RPG Encyclopedia: 1984

Abbeta: Fantasy Role-Playing Rules for the Twinflare Solar System
1st ed by Martin Hackett, Peter Bennett (1984) self-published
The Adventurer's Handbook
1st ed by Bob Albrecht, Greg Stafford (1984) Reston Publishing Company Inc.
The Adventures of Indiana Jones
1st ed by David "Zeb" Cook (1984) TSR
Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic
2nd ed (1984)
3rd ed (1984)
1st ed by Gali Sanchez, Garry Spiegle, Mark Acres, Ethan Sharp, Michael Williams (1984) Pacesetter
Das Schwarze Auge
1st ed by Ulrich Kiesow (1984) Schmidt Spiel & Knaur Verlag
1st ed (1984) Adventures for Christ
Drakar Och Demoner
2nd ed (1984)
Dungeons and Dragons
Companion Set ed by Frank Mentzer (1984)
Element Masters
2nd ed (1984)
1st ed by Steve Perrin, Sandy Petersen, Yurek Chodak (1984) Chaosium
Empire Galactique
1st ed by Francois Nedelec (1984) Robert Laffont, Editor
Fighting Fantasy
Fighting Fantasy ed by Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson (1984) Penguin Books
Flashing Blades
1st ed by Mark Pettigrew (1984) FGU
2nd ed (1984)
Golden Heroes
1st ed by Simon Burley, Peter Hains (1984) Games Workshop
Heroes Unlimited
1st ed by Kevin Siembieda (1984) Palladium Books
Justice, Inc.
1st ed by Aaron Allston, Steve Peterson, Michael A. Stackpole (1984) Hero Games
Kata Kumbas
1st ed by Agostino Carocci, Massimo Senzacqua (1984) Bero Toys
Légendes des 1001 Nuits ed by Jean Marc Montel (1984)
Lords of Creation
1st ed by Tom Moldvay (1984) Avalon Hill
Maelstrom: The Turbulent Role-playing Game of Thieves, Rogues, Magick, and Mayhem
1st ed by Alexander Scott (1984) Puffin Books
Marvel Superheroes
1st ed by Jeff Grubb, Steve Winter (1984) TSR
Med ild og sværd
1st ed by Jørn Eriksen (1984) self-published
1st ed by Didier Guiserix, Michel Brassinne (1984) Jeux & Strategie magazine
Middle Earth Role Playing
1st ed by S. Coleman Charlton (1984) Iron Crown Enterprises
1st ed by Mikael Petersén, Gunilla Jonsson (1984) Aventyrspel
1st ed by Daniel Seth Gelber, Greg Costikyan, Eric Goldberg, Ken Rolston (1984) West End Games
Phantasy Conclave
1st ed (1984) Phantasy Conclave
Psi World
1st ed by Del Carr, Cheron (1984) FGU
Rhand: Morning Star Missions
1st ed by Barry Nakazano, David McKenzie (1984) Leading Edge
2nd ed (1984)
3rd ed by Steve Perrin, Greg Stafford, Steve Henderson, Lynn Willis (1984) Avalon Hill
1st ed by John Stowe (1984) Seventh Scarab
Star Ace
1st ed by Mark Acres, Gali Sanchez (1984) Pacesetter
Super Squadron
1st ed by Joseph Italiano (1984) Adventure Simulations
Thieves Guild
1st ed by Richard Meyer, Kerry Lloyd, Michael Watkins (1984) The Game Lords, Ltd.
Thieves Guild
2nd ed (1984)
Time and Time Again
1st ed by H.N. Voss, W.P. Worzel (1984) Timeline Ltd
1st ed by Greg Costikyan, Warren Spector (1984) Steve Jackson Games
Tunnels and Trolls
5th ed (1984)
Twilight 2000
1st ed by Frank Chadwick (1984) GDW
L'Ultime Épreuve
2nd ed (1984)

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