RPG Encyclopedia: 1992

A.C.E. Agents
1st ed by Steve Savage, L. Lee Cerny, Walter H. Mytczynskyj (1992) Stellar Games
Advanced Phantasm Adventures
1st ed by Troy Christensen (1992) TC International
Adventure Maximum
1st ed by Dennis McDonald (1992) WorldMaster Designs
1st ed by Xavier Bottet (1992) self-published
1st ed by Solo (1992) Éditions de la Lune-Sang
Alternatives 2.0
1st ed (1992) Presses Alternatives
1st ed by Mirko Caruccio, Piero Cioni, Barbara Chies (1992) Editore Planetario
Arduin Adventure
The Compleat Arduin ed by David A. Hargrave, Mark Schynert (1992) Grimoire Games
Ars Magica
3rd ed by Ken Cliffe, Mark Rein•Hagen (1992) White Wolf
Battle Born
1st ed by Joseph Hillmer, George Rahm (1992) Better Games
Battlelords of the 23rd Century
3rd ed (1992)
Mk5 ed (1992)
1st ed by Bruno Merandon (1992) Le Korrigan
Call of Cthulhu
5th ed (1992)
Dangerous Journeys
1st ed by Gary Gygax, Dave Newton (1992) GDW
Das Schwarze Auge
3rd ed by Ulrich Kiesow, Ina Kramer, Michelle Melchers, Thomas Römer (1992)
O Desafio dos Bandeirantes
1st ed by Carlos Eduardo Klimmick Pereira, Flávio Maurício de Andrade, Luiz Eduardo Ricon de Freitas (1992) GSA Editora
1st ed (1992) Heartbreaker Games
Dream Park
1st ed by Mike Pondsmith (1992) R Talsorian
1st ed by Bruce Harlick, Ray Greer, Paul Arden Lidberg (1992) Crunchy Frog
Era Ten
1st ed by Joseph Hillmer, George Rahm (1992) Better Games
Gamma World
4th ed by Bruce Nesmith, James M. Ward (1992)
Guardians of Sol
1st ed by Joseph Hillmer, George Rahm (1992) Better Games
1st ed by Richard Tucholka (1992) Tri-Tac Games
1st ed by J.D. Frazer (1992) Discordian Games
Lost Souls
2nd ed (1992) Sage Lore Productions, Inc. Marquee Press
Machineguns and Magic
1st ed by William L. McCord, Jr. (1992) M.G. Games
Les Maîtres-Mondes
1st ed by Ivan Strobino (1992) L'Arkalance
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino (1992) Giochi del 2000
3rd ed (1992) Casus Belli magazine
Millenium's End
1st ed by Charles Ryan (1992) Chameleon Eclectic
Mutant R.Y.M.D.
1st ed (1992) Target Games
2nd [French] ed (1992)
3rd ed (1992)
Over the Edge
1st ed by Jonathan Tweet (1992) Atlas Games
1st ed by Geoff Tuffli (1992) New World Games
1st ed by Bruce Gomes, Duncan Barrow (1992) Bruce Gomes Industries
1st ed by Carlos Monzon (1992) Ludoctenia
Ruf des Warlock
1st ed by Olaf Heinen, Goesta Krengel, Silvia Eckelt (1992) Games-in Verlag
2nd ed (1992)
Skyrealms of Jorune
3rd ed (1992) Chessex
Star Wars
2nd ed by Bill Smith (1992)
Sun and Storm
1st ed by D. Pilurs (1992) Storm Press
Superbabes: The Fem Force RPG
1st ed by Marc Schezzini, Cameron Verkaik (1992) Tri-City Games
Tales from the Floating Vagabond
1st ed by Lee Garvin, Nick Atlas, John Huff (1992) Avalon Hill
3rd ed by Stephan Michael Sechi, Jonathan Tweet (1992) Wizards of the Coast
To Challenge Tomorrow
3rd ed (1992)
1st [English] ed (1992) Darcsyde Productions
Vampire: The Masquerade
2nd ed (1992)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse
1st ed by Mark Rein•Hagen (1992) White Wolf
1st ed by Ralph Bakshi, Ken Whitman, Jeff Zitomer, Brett Maddox (1992) Whit Productions

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