RPG Encyclopedia: 2001

1st ed by Andrew Bates, Bruce Baugh (2001) White Wolf
After The Bomb RPG
1st ed by Eric Wujcik (2001) Palladium Books
1st English ed (2001)
Michael T. Desing's Army Ants: The Roleplaying Game
2nd ed (2001)
Atlantis. Anio 2213
1st ed by Inmaculada Flórez, Alejandro Fresno, Mario Grande (2001) Asociacion Juvenil de Interpretacion Ludica de Leon
Barrio Xino
2nd ed (2001)
Blade of Arcana
2nd ed (2001)
Call of Cthulhu
20th Anniversary ed (2001)
Call of Cthulhu
Miskatonic University ed (2001)
1st ed by Aaron Rosenberg (2001) Clockworks Games
Dark Continent: Adventure & Exploration in Darkest Africa
1st ed by David Salisbury, Mandy Smith (2001) New Breed Games
1st ed by Steve Garnett (2001) Tower Games
Das Schwarze Auge
4th ed (2001) FanPro
Deathstalkers: The Fantasy Horror Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Mike Whitehead (2001) Cutter's Guild
Degenesis: Das Endzeit Rollenspiel
1st ed by Christian Günther, Tim Struck (2001) Degenesis
De Profundis
1st [Polish] ed by Michal Oracz (2001) Portal
The Dying Earth RPG
1st ed by Robin D. Laws, John R. Snead, Peter Freeman (2001) Pelgrane Press
Dystopia: America 2155 A.D.
1st ed by Gavin Hadaller (2001) Politically Incorrect Games
The Earth & Sky Roleplaying Game
Collector's ed (2001) Gaslight Press
2nd ed (2001) Living Room Games
Eldritch Ass Kicking
1st ed by Nathan J. Hill (2001) Mystic Ages Online
1st ed by Ron Edwards (2001) Adept Press
1st ed by Jesse Scoble (2001) Guardians of Order
Enchanted Worlds
Starter Kit ed by Matthew Rodgers, Daniel Price (2001) New Worlds Gaming
1st ed by B.S. Ilktac (2001) Moloch Studios
1st (German) ed by Oliver Graute, Oliver Hoffman, Kai Meyer (2001) Feder & Schwert
Epoch: Age of Magic
1st ed by Chris Rutkowsky (2001) Basic Action Games
1st ed by Geoffrey C. Grabowski, Robert Hatch, Ken Cliffe, Richard Thomas, Stephan Wieck, Andrew Bates, Dana Habecker, Sheri M.Johnson, Chris McDonough (2001) White Wolf
1st ed by Matt deMille (2001) New Dimension Games
Quest for the Princess' Crystal ed by Rolando Mei (2001) Shadowcraft Imaging Group
Frankenstein Faktoria
1st Spanish ed (2001) Edge Entertainment
FSpace RPG
SpaceRPG Concise Rulebook v4.0 ed (2001)
Fvlminata: Armed with Lightning
1st ed by Jason E. Roberts, Michael S. Miller (2001) Thyrsus
Gear Krieg RPG
1st ed by James Maliszewski, Gene Marcil, Stéphane I. Matis, Marc-Alexandre Vézina (2001) Dream Pod 9
Godsend Agenda
1st ed by Jerry D. Grayson, Brian Vinson, Kimara Bernard, Matt Drake (2001) Khepera
4th ed by Jolly Blackburn (2001) Kenzer & Company
Heaven and Earth
2nd ed (2001) Guardians of Order
Heroes Forever
1st ed (2001) Guild of Blades
Hong Kong Action Theatre!
2nd ed by Scott Kessler, Nicole Lindroos, Jeff Mackintosh, Chris Pramas, Lucien Soulban (2001) Guardians of Order
Inquisitor: The Battle for the Emperor's Soul
1st ed by Gav Thorpe (2001) Games Workshop
1st ed by Jason Holmgren (2001) Sanguine Productions
1st ed by Tibor Bihon, Lajos Hüse, István Nemes (2001) self-published
The Last Exodus
1st ed by Nicholas Van Zandt, Jaz Michele (2001) Synister Creative
The Legacy of Zorro
1st ed by Mark Arsenault (2001) Gold Rush Games
Little Fears
1st ed by Jason L. Blair, Greg Oliver (2001) Key 20 Publishing
Lore: Origins
1st ed by Troye W. Gerard, Bryan P. Donihue, Jeremy L. Huffman, Daniel E. Beatty (2001) Lore Roleplaying
The Metabarons Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Peter Schweighofer (2001) West End Games
1st ed by R. Wallace Garner (2001) Eternal Tempest
Midgard - Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel
4th ed (2001) Klee Spiele
Name Keeper
1st ed by Jose Luis Pumarega (2001) La Factoria de Ideas
Nemesis: A Perfect World
1st ed by Malcolm Harris (2001) Maximum CNG
Ninja Burger: The Role-playing Game
1st ed by Michael Fiegel, Kenshiro Aette, Christopher O'Neill (2001) 9th Level Games 9th Level Games Aetherial Forge
Obsidian: The Age of Judgement
2nd ed (2001)
Pax Draconis
pre-release ed by Justin Dagna (2001) Technicraft Design
Piltrufos: el juego de rol piltrufantemente piltrufero
1st ed by Jorge Martinez Etchegoyen (2001) La Cocoguawa
Pirates: The Great Adventure Game
1st ed by Matt deMille (2001) New Dimension Games
Pocket Universe
1st ed by Manda, Jeff Dee (2001) Unigames
2nd ed by S. John Ross (2001) Dork Storm Press
Providence RPG
2nd ed (2001) Hubris
Rules To Live By
1st ed by John Kilgallon, Mike Young, Sandy Antunes (2001) Interactivities, Inc.
1st ed by Robin D. Laws (2001) Atlas Games
Revised ed (2001) Gold Rush Games
Shards of the Stone
1st ed by Jared Nielson (2001) InterStrike, Inc.
Sorcerer RPG
1st Print ed (2001)
5th ed (2001)
1st ed by David Bergqvist, Terje Nordin (2001) Terra Incognita Västerås Stift
Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook
1st ed by Scott Larson (2001) Circa Games Grey Ghost Games
Terra the Gunslinger
1st ed by Junichi Inoue (2001) F.E.A.R.
1st ed by Risto J. Hieta, Hans Zenjuga (2001) Artic Ranger Production
Undiscovered: The Quest for Adventure
1st ed by Adam D. Theriault, Antonio Da Rosa, Phillip Theriault (2001) Eilfin Publishing
Weird War II: Blood on the Rhine
1st ed by Shane Lacy Hensley, John R. Hopler (2001) Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Charles Ryan, Steven Long, Christian Moore, Owen K.C. Stephens (2001) Wizards of the Coast
Wiedźmin, gra wyobraźni
1st ed by Tomek Kreczmar, Michal Marszalik, Maciej Nowak-Kreyer, Michal Studniarek (2001) Wydawnictwo MAG
1st ed by Bard Bloom, Victoria Borah Bloom (2001) Padwolf Publishing
Xro Dinn Chronicles
1st ed by Matthew Webster, Eric Wujcik, Aaron Rosenberg, Dan Ryan, Jamie Jarvis, Matthew Webster, Darrell Hardy (2001) Ionian Game Studios

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