RPG Encyclopedia: 1988

Abenteuer in Magira
1st ed by Steffi Seipp, Dieter Steinseifer, Norbert Weiser, Harald Zubrod (1988) Abenteuerrunde GbR
1st ed by Paul Kidd, Steve Gallacci (1988) Thoughts and Images (a subsidiary of TAGG)
1st ed by Croc (1988) Siroz / Ideojeux
ANKH - Adventurers of the North - Kalevala Heroes
1st ed by Pasi Janhunen (1988) Nelostuote KY
Aux Armes Citoyens!
1st ed by Coste, Bocquet (1988) Cubic 6
Batman RPG
1st ed by Jack A. Barker, Greg Gorden, Ray Winninger (1988) Mayfair Games
1st ed by Chris Norman, Jody Ellis (1988) Archive Gaming Pty Ltd
Beyond the Supernatural
1st ed by Randy McCall, Kevin Siembieda, Erick Wujcik (1988) Palladium Books
Binary RPG
1st ed by Bertrand Triplet (1988) self-published
Crime Fighter
1st ed by Aaron Allston (1988) Task Force Games
Cutthroat Roleplaying
1st ed by Nathan Kaylor, Eric Goldberg (1988) StormWorld Games
1st ed by Mike Pondsmith et al. (1988) R Talsorian
Darksword Adventures
1st ed by Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman (1988) Bantam/Spectra
Das Schwarze Auge
2nd ed (1988)
1st ed by William Levy (1988) Godiva Productions
Empires et Dynasties
2nd ed (1988) Editions Dragon Radieux
En Garde
1st ed by Gunilla Jonsson, Mikael Petersén (1988) Ragnarok
3rd ed (1988)
High Colonies
1st ed by Edwin King (1988) Waterford Publishing House
1st ed by Gideon, Blaine Pardoe (1988) StarChilde
1st ed (1988) Edizioni Rune
Kata Kumbas
2nd ed (1988) E.Elle
1st ed by Patrick Savary, Laurent Gabella (1988) Éditions ECG
Living Steel
2nd ed (1988)
Macho Women With Guns
1st ed by Greg Porter (1988) self-published
Marvel Superheroes
2nd ed (1988)
1st ed by Michel Gaudo (1988) Oriflam
Ninjas and Superspies
1st ed by Eric Wujcik (1988) Palladium Books
Quest of the Ancients
1st ed by Vince Garcia (1988) Unicorn Game Publications
Robotech II: The Sentinels
1st ed by Kevin Siembieda (1988) Palladium Books
Rocky and Bullwinkle RPG
1st ed by David Cook, Warren Spector (1988) TSR
1st ed by Brian F. Schreurs, Joshua D. Thompson, J.D. Falk (1988) Coltrane Publications
3rd ed (1988) self-published
Skuggornas Mästare
1st ed by Gunilla Jonsson, Mikael Petersén (1988) Ragnarök
1st ed by Frank Chadwick (1988) GDW
Space Master
2nd ed (1988)
1st ed by Greg Porter (1988) BTRC
2nd [French] ed (1988) Aujourd'hui Communication
Traveller 2300 (aka 2300 A.D.)
2300 A.D. ed by Marc Miller, Frank Chadwick, Lester W. Smith, Timothy B. Brown (1988)
1st ed by Manda, Jeff Dee (1988) Reindeer Games
Silrin ed by Laurent Trémel, Nicolas Théry, Eric Bouchaud, Fred Pannetier, Franck Bouchaud (1988) Siroz
Koros ed by Laurent Trémel, Nicolas Théry, Eric Bouchaud, Fred Pannetier, Yann, José Das Neves (1988)
Whog Shrog
1st ed by Laurent Trémel, Eric Bouchaud, Nicolas Théry (1988) Siroz
Woof, Meow
1st ed by Ulrico Font, John Willford (1988) Game Systems, Inc.

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