RPG Encyclopedia: 1990

Age of Ruin
1st ed by Clay Gibbons (1990) Cutting Edge Games
1st ed by Barry Nakazano, David McKenzie (1990) Leading Edge
1st ed by Ricard Ibáñez (1990) Joc Internacional
Attack of the Humans
1st ed by Devin Durham (1990) Rapport Games
Les Aventuriers
1st ed by Laurent Ryder (1990) Stonehenge
Battlelords of the 23rd Century
1st ed by Lawrence R. Sims (1990) Optimus
Binary RPG
2nd ed (1990) Les Silmarils
Blood: The Roleplaying Game of Modern Horror
1st ed by Norley Tucker, Stephen Osborn (1990) Underground Games
Boot Hill
3rd ed by Steve Winter (1990)
Buck Rogers: XXVc
1st ed by Mike Cook, Michael Dobson, Jeff Grubb, Jim Ward, Warren Spector, Jeff Butler (1990) TSR
Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic
3rd ed (1990)
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
1st ed by Frank Chadwick (1990) GDW
I Cavalieri Del Tempio
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Giuliano Boschi, Agostino Carocci, Massimo Casa, Luca Giuliano (1990) E.Elle
2nd ed by David Ladyman, Jeff R. Leason, Louis J. Prosperi (1990) Mayfair Games
Comandos de Guerra
1st ed by Juan Carlos Herreros Lucas (1990) self-published
1st ed by Greg Porter (1990) BTRC
2020 ed (1990)
Draci Doupe
1st ed by Martin Klima (1990) Altar
Fantasy Hero
4th ed by Rob Bell et al. (1990)
Fifth Cycle
1st ed by Robert Bartels (1990) Shield Laminating
I Figli Dell'Olocausto
1st ed by Andrea Cortellazzi (1990) Black-Out
3rd ed (1990)
3rd ed (1990)
3rd ed by Scott Haring (1990)
Genesis RPG
2nd ed (1990)
Interstellar Elite Combat
1st ed by Dave Miller (1990) Game Masters Associated
Legendary Lives
1st ed by Kathleen Williams, Joe Williams (1990) Sage Lore Productions, Inc.
Merc: 2000
1st ed by Loren Wiseman (1990) GDW
1st ed by Gilles Candotti (1990) Éditions des Sept Pierres
1st ed by Devin Durham (1990) Rapport Games Crunchy Frog
Nexus: The Infinite City
1st ed by Robin D. Laws, Jose Garcia (1990) Daedalus Games
1st ed by Bradley K. McDevitt et al. (1990) Stellar Games
Palladium Fantasy Role Playing Game
2nd ed (1990)
3rd ed (1990) Chaosium
Les Prédateurs
1st ed by Philippe Chouvel, Olivier Gasnier, Christophe Guy (1990) Flamberge
Private Eye: Detektiv-Rollenspiel im Viktorianischen England
1st ed by Jan Christoph Steines, Frank Bezner (1990) B&B Productions
Renegade Legion: Legionnaire
1st ed by Michael A. Stackpole, A. Peters (1990) FASA
1st ed by Kevin Siembieda (1990) Palladium Books
1st ed by Dennis Drew (1990) self-published
1st ed by Mark Chapman, Joe Caruso (1990) Rus Games
Shields of Power
1st ed by McLellend, Jacobsen (1990) Shield Maiden
Söhne des Lichts
1st ed by Michael Schröder, Tim Wehle (1990) Verlag M. Wehle
4th ed by Ken St. Andre, Steve Perrin, John B. Monroe (1990)
Time Drifters
1st ed by Zinny Brown, James K. Shepard (1990) Dimensional Strategies
1st ed by Greg Gorden (1990) West End Games
Twilight 2000
2nd ed (1990)
1st ed by Mads Lunau Madsen, Troels Christian Jacobsen, Malik Hyltoft (1990) Bogfabrikken Fakta
1st ed by Stefan Burstrom, Anders Blixt, Hakan Jonsson, Hans Sundqvist (1990) Lancelot Games
Worlds Beyond
1st ed by Frank S. Shewmake, Douglas, Laedtke, Lavette, Skilling, Warth (1990) Other World Games

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