RPG Encyclopedia: 2002

Action! System Core Rules
1st ed by Mark Arsenault, Patrick Sweeney, Ross Winn (2002) Gold Rush Games
Active Exploits Diceless RPG
Special Edition ed by Brett M. Bernstein (2002) Deep7
Albion: Celtesque fantasy roleplaying after the Shrug
1st ed by Tim Gray (2002) Silver Branch Games
ALSHARD (アルシャード)
1st ed by Jun'ichi Inoue (2002) F.E.A.R.
Arcane Codex
1st ed by Saskia Naescher, Alexander Junk (2002) Nackter Stahl
Arrowflight: The Edge of Fantasy
1st ed by Todd Downing, Ron Dugdale (2002) Deep7
1st ed by Stephen Mulholland, Chris Page, Chris Mills (2002) Aurora Games
Bloode Island
XPG ed by Todd Downing, John Sullivan, Mark Bruno (2002)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1st ed by C.J. Carella (2002) Eden Studios
The Burning Wheel
1st ed by Luke Crane (2002) self-published
Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying Game (D20)
1st ed by Monte Cook, John Tynes (2002) Wizards of the Coast
Capitan Alatriste
1st ed by Ricard Ibañez (2002) Devir Iberia
Cartoon Action Hour
1st electronic ed by Cynthia Celeste Miller (2002) Spectrum Game Studios
1st ed by Stephan Chapuis (2002) Editions du Matagot
Chain of Being: The Fantasy Roleplaying Game of Epic Absurdity
1st ed by J.T.T. Williams, Cory Katzenmeyer, Dan Geyer (2002) Limestone Publishing
Chilren of the Sun
1st ed by Lewis Pollak, Dan Ross, Jac Grenfell (2002) Misguided Games
The Colonies
1st ed by Brett M. Bernstein (2002) Politically Incorrect Games
Crimson Empire
1st ed by Chris Loizou (2002) Crimson Empire
D20 Modern
1st ed by Bill Slavicsek, Jeff Grubb, Rich Redman, Charles Ryan (2002) Wizards of the Coast
Danger Quest: Pulp Adventures in the 24th Century
1st ed by Dave Matalon, Andy Mello (2002) Torchlight Games
Deadlands: Lost Colony
1st ed by John R. Hopler (2002) Pinnacle
Deeds Not Words
1st ed by Scott Lynch (2002) Cryptosnark games
Demon: The Fallen
1st ed by Carl Bowen (2002) White Wolf
De Profundis
1st [English] ed by Michal Oracz (2002) Hogshead Games
Digital Burn
1st ed by T.R.Williams, Joe Chan, Ryan Kelley, Sean Kelley, Toby Leonard, Gary McBride, Jason Middleton, Austin Mills, Patrick Quarles, Aaron Robb, Brian Spencer, Tico, Mike Williams (2002) Living Room Games
1st ed by Clinton R. Nixon, Zak Arntson (2002) Anvilwerks
dread: The First Book of Pandemonium
1st ed by Rafael Chandler (2002) Malignant Games
Dreamwalker: Roleplaying in the Land of Dreams
1st ed by Peter C. Spahn, Michael Patton, David Griffin (2002) self-published
Droga ku Chwale
1st ed by Andrzej Stoj (2002) Portal
Dust Devils: The Truly Gritty Old West Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Matt Snyder (2002) Chimera Creative
1st ed by Greg Porter (2002) BTRC
Ember Twilight
1st ed by Troy Costisick, Peter Evan, John Gordon, Brian Hagerty (2002) Twilight Press, Inc.
1st (English) ed (2002) White Wolf
EverQuest Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Steve Wieck (2002) White Wolf
1st ed by Ken Carpenter, Keith R. A. DeCandido, Gavin Downing, Lee Hammock, Kelly Hill, Christina Kamnikar, Rob Vaux (2002) Alderac Entertainment Group
Fate of the Norns
2nd ed (2002)
A Fistful of Dice
1st ed by Judas I. Zeh (2002) Azathot LLC
Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning
2nd ed (2002)
Godlike: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946
1st ed by Dennis Detwiller, Greg Stolze (2002) Hobgoblynn Press
Haven: City of Violence
1st ed by Louis Porter, Jr. (2002) LPJ Design
1st ed by Michael Hopcroft, Robert Pool, Dimitri Ashling, Ewen Cluney, Robert Boyd, Robert Bain, Ismael Alvarez, Travis Johnson (2002) Seraphim Guard
Hellboy RPG and Sourcebook
1st ed by Phil Masters, Jonathan Woodward (2002) Steve Jackson Games
Heroic Visions
1st ed by William A Council (2002) New Vision Comics
HERO System
5th ed by Steven S. Long (2002)
The Human Interface for Fantasy Roleplaying
1st ed by Martin Melhus, John F. Sasso (2002) IGS Games LLC
1st ed by Jared Sorensen (2002) Memento Mori Theatricks Wicked Dead Brewing Company
The Judge Dredd Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Matthew Sprange (2002) Mongoose Publishing
El Juego de Rol Flynn
1st ed by ToniSan El Magnifico, Carlos Surreal (2002) La Cocoguawa
Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game
1st ed by Matthew Gwinn (2002) Errant Knight Games
Kill Puppies For Satan
1st ed by Vincent Baker (2002) Lumpley Games
Legends Walk!
1st ed by Tim Gray (2002) Silver Branch Games
Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Steven S. Long, Christian Moore, John Rateliff, Matt Forbeck (2002) Decipher
Mean Streets
1st ed by Mark Bruno, Todd Downing (2002) Deep7
Mechanical Dream
1st ed by Benjamin Paquette, Francis Larose (2002) SteamLogic Editions, Ltd
Metamorphosis Alpha: Fantastic Role-Playing Game
3rd ed (2002) Fast Forward Entertainment
M-Force: Monster Hunting in the 21st Century
1st ed by Leighton Connor (2002) Hex
Moffet Babies: el juego de rol de los bebes mofetas
1st ed by Miguel Garcia Fernandez (2002) La Cocoguawa
Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat
1st ed by Bruce Harlick, Patrick Sweeney (2002) Firefly Games
"Undergångens Arvtagare" ed by Joakim Bergström, Martin Bergström, Mattias Jonsson, Mattias Lilja, Fredrik Lindregn, Andreas Marklund, Johan Normark (2002) Järnringen HB
Mutants & Masterminds
1st ed by Steve Kenson (2002) Green Ronin Publishing
2nd ed (2002) Hogshead Games
1st ed by Jared A. Sorensen (2002) Memento Mori Theatricks
Orlando Furioso - Il gioco di ruolo dei Paladini di Re Carlo
2nd ed (2002) Rose and Poison
Outfan. A Space Operetta
1st ed by C. Piniol, J.P. Romeu, R. Mercadal (2002) Planeta-DeAgostini
Piltrufos: el juego de rol piltrufantemente piltrufero
2nd ed by Jorge Martinez Etchegoyen, Miguel Garcia Fernandez, Carlos Sanchez Padial (2002)
1st ed by Benoît Attinost, Julien Blondel, Geoffrey Picard, Philippe Tessier, Léonidas Vesperini, Timbre-Poste, Jean-Marc Maquin, Isabelle Vassaux, Antoine Clermond (2002) Darwin Project
RandomAnime: The Definitive Anime Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Brian J. Perry (2002) Infernal Funhouse Productions
1st ed by Nicolas Julien, Thomas Baudoin (2002) self-published
Red Shift
2nd ed (2002)
1st ed by Raphael Bardas, Sebastien Celerin, Mael Le Mee, Tristan Lhomme, Frederic Weil (2002) Multisim
Rêve de Dragon
1st (English) ed (2002) Malcontent Games
The Riddle of Steel
1st ed by Jacob Norwood, Rick McCann, Ben Moore (2002) Driftwood Publishing
Scared Stiff: the B-Movie Horror Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Gene Stanley Pritchard, Mike Demetro (2002) Guild Hall Press
Seven Leagues: A fantasy roleplaying game of Faerie
1st ed by Hieronymous (2002) Malcontent Games
The Seventh Seal
1st ed by Scott R. Mitchell, Edwyn Kumar, Mark Bruno, Scott Lynch (2002) Creative Illusions
Silver Age Sentinels
1st ed by Stephen Kenson, Mark C. MacKinnon, Jeff Mackintosh, Jesse Scoble (2002) Guardians of Order
Sláine: The Role Playing Game of Celtic Heroes
1st ed by Ian Sturrock (2002) Mongoose Publishing
Soap: The Game of Soap Opera Mayhem
1st electronic ed by Ferry Bazelmans (2002) Blacklight Publishing
Spaceship Zero: The Sci-Fi Serial Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Toren Atkinson, Warren Banks (2002) Green Ronin Publishing
1st ed by Thord Daniel Hedengren (2002) Alltid Attack
1st ed by Patrick Kapera, Kevin Wilson, Scott Gearin (2002) Alderac Entertainment Group
Starchildren: Velvet Generation
1st ed by Richard Ranallo, Scott Leaton (2002) XIG Games
Starcluster Role-Playing Game
1st ed by clash bowley (2002) Flying Mice LLC
Star Trek
1st ed by Christian Moore, Ross Isaacs, Kenneth Hite, Steve Long (2002) Decipher
Teatro Demente
1st ed by A. Diego, D. Fernandez, J. Garcia, P.J. Ramos (2002) self-published
Terra Primate
1st ed by Patrick Sweeney, David F. Chapman, M. Alexander Jurkat (2002) Eden Studios
Tomb Reavers
1st ed by Jim Anuszczyk (2002) Dreaming Merchant Press
1st ed by Martin J. Dougherty, Hunter Gordon (2002) QuikLink Interactive
1st ed by WJ MacGuffin (2002) Happy Bishop Games
1st ed by Ron Edwards (2002) Adept Press
1st ed by Ralph Mazza, Mike Holmes (2002) Ramshead Publishing
Unknown Armies
2nd ed (2002)

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