RPG Encyclopedia: 1982

Alma Mater
1st ed by Steve Davis, Andrew Warden (1982) Oracle Games
Behind Enemy Lines
1st ed by William H. Keith, Jr., Jordan Weisman, Ross Babcock, Eric Turn, Steve Turn (1982) FASA
Bifrost ed by K. White, K. Minear, S. Johnson, G. Highley (1982) Skytrex Ltd.
Bunnies and Burrows
2nd ed (1982)
Call of Cthulhu
Designer's ed (1982)
Cassiopean Empire
1st ed by Raymond Norton (1982) Norton Games
2nd ed (1982)
1st ed by Bob Charrette, Paul Hume (1982) FGU
Dawn Patrol
1st ed by Mike Carr et al. (1982) TSR
Dragon Warriors
1st ed by Dave Morris, Oliver Johnson (1982) Corgi Books
Drakar Och Demoner
1st ed (1982) Aventyrspel
Element Masters
1st ed by Kenneth Burridge, Robert Finkbeiner, Kevin Nelson, Brian Pettitt (1982) Escape Ventures
Fantasy Wargaming
1st ed by Bruce Galloway, Mike Hodson-Smith, Nick Lowe, Bruce Quarrie, Paul Sturman (1982) Stein and Day
Field Guide to Encounters
1st ed (1982) Judges Guild
1st ed by Richard Tucholka (1982) Tri-Tac Games
1st ed by Mark Acres, Rick Krebs, Tom Moldvay (1982) TSR
Inner City
1st ed by Chris Clark (1982) Inner City
2nd ed (1982)
Man, Myth, and Magic
1st ed by Herbie Brennan (1982) Yaquinto
1st ed by Ernest T. Hams (1982) Kabal Gaming Systems
1st ed by Kristan J. Wheaton (1982) Wheaton Publications
Phase VII
1st ed by Dennis Drew II (1982) Cheshire Games
Pirates and Plunder
1st ed by Michael S. Matheny (1982) Yaquinto
1st ed by Joe F. Martin (1982) RPG Inc.
Second Dawn
1st ed by Art Wiederhold, George J. Herget (1982) Arrose Enterprises
Simulacron I
1st ed by Mark Manning (1982) Simulacron I
Space Infantry
1st ed by Daniel Douglas Hutto, Roger Allen Esnard (1982) D&R Game Design
Starfleet Voyages
1st ed by Michael Scott (1982) Terra Games
Star Frontiers
1st ed by "TSR Staff" (1982) TSR
Starleader: Assault
1st ed by Howard Thompson (1982) Metagaming
Star Patrol
2nd ed (1982)
Star Trek
1st ed by Guy W. McLimore, Greg Poehlein, David Tepool (1982) FASA
2nd ed by Jay Hartlove, Aimee Hartlove (1982)
1st ed by Rick Register, R. Vance Buck, Allen D. Eldridge (1982) Task Force Games
1st ed by Arnold Hendrick, Dennis Sustare (1982) Heritage Models
Taste My Steel
1st ed by Don Johnson (1982) Phantasy Network
1st ed by Herbie Brennan (1982) Yaquinto
To Challenge Tomorrow
1st ed by Dave Nalle (1982) Ragnarok Press
2nd ed (1982) SPI / Bantam Books
Villians and Vigilantes
2nd ed (1982)
Worlds of Wonder
1st ed by Steve Perrin, Steve Henderson, Gordon Monson, Greg Stafford, Lynn Willis (1982) Chaosium
3rd ed (1982)
4th ed (1982)

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