RPG Encyclopedia: 2010

Adventures in Oz
1st ed by F. Douglas Wall (2010) F. Douglas Wall Publishing
All-for-one Régime Diabolique
1st ed by Paul Wade-Williams (2010) Triple Ace Games
Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits!
1st ed by Brett Bernstein (2010) Precis Intermedia Games
Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG
2nd Spanish ed (2010) Edge Entertainment
Apocalypse World
1st ed by D. Vincent Baker (2010) Lumpley Games
1st ed by James Terbrack (2010) self-published
Battletech: A Time of War
1st ed by Herbert A. Beas II (2010) Catalyst Game Labs
Blood & Honor: Samurai Tragedy in Old Japan
1st ed by John Wick (2010) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
1st ed by Elizabeth Shoemaker (2010) Two Scooters Press
1st ed by Ashok Desai (2010) Sane Studios
Crime Network: Cosa Nostra
1st ed by Brendan Davis (2010) Bedrock Games
Dance of the Damned: A storytelling game of Decadence and Despair
1st ed by Andrew Peregrine (2010) Corone Design
Dead of Night
2nd ed (2010)
Dragons at Dawn: The First Fantasy Game System
1st ed by D.H. Boggs (2010) Southerwood Publishing
Dread House: A game for kids and brave adults
1st ed by Emily Care Boss, Epidiah Ravachol (2010) Dig a Thousand Holes Publishing
The Dreaming Crucible: A Storytelling Game
1st ed by Joel P. Shempert (2010) Story by the Throat! Press
The Dresden Files Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Leonard Balsera, Chad Underkoffler, Ryan Macklin, Jim Butcher, Genevieve Cogman, Rob Donoghue, Fred Hicks, Kenneth Hite, Clark Valentine (2010) Evil Hat Productions
1st ed by Luke Crane, Jared Sorensen (2010) self-published
1st ed by Jonathan Lavallee (2010) Firestorm Ink
Gamma World
D&D ed by Richard Baker, Bruce R. Cordell (2010)
Gun Thief: a messy game about desperate people and violent situations
1st ed by Joe McDonald (2010) Buried Without Ceremony
Happy Birthday, Robot!
1st ed by Daniel Solis (2010) Evil Hat Productions Smart Play Games
Hell for Leather: Gameshow Hyperviolence
1st ed by Sebastian Hickey (2010) Cobweb Games
High Valor: Dark Age Fantasy Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Tim Kirk (2010) Better Mousetrap Games Silver Lion Studios
Historia Rodentia
1st ed by Emily Fontana, Matthew Whitehouse, Pedro Panzardi (2010) On The Lamb Games
Hoodoo Blues
1st ed by Carl Warner, Brian St. Claire-King (2010) Vajra Enterprises
How We Came to Live Here: Stories of the Fifth World
1st ed by Brennan Taylor (2010) Galileo Games
Hyperborean Mice
1st ed by Frank Sronce (2010) Kiz and Jenn Press
ICONS: Superpowered Roleplaying
1st ed by Walt Ciechanowski, Morgan Davie, Steve Kenson, Gareth-Michael Skarka (2010) Adamant Entertainment
In Harm's Way: A Napoleonic Naval Role-playing Game
1st ed by clash bowley (2010) Flying Mice LLC
It's Complicated
Revised ed (2010)
Kingdom of Nothing
1st ed by Jeff Himmelman (2010) Galileo Games
Kouzlem a mečem
1st ed by Jiří Reiter (2010) MYTAGO
Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Weird Fantasy Role-Playing
Deluxe ed by James Edward Raggi IV (2010) self-published
The Laundry
1st ed by Jason Durall, Gareth Hanrahan, John Snead (2010) Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited Alephtar Games
Legend of the Ages
1st ed by William WR Ozier (2010) self-published
Legend of the Five Rings
4th ed by Shawn Carman, Robert Hobart, Jim Pinto (2010) Alderac Entertainment Group
Legends of Anglerre
1st ed by Sarah Newton, Chris Birch, Marc Reyes, Tom Miskey, Mike Olson (2010) Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited
Leverage: The Role Playing Game
1st ed by Cam Banks, Rob Donoghue, Matt Forbeck, Laura Anne Gilman, Ryan Macklin, Clark Valentine (2010) Margaret Weis Productions
Love in the Time of Seið
1st ed by Jason Morningstar, Matthijs Holter (2010) self-published
Mars Colony
1st ed by Tim C Koppang (2010) TCK Roleplaying
1st ed by Chris Perrin (2010) Heroic Journey Publications
Misspent Youth: A sci-fi game of teenaged rebellion
1st ed by Robert Bohl (2010) self-published
Nameless Streets
1st ed by Charles Green (2010) Alephtar Games
OpenQuest: D100 Gaming Made Easy
"Con-Quest" ed (2010)
Oz Dark & Terrible
1st ed by S. Alexander Gentry (2010) Emerald City Expeditions, LLC Studio 2 Publishing
Quest - The Storytelling Game
1st ed by Shane Garvey (2010) Crystal Star Games
R.A.S.H. Engine Fantasy
1st ed by Jesse Sikes, Shawn Houghtaling (2010) The R.A.S.H. Engine Team
1st ed by Iacopo Frigerio (2010) Coyote Press
Remember Tomorrow: Near Future Role-Playing
1st ed by Gregor Hutton (2010) BoxNinja
Ring of Changes
1st ed by Ben Wright (2010) self-published
Rocket Age
1st ed by Ken Spencer (2010) Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited
The Rustbelt: tales of tenacity, depravity, and hope
1st ed by Marshall Burns (2010) Beyond the Wire Productions
Shadow, Sword, & Spell
1st ed by Richard Iorio II, James Maliszewski (2010) Rogue Games
Shock:Human Contact
1st ed by Joshua A.C. Newman (2010) The Glyph Press
Smallville Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Cam Banks, Joseph Blomquist, Mary Blomquist, Roberta Olson, Josh Roby, Amanda Valentine (2010) Margaret Weis Productions
Society of Dreamers
1st ed by Matthijs Holter (2010) self-published
Stars Without Number
1st ed by Kevin Crawford (2010) Sine Nomine Publishing
Strands of Fate
1st ed by Mike McConnell (2010) Void Stars Games
Střepy snů
1st ed by Matouš Ježek (2010) Midnight Theatre
Summerland: A role-playing game of desolation and redemption within the Sea of Leaves
Revised and Expanded ed (2010) Fire Ruby Designs
A Taste For Murder
1st ed by Graham Walmsley (2010) self-published
Terror Network: Counter Terrorism Role Playing Game
1st ed by Brendan Davis, William Butler, Steve Bowden (2010) Bedrock Games
Umläut: Game Of Metal
1st (print) ed (2010)
The Unexplained: Chronicles of the FPI
1st ed by Bradford Younie (2010) Carnivore Games
Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch
1st ed by Ross Watson (2010) Fantasy Flight Games
Warrior, Rogue and Mage
1st ed by Michael Wolf (2010) Stargazer Games
When Worlds Collide
1st ed by John Fountain, Alistair Dandy (2010) When Worlds Collide, Ltd
Wu Xing: The Ninja Crusade
1st ed by Eloy Lasanta (2010) Third Eye Games

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