RPG Encyclopedia: 2005

1st ed by Jennifer Reynolds , Chuck Lauer (2005) Insomnium Games
ALSHARD (アルシャード)
fortissimo ed (2005) F.E.A.R.
Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG
1st Spanish ed by Carlos B. García Aparicio (2005) Edge Entertainment
Army of Darkness Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Shane Lacy Hensley (2005) Eden Studios
Artesia: Adventures in the Known World
1st ed by Mark Smylie (2005) Archaia Studios Press
Atlantis: The Second Age
1st ed by Scott Agnew (2005) Morrigan Press
1st ed by Paul Czege (2005) Half-Meme Press
Barbarians Versus
1st ed by Nathan J. Hill (2005) Key 20 Publishing Mystic Ages Online
BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes
1st ed by Chris Rutkowsky (2005) Basic Action Games
BASH! Fantasy
1st ed by Chris Rutkowsky (2005) Basic Action Games
Beyond Mortal Men
1st ed by Christopher Helton (2005) Battlefield Press
Beyond the Supernatural
2nd ed (2005) Palladium Books
Blue Rose: The Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy
1st ed by Jeremy Crawford, Dawn Elliott, Steve Kenson, John Snead (2005) Green Ronin Publishing
The Boomtown Planet
1st ed by Richard Parkinson (2005) Better Mousetrap Games Timeless Games
Breaking the Ice: A Game about Love, for Two
1st ed by Emily Care Boss (2005) Black & Green Games
The Burning Wheel
Revised ed (2005)
Cadwallon: The Free City
1st French ed by Arnaud Cuidet, Bruno Bechu, Damien Desnous, Franck Plasse, Gregoire Laakmann, Ivo Garcia, Jean Bay, Nicolas Raoult, Sebastien Celerin, Vincent Kaufmann, Willem Peerbolte, Xavier Spinat (2005) Rackham
1st ed by Anthony Lower-Basch (2005) Muse of Fire Games
Chaos on Campus
1st ed by Chris Engle (2005) Hamster Press
Chaos University
1st ed by Jennifer Schoonover (2005) Firewater Productions
Cold Space
1st ed by Albert Bailey, clash bowley (2005) Flying Mice LLC
Cold Steel Reign
1st ed by Patrick Ellison (2005) Mad Hermit Games
Combat!: A Military Action Game
1st ed by William Andersen (2005) ComStar Media, LLC
Conspiracy of Shadows
Revised ed (2005)
Contes ensorcelés
1st ed by Antoine Bauza (2005) 7ème Cercle
1st ed by Tibor Király (2005) Delta Vision
Coyote Trail
1st ed by Brett M. Bernstein (2005) Politically Incorrect Games
Creation's End: A Religious Horror RPG
1st ed by Michael Holder (2005) Creation's End Management Group Winterwolf Publishing
1st ed by Michael Lirko (2005) Better Mousetrap Games Daemornia Games
Dead of Night
1st ed by Merwin Shanmugasundaram, Andrew Kenrick (2005) Steampower Publishing
The Deryni Adventure Game
1st ed by Aaron Rosenberg, Ann Dupuis, Jennifer Brinn (2005) Grey Ghost Press
Discordia!: A Little Game About a Lot of Chaos
1st ed by John Wick (2005) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
1st ed by Epidiah Ravachol, woodelf (2005) The Impossible Dream
Dzikie Pola
2nd ed by Jacek Komuda, Michal Mochocki, Artur Machlowski (2005) Wydawnictwo MAG
Empire of Satanis
1st ed by Darrick Dishaw (2005) self-published
EPIC Role Playing
1st ed by Chris Organ, Kent Davis (2005) Dark Matter Studios
Eric Flint's 1632 Resource Guide and Role Playing Game
1st ed by Jonathan M. Thompson (2005) Battlefield Press
1st ed by Nigel McClelland, Ben Redmond (2005) Goodman Games
10th Anniversary Edition ed (2005)
Godsend Agenda
D6 Edition ed by Jerry D. Grayson, Paul Tomes, Brian Vinson, Mike Fiegel, Matt B. Carter, Darren Miguez (2005) Khepera
1st ed by Anders Jacobsson, Magnus Malmberg, Theodore Berqquist (2005) Riotminds
Guardian Universe Core Fuzion
1st ed by J. Parker, Jason Libby (2005) Dilly Green Bean Games
Hexicon Fantasy Roleplay: Fantasy Made Real
1st ed by Kielan Yarrow, Dan Fitt (2005) Hexicon Press LLP
High Medieval: Adventure Through History
1st ed by Scott Agnew, Jim Andrews, Aaron Dembski-Bowden (2005) Morrigan Press
Honor + Intrigue
1st ed by Chris Rutkowsky (2005) Basic Action Games
The Imp Game, Mischief & Mayhem
1st ed by Nate Petersen (2005) Neo Productions Unlimited
1st ed by Gareth Hanrahan (2005) Mongoose Publishing
Iron Heroes
1st ed by Michael Mearls (2005) Malhavoc Press
Jeremiah: The Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Scott Agnew (2005) Mongoose Publishing Morrigan Press
Kevin & Kell Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Jamie C. Borg, Michael Hopcroft (2005) ComStar Media, LLC
Know Your Role! - World Wrestling Entertainment Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Tony Lee, Cynthia Celeste Miller, Eddy Webb, Christopher McGlothin, Marcelo Figueroa (2005) Comic Images, Inc.
Legend of the Five Rings
3rd ed by Rich Wulf, Shawn Carman, Brian Yoon, Seth Mason, Fred Wan (2005) Alderac Entertainment Group
Legends of Kralis
1st ed by Levi Davis (2005) Fantasy Makers Industries, LLC
Maid RPG
"which you love" ed (2005) Sunset Games
Mecha Aces
1st ed by Anthony Ford (2005) ComStar Media, LLC
Midgard - Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel
5th ed (2005) Verlag für Fantasy und SF-Spiele Pegasus Spiele
Midway City
1st ed by Eddy Webb (2005) Spectrum Game Studios Z-Man Games
The Mountain Witch
1st ed by Timothy Kleinert (2005) Timfire Publishing
1st ed by Massimo Bianchini, Mario Pasqualotto (2005) Asterion Press
1st ed by Mischa L. Thomas (2005) self-published
Open Versatile Anime RPG
1st ed by Clay Gardner (2005) Wise Turtle Publishing
5th ed (2005) White Wolf
2nd ed by Geoff Tuffli (2005) Jubal Online Games, Inc.
Polaris: Chivalric tragedy at the utmost north
1st ed by Ben Lehman (2005) Tao Games
1st ed by Olof Lindqvist (2005) Olof Lindqvist Games
Privateers & Pirates
1st ed by Jonathan Clarke (2005) FJ Gaming
Pulp Era: Cinematic Adventures in the Yesteryear
1st ed by James Carpio, Michael Smith, Jon Richardson (2005) Chapter 13 Press Dilly Green Bean Games
Qin: The Warring States
1st French ed by Neko, Florrent, Kristoff, Romain d'Huissier, Pierre Buty (2005) 7ème Cercle
Ultimate ed (2005)
Savage Worlds
2nd ed by Shane Lacy Hensley (2005) Great White Games
The Secret of Zir'An
1st ed by Jason Armenta, Martin Caplan, Marcus Flores, Aram Gutowski, Chris Hockabout (2005) Paragon Games White Wolf
Serenity Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Jamie Chambers (2005) Sovereign Press
The Seventh Seal
Revised ed (2005) Morrigan Press
The Shadow of Yesterday
Revised ed (2005)
4th ed (2005) FanPro
1st ed by Duane O'Brien (2005) a terrible idea
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Dead Duke
1st ed by Chris Engle (2005) Hamster Press
Skymningshem: Andra Imperiet
1st ed by Krister Sundelin, Simon J Berger, Fredrik Ostrozansky (2005) Rävsvans Förlag
Squirrel Attack!
1st ed by William Corrie III (2005) HinterWelt Enterprises
Starship Troopers
1st ed by August Hahn (2005) Mongoose Publishing
Sweet Dreams: The Storytelling Game of Romance, Espionage and Horror in High School
1st ed by Allan Dotson, David Richards (2005) May Contain Monkeys
Te Deum Pour Un Massacre
1st ed by Jean-Philippe Jaworski (2005) Editions du Matagot
Tekumel: The Empire of the Petal Throne
1st ed by M.A.R. Barker, Joe Saul, Patrick Brady, Edwin Voskamp (2005) Guardians of Order
Thieves' World
1st ed by Lynn Abbey, Gary Astleford, Patrick O'Duffy, Robert J. Schwalb (2005) Green Ronin Publishing
Thirty: A Big Game about a Big Mystery
1st ed by John Wick (2005) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
Timestream: A Role-playing Game
1st ed by Nathan Paoletta (2005) Hamsterprophet Productions
Tomorrow Knights
1st ed by Eddy Webb, Cynthia Celeste Miller, Roy Richardson, Rod Whigham (2005) Z-Man Games
Revised and Expanded ed by Jim Ogle (2005) West End Games
True20 Adventure Roleplaying
1st Electronic ed by Steve Kenson (2005) Green Ronin Publishing
Truth & Justice
1st ed by Chad Underkoffler (2005) Atomic Sock Monkey Press
Tunnels and Trolls
5.5th ed (2005)
Tunnels and Trolls
Unofficial 6th ed (2005) Outlaw Press
Tunnels and Trolls
7th/30th anniversary ed (2005) Fiery Dragon Flying Buffalo
Under the Bed
1st ed by Joshua A.C. Newman (2005) The Glyph Press
1st ed by Kirt Dankmyer (2005) Ivanhoe Unbound
1st ed by Keith Senkowski (2005) Bob Goat Press
The Usagi Yojimbo Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Jason Holmgren, Pieter van Hiel (2005) Sanguine Productions
1st ed by Colin Fredericks (2005) Valent Games
Vanishing Point
1st ed by Ashok Desai (2005) Sane Studios
Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game
2nd ed by Mike Johnstone, Andrew Bates, Luke Johnson (2005) Sword and Sorcery Studios
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
2nd ed (2005) Black Industries
Wars: The Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Ian Lizard Harac, Greg Lynch (2005) Mongoose Publishing
Weapons of the Gods
1st ed by Rebecca Sean Borgstrom, Brad Elliott (2005) EOS Press
Wildside Gaming System
1st ed by Leigh Ronald Grossman (2005) Wildside Press
With Great Power...
Full ed (2005)
World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game
2nd ed by Mike Johnstone, Andrew Bates, Luke Johnson (2005) Sword and Sorcery Studios
Wraeththu: From Enchantment to Fulfillment
1st ed by Storm Constantine, Gabriel Strange, Lydia Wood (2005) Immanion Press
Xandoria Core Fuzion
1st ed by J. Parker (2005) Dilly Green Bean Games
Yellow Dawn: The Age of Hastur
1st ed by David J. Rodger (2005) Lulu

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