RPG Encyclopedia: 1989

10000$ Reward
1st ed by Herman Hunter (1989) Warlords Production
2089: Le Jeu du Tricentenaire
1st ed by Tristan Lhomme (1989) Casus Belli / Excelsior Publications / Jeux Descartes
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
2nd ed by David Cook (1989)
Alter Ego
1st ed by Patrick Philip, Michel Philip, Eric Lautier, Bernard Jullion, Jean-René Jullion (1989) D3 Éditions
Ars Magica
2nd ed (1989)
1st ed by Pierre Rosenthal (1989) Siroz / Ideojeux
Batman RPG
2nd ed by Ray Winninger (1989)
Berlin XVIII
1st ed by Laurent Tremel (1989) Siroz / Ideojeux
3rd ed (1989) Siroz / Ideojeux
Blackwatch Technical Reference Manual
1st ed by Ted Greer, Peter Christian (1989) Different Worlds Publications
1st ed by Rick Slawson, Troy Christensen (1989) TC International
Call of Cthulhu
4th ed (1989)
4th ed by George MacDonald, Steve Peterson, Rob Bell (1989)
Confederate Rangers
1st ed (1989) SoLar-Way Games
Crimson Cutlass
2nd ed (1989)
1st ed by Tod Foley, Terry K. Amthor, LaDell, Kevin Barrett, S. Coleman Charlton (1989) Iron Crown Enterprises
DC Heroes
2nd ed by Ray Winninger, Thomas Cook, Dan Greenberg (1989)
Les Divisions de l'Ombre
1st ed by Philippe Chouvel, Christophe Guy (1989) Flamberge
1st ed by Blaine Pardoe (1989) StarChilde
3rd ed (1989) TSR
2nd ed (1989)
En Garde
3rd ed (1989) SFC Press
Fighting Fantasy
Dungeoneer ed by Marc Gascoigne, Pete Tamlyn (1989)
Ghostbusters, International ed by Aaron Allston, Douglas Kaufman (1989)
HERO System
1st ed by George MacDonald, Steve Peterson, Rob Bell (1989) Hero Games
Holmes & Company
2nd ed (1989) Universal Editrice
1st ed by Valerie Bizien, Jean-Luc Bizien (1989) Éditions de la Lune Sang
In Nomine
1st [French] ed by Croc (1989) Siroz
2nd ed (1989)
It Came from the Late, Late, Late Show
1st ed by Bradley K. McDevitt, Walter H. Mytczenskyj (1989) Stellar Games
Journeyman: A Science Fiction Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Frederick Goff (1989) Infinity Games
Judge Dredd: The Role-Playing Game
Hardback ed (1989)
1st ed by Stefan Burstrom, Bjorn Wahlberg, Micke Nordin, Hans Sundqvist, Hakan Jonsson, Anders Blixt (1989) Lancelot
Lace and Steel
1st ed by Paul Kidd (1989) TAGG
Mächte, Mythen, Moddermonster
1st ed (1989) Edition Einhorn
Midgard - Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel
3rd ed (1989) Klee Spiele
Monsters & Magiërs
1st ed by Foob, Koen De Waele, David Van Dijck, Dirk Vandenheuvel (1989) The Wise Tree
2nd ed (1989) Target Games
1st ed by Ken Whitman (1989) Whit Productions
Rollespillet Muu
1st ed by Tomas HV Mrkrid (1989) self-published
1st ed by Dennis Craig, Scott Groves, Alan P. Widtmann, Glenn Zaroski (1989) Omnigon Games Inc.
Other Suns
2nd ed (1989) shareware
Phoenix Command
3rd ed (1989)
Prince Valiant
1st ed by Greg Stafford, William Dunn, Lynn Willis (1989) Chaosium
Road Rebels
1st ed by Dale L. Gordon (1989) self-published
Schimmen & Schaduwen
1st ed by Foob, Koen De Waele, David Van Dijck, Dirk Vandenheuvel (1989) The Wise Tree
1st ed by Bob Charrette, Paul Hume, Tom Dowd (1989) FASA
4th ed (1989) Casus Belli magazine
Star Hero
1st ed by Paula Woods, Sam Bowne (1989) Hero Games
Sword World RPG (ソード・ワールドRPG)
1st ed by Yasuda Hitoshi (1989) Group SNE
2nd ed (1989)
Teenagers From Outer Space
2nd ed (1989)
La Terre Creuse
1st ed by Laurent Alonzo, Alain Paris (1989) Silmarils
Berlin XVIII ed by Olivier Noël, Laurent Trémel, Fréderic Texier, Eric Bouchaud, Nicolas Théry (1989)
1st ed by Anders Gillbring, Mikael Hermansson, Anders Thyberg (1989) Lancelot
2nd ed (1989)

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