RPG Encyclopedia: 1994

Aria: Canticle of the Monomyth
1st ed by Christian S. Moore, Owen M. Seyler (1994) Last Unicorn
Avengers of Justice
1st ed by Joseph Hillmer, George Rahm (1994) Better Games
Castle Falkenstein
1st ed by Michael Pondsmith (1994) R Talsorian
C'era una volta
1st ed by Francesco Lutrario (1994) Carte Segrete
1st ed by Jean-Luc Bizien (1994) Multisim
Comandos de Guerra
2nd ed (1994) Ediciones Cronópolis
Darkus Thel
Book Two ed (1994)
Drakar Och Demoner
5th aka "Chronopia" ed (1994)
1.5th ed (1994)
1st ed by Mathieu Gaborit, Guillaume Vincent (1994) Tritel / Délires
1st ed by Alexandre Bidot, Caroline Jehan, Denis Bodin (1994) Ormékiane Productions
1st ed by E. Coltorti, M. Calamita, T. Yamanouchi, V. Castelfranchi (1994) self-published
2nd ed (1994) Devir Iberia Devir Iberia Gusa Comics Inc
Far West
1st ed by Daío Pérez, Óscar Díaz (1994) M+D Editores
Furry Outlaws
1st ed by Lise Breakey, Bruce Thomas (1994) Furry Games
GateWar: Believable Fantasy Role-Playing in the World of Vinya
1st ed by Kenneth Burridge, Robert Finkbeiner, Kevin Nelson, Brian Pettitt (1994) Escape Ventures, Inc.
HOL: Human Occupied Landfill
2nd ed (1994) White Wolf
Immortal: The Invisible War
1st ed by Ran Ackels (1994) Precedence
1st ed by Gabe Ivan (1994) Death's Edge Games
1st ed by Matthias Heimpold, Oliver Hoffmann, Linda Heweker (1994) Feder & Schwert
1st ed by Kathleen Williams, Joe Williams (1994) Marquee Press
Legend Quest
2nd ed (1994)
1st ed by Danilo Moretti (1994) Beholder
Machineguns and Magic
2nd ed (1994)
Macho Women With Guns
3rd ed (1994) BTRC
Marauder 2107
1st ed by Christina Laird, Delbert Laird (1994) Maelstrom Hobby
1st ed by Ed Stark, Bill Smith (1994) West End Games
Metamorphosis Alpha: Fantastic Role-Playing Game
2nd ed by James Ward, Slade Henson (1994) TSR
Midgard 1880
1st ed by Heinrich Glumpler (1994) Klee Spiele
1st ed by Ville Vuorela (1994) Burger
1st [English] ed by Fabrice Lamidey, Sam Shirley, Greg Stafford, Frederic Weil (1994) Chaosium
Nexus: Live Action Roleplaying
1st ed by Rick Dutton, Walter O. Freitag (1994) Chaosium
1st ed by Joaquim Micó (1994) Joc Internacional
Periphery: Science Fiction Roleplaying on the Edge
1st ed by Gareth-Michael Skarka (1994) Epitaph Studios
The Pirates of Dark Water
1st ed by Lee Agosta, Jasper K. Cummings (1994) Mindgames, Inc.
1st ed by Charles Ryan (1994) Chameleon Eclectic
1st ed by Marcel Larcenet (1994) Les Rêveurs de Runes
Raven Star
1st ed by A. Siddiqui (1994) Raven Star Game Designs
Shattered Dreams
1st ed by Matthew D. Grau, Christopher Dorn, Timothy R. Erickson, Lance P. Johnstone (1994) Apex Publications Inc
5th ed (1994) Casus Belli magazine
S.L.U.G.S. (Satanic, Loathable, Unwholesome Game System)
1st ed by Gregory Donner (1994) Donner Party Press
1st ed by Keith W. Sears (1994) Heraldic
1st ed by Eoin Connolly, Rob Brennan, Eric Nolan (1994) Wasteland
Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game
1st ed by Bill Bridges, Phil Brucato, Brian Campbell, Sean Lang, Mike Tinney, Stephan Wieck (1994) White Wolf
Ultimate Power
1st ed by Blake Mobley (1994) The Game Lords, Ltd.
1st ed by Fabian Fridholm, Carl Johan Strôm, Marco Behrmann, Mattias Svendsen (1994) Neogames AB
VP: Via Prudensia
1st ed by Gimle Larsen, Ask Agger (1994) Modtryk
Warp 9
1st ed by David Sicé (1994) Warp 9
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
2nd ed (1994)
Whispering Vault
2nd ed (1994) Pariah Press Ronin
The World of Bloodshadows
1st ed by Greg Farshtey, Ed Stark (1994) West End Games
The World of Indiana Jones
1st ed by Brian Sean Perry, Greg Farshtey (1994) West End Games
Wraith: The Oblivion
1st ed by Mark Rein•Hagen, Richard Dansky, Jennifer Hartshorn, Sam Chupp (1994) White Wolf

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