RPG Encyclopedia: 1995

Anno Domini
1st ed by Piia Makkonen, Pasi Silander (1995) SLS/FELM
Aphalon: Ksieżycowe Ostrze
1st ed by Arkadiusz Mielczarek, Dariusz Tarka (1995) Multimedium
Armageddon 2092 - Mars
1st ed by Sándor Szigeti (1995) Bíborhold Budapest
1st ed by Ferenc Somlói, Olivér Kovács (1995) Impressum
Berlin XVIII
2nd ed (1995)
Changeling: The Dreaming
1st ed by Brian Campbell, Jackie Cassada, Richard Dansky, Chris Howard, Steve Kenson, Ian Lemke, Angel Leigh McCoy, Deena McKinney, Neil Mick, Wayne Peacock, Nicky Rea, Michael Rollins (1995) White Wolf
2nd ed (1995)
Cosmic Enforcers
1st ed by Mike McCune, Gary Sibley, Jerry Holland, Eric Nikkila (1995) Myrmidon
2nd ed (1995)
Demos Corporation
1st ed (1995) Ventrue Editora
Don't Look Back: Terror is Never Far Behind
1st ed by Chuck McGrew, Richard Van Ingram (1995) Mind Ventures
Dragon Storm
1st ed by Susan Van Camp, Mark Harmon (1995) Black Dragon Press
ERPS: Das neue deutsche Rollenspiel
1st ed by Ernst-Joachim Preussler (1995) Edition Ulisses
1st ed by Jonathan Tweet (1995) Wizards of the Coast
Fantasy Earth
1st ed by Michael C. Zody (1995) Zody
1st ed by William E. Worthey, Gregor Hutton, William E. Worthey (1995) Venture Press
FSpace RPG
KAPCON Edition ed (1995)
1st ed by Steffan O'Sullivan (1995) Grey Ghost Press
1st ed by M.A.R. Barker, Neil R. Cauley (1995) TOME
Il Gioco Di Ruolo Di Ken Il Guerriero
1st ed by Marcello Missiroli, Marcello Manicardi, Beppe Reina, Paolo Poli, Simone Gatti, Simone Peruzzi, Roberto Di Meglio (1995) Nexus Editrice
Gli Ultimi Templari
1st ed by Maurizio Mancini, Mauro Teragnoli (1995) Qualitygame
1st ed by Mark Kibbe (1995) Basement Games
Hidden Invasion
1st ed by Paul Arden Lidberg (1995) Nightshift Games
Légendes des Contrées Oubliées
1st ed by G.E. Ranne, Stephane Bura (1995) Delcourt
La Lutte des Gemmes
1st ed (1995) Presses du Midi
Mage: The Ascension
2nd ed (1995)
2nd ed (1995) Qualitygame
Mekton Zeta ed by Mike Pondsmith, Mike MacDonald, Benjamin Wright (1995)
Miles Christi
1st ed by Benoit Clerc (1995) Sans Peur et Sans Reproche
Mondes et Heros
1st ed by [the "Migou" team] (1995) Gallimard
Murphy's World
1st ed by Kevin Davies, David Brown (1995) Peregrine
1st ed by C.J. Carella (1995) Palladium Books
Night Prowler
1st ed by Croc (1995) Siroz
Og: The Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Aldo Ghiozzi (1995) Wingnut Games
Oko Yrrhedesa
1st ed by Andrzej Sapkowski (1995) Wydawnictwo MAG
On Stage!
1st ed by Luca Giuliano (1995) DaS Productions
"5th" ed by Ed Stark, Greg Farshtey (1995)
Plüsch, Power, und Plunder
2nd ed (1995)
Project A-Ko RPG
1st ed by Jimmy Mah (1995) Dream Pod 9 Dream Pod 9 Ianus Publications
QCCS - Quick Charakter Creating System
1st ed by Uwe Mundt (1995) Dreamland Worx
2nd ed by Carlos Monzon (1995) Ludoctenia
Rapture: The Second Coming
1st ed by William Spencer-Hale (1995) Quintessential Mercy
1st ed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini (1995) Qualitygame
Standard System ed by Coleman Charlton, John Curtis, Pete Fenlon, Steve Martin (1995)
1st ed by Todd King, Johnny Bruner (1995) Nova Eth Publications
La Storia Ancestrale
1st ed by Giuliano Bezzi, Andrea Trapani (1995) Hobby & Work
Sulle sponde del Nilo
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Pier Giorgio Paglia, Stefano Pischedda (1995) City Council of Rome
Tales of Gargentihr
1st ed by Richard Cooper, Alastair Cowan (1995) Sanctuary Games Ltd
1st ed by Leonidas Vesperini, Orso Vesperini (1995) Jeux Descartes
1st ed by Ilmari Virtanen (1995) self-published
Throwing Stones
1st ed by Jeff Siadek (1995) Gamesmiths, Inc.
Expanded ed by Lou Zocchi, Niels Erickson (1995) Gamescience
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Revised ed (1995) Hogshead Games
The Way
Quo Vadis? ed (1995)
With Extreme Prejudice
Pre-release ed by Christopher Dorn, Matthew D. Grau, Lance P. Johnstone (1995) Apex Publications Inc
The World of Aden
1st ed by Shane Lacy Hensley (1995) West End Games
The World of Barador RPG
1st ed by Dana Jorgensen (1995) Alternate Realities Publications
The World of Necroscope
1st ed by Ed Bolme (1995) West End Games
The World of Species
1st ed by Teeuwynn Woodruff, Dennis Feldman, Greg Farshtey (1995) West End Games
The World of Tank Girl
1st ed by Bill Olmesdahl, Brian Schomburg, Greg Farshtey, Ed Stark (1995) West End Games
1st ed by Patrick Durand-Peyrolles (1995) Tamise Productions
Zły Cien: Kruki Urojenia
1st ed by Jacek J. Greczyszyn (1995) Szaman

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