RPG Encyclopedia: 1978

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
1st ed by Gary Gygax (1978) TSR
Age of Chivalry
1st ed by Marshall Rose (1978) Avant-Garde Simulations Perspectives
Volume 2: Combat ed (1978) Skytrex Ltd.
Volume 3: Magic ed (1978) Skytrex Ltd.
The Complete Warlock
1st ed by Robert Cowan, Dave Clark, Kenneth M. Dahl, Nick Smith (1978) Balboa, Inc.
The Fantasy Trip
Wizard ed (1978)
Gamma World
1st ed by James M. Ward, Gary Jaquet (1978) TSR
High Fantasy
1st ed by Jeffrey C. Dillow (1978) Fantasy Productions Inc.
The Infinity System
1st ed by Derrick Charbonnet, Terry Podgorski (1978) Threshold Games
John Carter, Warlord of Mars
1st ed by M. S. Matheny (1978) Heritage Models
1st ed by David A. Feldt (1978) Legacy Press
Once Upon a Time in the West
1st ed by Beck, Spencer (1978) Tabletop Games
Realm of Yolmi
1st ed by Ken Black, Marshall Rose (1978) Avant-Garde Simulations Perspectives
Realm of Yolmi
2nd ed (1978)
1st ed by Steve Perrin, Ray Turney, Steve Henderson, Warren James, Greg Stafford (1978) Chaosium
Simian Conquest
1st ed by Marshall Rose, Norman Knight (1978) Avant-Garde Simulations Perspetives
Starships and Spacemen
1st ed by Leonard H. Kanterman (1978) FGU
Star Trek: Adventure Gaming in the Final Frontier
1st ed by Michael Scott (1978) Heritage Models
What Price Glory?!
1st ed by John Dankert, Jim Lauffenburger (1978) self-published

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