RPG Encyclopedia: 1996

1950 Allarme UFO!
1st ed by Antonello Lotronto (1996) Qualitygame
The 23rd Letter
1st ed by Matt Johnston, John Fleming, Colin Johnston, Eamon Watters, Mark Lamki, Lesley McLarnon (1996) Crucible
Adventure Maximum
2nd ed (1996)
Age of Empire
1st ed by Gareth-Michael Skarka (1996) Epitaph Studios
Ars Magica
4th ed by Jeff Tinball, John Nephew (1996) Atlas Games
Blood Dawn
1st ed by Lawrence R. Sims (1996) Optimus
Chivalry and Sorcery
3rd ed by Ed Simbalist, G.W. Thompson (1996) Highlander Designs
1st ed by Zsolt Nyulászi (1996) Imperium
Conspiracy X
1st ed by Rick Ernst, Shirley Madewell, Chris Pallace (1996) New Millenium
The D6 System
1st ed by George Strayton (1996) West End Games
Deadlands: The Weird West
1st ed by Shane Lacy Hensley (1996) Pinnacle
De Eloquentia
1st ed by Paolo Fasce, Alessandro Gatti, Teo Mora, Paolo Parrucci (1996) Qualitygame
1st ed (1996) CRJH
1st ed by Carl Johan Stróm, Marco Behrrman, Krister Sundelin, Ola Nilsson (1996) Neogames AB
1st ed by Greg Porter (1996) BTRC
1.5th ed (1996) Rubicon Games
Fading Suns
1st ed by Bill Bridges, Andrew Greenberg (1996) Holistic Design
Feng Shui
1st ed by Robin D. Laws (1996) Daedalus Games
The Forgotten Hunt
1st ed by John Josten (1996) Board Enterprises
1st ed by Ferenc Somlói (1996) self-published
2nd ed (1996)
1st ed by [Multisim staff] (1996) Multisim
Core ed (1996) Columbia Games
Heavy Gear
1st ed by Jean Carrieres, Gene Marcil, Martin Quellette, Marc-Alexandre Vézina (1996) Dream Pod 9
Hidden Invasion
"Invasores" ed by Xavi Garriga, Dicky Miracle, Miguel Antón (1996) Farsa's Wagon
Hong Kong Action Theatre!
1st ed by Gareth-Michael Skarka (1996) Event Horizon Productions
1st ed by Luigi Castellani (1996) Qualitygame
2nd "SUMMARIUM" ed (1996)
Mutant Chronicles
2nd ed (1996)
The Nearside Project
1st ed by Stephen Herron, Tom Bisbee, Barry O'Connor (1996) Nearside Games
1st ed by Erin Laughlin (1996) ForEverWorld
1st ed by Martin Lindholm (1996) October Productions
1st ed by Lewis Nicolls (1996) Pharaoh
The Realm of the Gateway
Part One - The Magic Realm ed by John Griffin, Matt Nixon (1996) Griffin Games
La Regola del Gioco
1st ed by Piermaria Maraziti, Marco Perez (1996) Qualitygame
Star Wars
Revised and Expanded ed by Bill Smith, Peter Schweighofer, George R. Strayton, Paul Sudlow, Eric S. Trautman, Greg Farshtey (1996)
1st ed by Matthew Gaston (1996) Magus Creative Games
Tales from the Crypt
1st ed by Greg Farshtey, Teenwynn Woodruff (1996) West End Games
4th ed (1996) Imperium Games
Vampire: The Dark Ages
1st ed by Kevin Hassall, Jennifer Hartshorn (1996) White Wolf
1st ed by C.J. Carrella (1996) Myrmidon
Wraith: The Oblivion
2nd ed (1996)

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