RPG Encyclopedia: 2008

3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars
1st ed by Gregor Hutton (2008) BoxNinja
Alpha Omega
1st ed by David Carter, Earl Fischl (2008) Mind Storm Labs
Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG
1st English ed (2008) Fantasy Flight Games
Annalise: Stories of pain, hunger and redemption
1st ed by Nathan Paoletta (2008) Hamsterprophet Productions
Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.
1st ed by Eloy Lasanta (2008) Third Eye Games
Arsenal of Heaven
1st ed by Tim Gray (2008) Silver Branch Games
Astrobirdz RPG
1st ed by James M. Ward (2008) Bill Cobb Produtions, Inc.
Awesome Adventures
1st ed by Willow Palecek (2008) self-published
Barbarians of Lemuria
1st ed by Simon Washbourne (2008) Beyond Belief Games
Basic Role-Playing
1st ed by Jason Durall, Sam Johnson, Steve Perrin, Steve Hedrickson, Ray Turney (2008) Chaosium
The Bizenghast Adventure Game
1st ed by Clint Krause (2008) KNRPG Productions
Bounty Head Bebop
1st ed by JP deHénaut (2008) Heroic Journey Publishing
Chaos 6010 A.D.
1st ed by Brandon Williams (2008) Arcanum Syndicate
Chimaera Roleplaying Universe
1st ed by Michael D. Murphy, George T. Singley (2008) Mongoose Publishing
Class Dismissed!
1st ed by Ashok Desai (2008) Sane Studios
The Cog Wars
Zero ed by JL Williams, Dmitri Arbacauskas, Robert Earley-Clark, Levi Kornelsen, Tony Lower-Basch, Stephen Lea Sheppard (2008) Amagi Games
Corporation: The Roleplaying Game
Revised ed by James Norbury (2008) Brutal Games
Cortex System Role Playing Game
1st ed by Jamie Chambers (2008) Margaret Weis Productions
1st ed by Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay (2008) Wildfire LLC Catalyst Game Labs
Ashcan ed by Jared Sorensen, Jason Roberts (2008) Memento Mori Theatricks
Dead Reign: Zombie Role-Playing Game
1st ed by Josh Hilden, Joshua Sanford, Kevin Siembieda (2008) Palladium Books
Demon Hunters Role Playing Game
1st ed by Jamie Chambers, Brian Clements, Jimmy McMichael (2008) Dead Gentlemen Productions Margaret Weis Productions
Desolation: A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Jamie Gooch, Stephen Herron, Matt Somers (2008) Greymalkin Designs LLC
A Dirty World
1st ed by Greg Stolze (2008) Schroedinger's Cat Press
Dragon Warriors
2nd ed (2008) Magnum Opus Press Mongoose Publishing
Dungeons and Dragons
4th ed by Rob Heinsoo, Andy Collins, James Wyatt (2008)
Duty & Honour
1st ed by Neil Gow (2008) Omnihedron Games
Empire of Dust
1st ed by Amy Garcia, Clint Krause (2008) Red Design KNRPG Productions
Exquisite Replicas
1st ed by Lee Foster, Monica Valentinelli, John R. Phythyon Jr., Werner Hager, Todd Cash (2008) Abstract Nova Entertainment
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
2nd ed (2008) Magnum Opus Press
A Flower for Mara
1st ed by Seth Ben-Ezra (2008) Dark Omen Games
FSpace RPG
SpaceRPG Concise Rulebook v4.2 ed (2008)
Geiger Counter: Cooperative Survival Horror
Beta ed by Jonathan Walton (2008) Bleeding Play
Ghostories: Supernatural Mystery Roleplaying
1st ed by Brett Bernstein (2008) Precis Intermedia Games
Grimm: Adventures in a world of twisted fairy tales
1st ed by Robert J. Shwalb (2008) Fantasy Flight Games
Helix: The Post Apocalypse, High-Tech, Fantasy, Western Role Playing Game
1st ed by Adam J. Weber, Gloria Weber, William Parker (2008) self-published
Hellas: Worlds of Sun and Stone
1st ed by Michael L. Fiegel, Jerry D. Grayson (2008) Aethereal Forge Khepera Publishing
Hot Chicks: The Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Scott Corum, Victor Gipson (2008) Dakkar Unlimited
Houses of the Blooded
1st ed by John Wick, Storn A. Cook, Daniel Solis (2008) Wicked Dead Brewing Company
How to Host a Dungeon
1st ed by Tony Dowler (2008) Planet Thirteen Games
In a Wicked Age
1st ed by Vincent Baker (2008) Lumpley Games
1st ed by James Desborough (2008) Postmortem Studios
It's Complicated
1st ed by Elizabeth Shoemaker (2008) Dissolute Games
The Karma Roleplaying System
1st ed by Julie Ann Dawson (2008) Bards & Sages Publishing
Legend of the Burning Sands
1st ed by Jed Carlton, Shawn Carman, Dan Comrie, Douglas Sun, Lucas Twyman, Brian Yoon (2008) Alderac Entertainment Group
Maelstrom: The Turbulent Role-playing Game of Thieves, Rogues, Magick, and Mayhem
2nd ed (2008) Arion Games
Maid RPG
1st English ed by Ryo Kamiya, Ewen Cluney (2008) Kuroneko Designs
Ashcan ed by Chris Perrin (2008) KNRPG Productions
Mhâr Fantasy RPG
1st ed by Greg Older (2008) Fool's Moon Entertainment
Mist-Robed Gate
1st ed by Elizabeth Shoemaker, Shreyas Sampat (2008) Summerbird
Modern 20
1st ed by Charles Rice (2008) RPG Objects
The Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game
1st ed by Luke Crane, David Petersen (2008) Archaia Studios Press
executive ed by Wood Ingham, Becky Lowe, Benjamin Baugh (2008) Firebird, Ltd.
Mutant City Blues
1st ed by Robin D. Laws (2008) Pelgrane Press
Mutant Future
1st ed by Daniel Proctor, Ryan Denison (2008) Goblinoid Games
Narnia - Das Rollenspiel
1st ed by Ulrich Drees, Oliver Plaschka (2008) Brendow Verlag
Ngenesis: the Trials of Flesh
1st ed by Justin Killam, Damien Hunt (2008) Apocrypha Studios
1st ed by Matt West (2008) Omnifray
Pathfinder RPG
Beta ed by Jason Buhlman (2008) Paizo Publishing
Resolute: The Superhero RPG
1st ed by Michael T. Desing (2008) Teddy Bear Press
Serial Homicide Unit
1st ed by Michael S. Miller, Kat Miller (2008) Incarnadine Press
The Shard RPG
1st ed (2008) Shard Studios
Solar System
1st ed by Clinton R. Nixon (2008) Arkenstone Publishing
Solipsist: A Role-Playing Game About Changing Reality
1st ed by David Donachie (2008) Solipsist RPGs BoxNinja
Sons of Liberty
1st ed by Joshua BishopRoby (2008) Kallisti Press
Stalker - The SciFi Roleplaying Game
1st Finnish ed by Ville Vuorela (2008) Burger Games
Starblazer Adventures
1st ed by Chris Birch (2008) Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited
StarSIEGE: Event Horizon
1st ed by Josh Chewning (2008) Troll Lord Games
Story Cards
1st ed by Carl Klutzke (2008) Dogtown Games
Sufficiently Advanced
1st ed by Colin Fredericks (2008) Valent Games
Super! - Il Gioco di ruolo dei supereroi
1st ed by Chris Rutkowsky (2008) Inspired Device
Sweet Agatha
1st ed by Kevin Allen Jr. (2008) Kevin Allen Jr Design
Thousand Suns
1st ed by Richard Iorio II, James Maliszewski (2008) Rogue Games
Trail of Cthulhu
1st ed by Kenneth Hite (2008) Pelgrane Press
5th ed by Gareth Hanrahan (2008) Mongoose Publishing
Tunnels and Trolls
7.5th ed (2008)
Under My Skin: Who do you love?
1st ed by Emily Care Boss (2008) Black & Green Games
Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy
1st ed by Owen Barnes, Kate Flack, Mike Mason (2008) Black Industries
1st ed by J. Swill, G. Vrill (2008) Ye Olde Gaming Companye
WHAP Pulp Adventure System
1st ed by Tom K. Loney (2008) Peryton Publishing
While the World Ends: A story game about a future on the brink of change
1st (Swedish) ed by Wilhelm Person (2008) self-published
Yellow Dawn: The Age of Hastur
1st ed by David J. Rodger (2008)
Zombeja! Ovella! / Zombie Cinema
1st English ed (2008) Arkenstone Publishing

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