RPG Encyclopedia: 1999

7th Sea
1st ed by John Wick, Jennifer Wick (1999) Alderac Entertainment Group
1st ed by Justin R. Achilli, Andrew Bates, et al. (1999) White Wolf
Ácin Dambágin
1st ed by Torbjørn Lien (1999) Lovehulen Spilldesign
Agent S.E.V.E.N.
1st ed by Todd Downing (1999) Deep7
Agent X
1st ed by Rob Stone, Sean Tisdale, Annette Tisdale (1999) Mind Interactive
1st French ed by David Benoît, Sébastian Célerin, Mathieu Gaborit, Grégoire Laakman, Jean-Rémy Levin, Jean-Baptist Lullien, Stéphane Marsan, Xavier Spinat (1999) Multisim
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
1st ed by Albert Bruno III, C.J. Carella, Richard Oaken, M. Alexander Jurkat, George Vasilakos (1999) Eden Studios
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga (1999) Artic Ranger Production
2nd ed (1999) La Caja de Pandora
Armageddon: The End Times
2nd ed (1999) Eden Studios
Michael T. Desing's Army Ants: The Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Michael T. Desing (1999) Teddy Bear Press
Battlelords of the 23rd Century
5th ed (1999)
Blade of Arcana
1st ed by Taro Suzubuki (1999) F.E.A.R.
Bloode Island
1st ed by Todd Downing (1999) Deep7
Brave New World
1st ed by Matt Forbeck (1999) Pinnacle
Chasseurs de Monstres
1st ed (1999) Hachette
Chivalry and Sorcery
Light ed by Edward E. Simbalist, Wilf K. Backhaus, Steve C. Betney (1999) Brittania
Continuum: Role-playing in the Yet
1st ed by Chris Adams, Barbara Manui, David Fooden (1999) Aetherco
Cthulhu Live
2nd ed (1999) Fantasy Flight Games
DC Universe Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Fred Jandt, Nikola Vrtis (1999) West End Games
1st ed by J.T. Smith, Chris Hagness, Michael Helfman (1999) Anarchy inK
Demon City Shinjuku RPG
1st ed by David L. Pulver (1999) Guardians of Order
Dime Heroes
1st ed by Todd Downing (1999) Deep7
Dominion Tank Police RPG
1st ed by David L. Pulver (1999) Guardians of Order
DragonArms: Bahamut Howling
1st ed (1999) F.E.A.R.
Dragonball + Dragonball Z: il gioco di ruolo
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Paolo Parrucci (1999) Nexus Editrice
The Earth & Sky Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Scott C. Hungerford, Jesse McGatha, Richard Thames Rowan, Bahia Rowan (1999) Lamplighter Design Studio Rubicon Games
1st ed (1999) editore Clinica tbf/multiserver
1st ed by Tomas Mørkrid (1999) Cappelen
Fading Suns
2nd ed (1999)
Fallen Alliance
1st ed (1999) Nebula
Feng Shui
2nd ed (1999) Atlas Games
Forgotten Futures
1st ed by Marcus L. Rowland (1999) Heliograph, Inc.
Furry Pirates
1st ed by Lise Breakey, Bruce Thomas (1999) Atlas Games
Gemini RPG
1st ed by Johan Sjoberg (1999) Cell Entertainment
Gold ed (1999) self-published
Heroic Do-Gooders and Dastardly Deed-Doers
1st ed by Mathew Van Dinter (1999) self-published
Hidden Legacy
1st ed by Mark A. Schultz (1999) Valiant Games
1st ed by James Overton, Jonah Miller (1999) Stormcrow Games
Hunter: The Reckoning
1st ed by Bruce Baugh, Geoff Grabowski, Angel McCoy, Greg Stolze, et al. (1999) White Wolf
Immortal: The Invisible War
2nd ed (1999)
1st ed by Jason Holmgren (1999) Sanguine Productions
Kryształy Czasu
1st ed by Artur Szyndler (1999) Wydawnictwo MAG
1st ed by Irma Amézquita y Tonatiuh Moreno (1999) Editorial Gráfica Nuevo
2nd ed (1999)
Lejendary Adventures
1st ed by Gary Gygax (1999) Hekaforge
Living Legends
1st ed by Jeff Dee, Jack Herman (1999) Unigames
Jack Vance's Lyonesse
1st ed by Philippe Genequand, Raphael Kissling, Boris Leu, Didier Salzmann (1999) Men-in-Cheese
Magic Frontiers Explorer Edition
1st ed by Wyant (1999) Event Horizon Productions
4th "új Tekercsek" ed (1999)
3rd ed by Brian Nystul (1999)
1st ed by A. Piparo, L. de Luca (1999) Cuccia Editore
2nd ed (1999)
1st ed by R. Sean Borgstrom (1999) Plainlabel / Pharos
Obsidian: The Age of Judgement
1st ed by Micah Skaritka, Dav Harnish, Frank Nolan (1999) Apophis
4th (Reprinted) ed (1999) Green Knight Publishing
Pokemon Jr. Adventure Game
1st ed by Bill Slavicsek, Stan! (1999) Wizards of the Coast
1st ed by John Tynes (1999) Hogshead Games
1st ed (1999) Living Imagination, Inc.
Ranma 1/2: il gioco
1st ed by Gianluca Casu, Millo Franzoni (1999) Alchemia
The Realm of the Gateway
Part Two - The Science Realm ed (1999)
Deluxe Revised ed (1999)
FRP ed by S. Coleman Charlton, John Curtis (1999)
1st ed by Mark Arsenault, Anthony Bryant (1999) Gold Rush Games
Simply Roleplaying
1st ed by Bob Portnell, Guy McLimore (1999) Microtactix Games
Sovereign Stone
1st ed by Don Perrin, Lester Smith (1999) Sovereign Press
1st ed by Phillip McGregor (1999) Phalanx Games Designs
Star Trek Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Christian Moore, Ross Isaacs, Kenneth Hite, Steve Long (1999) Last Unicorn
Story Engine
1st ed by Christian Aldridge (1999) Hubris
1st ed by Andrea "Anderson" Gualano, Giuseppe "Mitsuhashi" Lanzi (1999) self-published
Strange Frontiers
1st ed by Mark Hanson (1999) New World Games
2nd ed (1999) Evil Twin Comics
Swords of the Middle Kingdoms
1st ed by John R. Phythyon, Matt Harrop, Allan T. Grohe, Jr. (1999) Event Horizon Productions
Systems Failure
1st ed by Bill Coffin (1999) Palladium Books
1st ed by Gunter Rumland u.a. (1999) Rumland & Flory
Twilight Imperium
1st ed by Todd Nilsen, Jason S. Williams, Darrell Hardy (1999) Fantasy Flight Games
Ultima Thule: Roolipeli muinaisessa Pohjolassa
1st ed by Ilmari Piela (1999) Suomalaisen kirjallisuuden seura
Vampire Hunter$
1st ed by Mark Arsenault, Paul Arden Lidberg (1999) Nightshift Games
Violence: The Roleplaying Game of Egregious and Repulsive Bloodshed
1st ed by "Designer X" (1999) Hogshead Games
Weird War Two: Crusade for Europe
1st ed by Larry Snider, Matt Maaske (1999) Games What Games
2nd ed (1999) Eden Studios
The World of Esaene
1st ed by Brant Guillory (1999) BaDGe Publications
2nd ed (1999) Dynasty
Zombi: The Earth won't hold the Dead...
1st ed by Matt Johnston, Colin Johnston, Paul Keenan (1999) Crucible
Zombieroolipeli Kalmo
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga (1999) Artic Ranger Production
Zombieroolipeli Kalmo
2nd ed (1999) Artic Ranger Production

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