
Night's Black Agents
1st ed by Kenneth Hite, Robin D. Laws (2012) Pelgrane Press
Novus Fantasy Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Tim Dugger (2012) Firehawk Games
Primeval Role-playing Game
1st ed by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan (2012) Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited
La Puerta de Ishtar
1st ed by Rodrigo Garcia Carmona (2012) Otherselves
Quest! A Role playing Game System for Children
1st ed by Dave Newton, Christi Newton (2012) self-published
Seeker the Role Playing Game
1st ed by Brian St.Claire-King (2012) Vajra Enterprises
1st ed by Jackson Tegu (2012) self-published
A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying
A Game of Thrones ed (2012)
Stalker - The SciFi Roleplaying Game
1st English ed by Ville Vuorela (2012) Burger Games
1st ed by Tomas Härenstam (2012) Fria Ligan
Tales of Blades and Heroes
1st ed by Andrea Sfiligoi (2012) Ganesha Games

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