RPG Encyclopedia: 1981

1st ed by Bob Charrette, Paul Hume (1981) FGU
The Archaereon Game System
Warrior ed by Wilf K. Backhaus, Jan Vrapcenak, Richard Fietz (1981)
Arduin Adventure
1st ed by David A. Hargrave (1981) Grimoire Games
Arduin Adventure
2nd ed (1981) Dragon Tree Press
2nd ed (1981) FGU
Call of Cthulhu
1st ed by Sandy Petersen (1981) Chaosium
1st ed by George MacDonald, Steve Peterson (1981) Hero Games
1st ed by David "Zeb" Cook (1981) TSR
2nd ed by Gerard Klug (1981)
1st ed by Richard Tucholka (1981) Tri-Tac Games
Heroes of Olympus
1st ed by B. Dennis Sustare (1981) Task Force Games
High Fantasy
2nd ed (1981) Reston Publishing Company Inc.
The Mechanoid Invasion
1st ed by Kevin Siembieda (1981) Palladium Books
Melanda: Land of Mystery
2nd ed (1981)
1st ed by Paul D. Baader, Walter Mark, Lawrence Sangee (1981) FGU
Midgard - Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel
1st ed by Juergen E. Franke (1981) Verlag für Fantasy und SF-Spiele
The Official Superhero Adventure Game
1st ed by Brian Phillips (1981) self-published
Spacefarers: Rules for Science Fiction Skirmish Adventures
1st ed by Bryan Ansell, Richard Halliwell, Tony Ackland, Richard Priestly (1981) Games Workshop
Spawn of Fashan
1st ed by Kirby Lee Davis (1981) Games of Fashan
Star Rovers
1st ed by Stocken, Hoffman, Hoffman, Hargrave, Huey, Lortz (1981) Archive Miniatures and Game Systems
1st ed by Ken St. Andre, Steve Perrin (1981) Chaosium
2nd ed by Marc Miller (1981) GDW
1st ed by John H. Butterfield (1981) SPI
Weapons and Warriors
1st ed by Robert Alan Beatty (1981) self-published
Wild West
1st ed by Anthony P. LeBoutillier, Gerald D. Seypura (1981) FGU
Wizard's Realm
1st ed by Niels Erickson, C. Polite, W.G. Murphy (1981) Mystic Swamp

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