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1st ed by Kristoffer Simonsson (1998) Point Blank Games
A Swedish-language modern technothriller RPG, set in Los Angeles, California.
1st ed by Gali Sanchez, Garry Spiegle, Michael Williams (1985) Target Games
A Swedish-language translation of Pacesetter's Chill. It has 1 sourcebook and 4 adventures which were published over a period of 2 years before being abandoned.
Drakar Och Demoner
1st ed (1982) Aventyrspel
2nd ed (1984)
Expert ed (1985)
4th aka "'91" ed (1991)
5th aka "Chronopia" ed (1994)
6th ed (2000) Riotminds
A popular Swedish-language medieval fantasy RPG, originally a generic system for a variety of fantasy worlds. The first edition is a direct translation of Steve Perrin's "Magic World" from the Worlds of Wonder game, but subsequent editions developed away from that. The "Expert" expansion in 1985 introduces many changes. It converts from d100 to d20 for all skill rolls, adds a more point-based (but still partly random) character creation, and adds new occupations, skills, and magic. The 4th edition folds in the "Expert" changes into the main rules. The 5th edition keeps the same rules but introduces the setting of Chronopia, by Bill King, a Tolkien-esque fantasy world with a city ruled by time-travelling mages. The 6th edition is a total remake of the rules system (including new concepts like levels), and includes a new world taking after Scandanavian myth integrated into the rulebook, featuring and inspired by the artwork of John Bauer.
En Garde
1st ed by Gunilla Jonsson, Mikael Petersén (1988) Ragnarok
A Swedish-language RPG of duellists in 17th Century France.
1st ed by Carl Johan Stróm, Marco Behrrman, Krister Sundelin, Ola Nilsson (1996) Neogames AB
2nd ed (2000)
3rd ed by Petter Nallo (2004)
A Swedish-language heroic fantasy RPG, set on an original world called Mundana with extensive description. It has versions of many traditional fantasy races including dwarves, elves, tiraker (orcs) and misslor (fairies). The rules system is fairly complex, and includes a magic system with both formulaic and improvised magic. The third edition includes some simplification of the damage system, and splits the core rules into two books (a Player book and a GameMaster book).
Gemini RPG
1st ed by Johan Sjoberg (1999) Cell Entertainment
A dark fantasy-genre RPG, originally Swedish-language but also published in English. It is set in a medieval fantasy world where an ancient darkness threatens the land. The world features elven, dwarven, and human kingdoms along with an alternate Church, complete with Knights Templar. cf. the Gemini intro page.
1st ed by Anders Blixt (1998) Rävspel
A Swedish-language renaissance-inspired fantasy RPG. 192 pages long in hardcover and softcover.
1st ed by Stefan Burstrom, Bjorn Wahlberg, Micke Nordin, Hans Sundqvist, Hakan Jonsson, Anders Blixt (1989) Lancelot
A Swedish-language fantasy RPG set in the isolated island realm of Khelataar, where Iron Age clans guard their territories and clash with each other. The game is focused on human interaction; common fantasy cliches such as monsters are toned down or absent. The rules are advanced but demand a lot of bookkeeping.
1st [Swedish] ed by Gunilla Jonsson, Michael Petersen (1991) Target Games AB
1st [English] ed (1993) Metropolis, Ltd
2nd ed (1997)
3rd ed by Nils Gullikson, Stefan Ljungqvist, Terry K. Amthor (2004)
A surreal modern-day horror RPG, where the horrific underlying reality is a gnostic fable.
1st ed by Mikael Petersén, Gunilla Jonsson (1984) Aventyrspel
2nd ed (1989) Target Games
"Undergångens Arvtagare" ed by Joakim Bergström, Martin Bergström, Mattias Jonsson, Mattias Lilja, Fredrik Lindregn, Andreas Marklund, Johan Normark (2002) Järnringen HB
A Swedish-language post-nuclear-apocalypse RPG, set many years after world wars and great plague. The PCs are descendants of survivors, in a feudal Scandinavia that is slowly rebuilding. The rules are based on 3rd ed Drakar och Demoner, with new rules for mental powers and mutations instead of magic. The 2nd edition kept the rules but converted it to a generic cyberpunk RPG without any post-apocalyptic aspect. The 3rd edition's title translates to "Mutant: The Heirs of the Apocalypse". It returns to the post-apocalyptic world of the first edition, with some changes. The rules have been simplified and streamlined.
Mutant Chronicles
1st [Swedish] ed by Magnus Seter, Henrik Strandberg, Nils Gulliksson, Michael Stenmark, Jerker Sojdelius, Stefan Thulin, Fredrik Malmberg (1993) Target Games
1st [English] ed by Matt Forbeck, Paul Beakley (1993) Target Games Heartbreaker Games
2nd ed (1996)
Year Zero ed by Tomas Härenstam (2014) Modiphius Entertainment Modiphius Entertainment Fria Ligan
A techno-fantasy RPG and miniatures system from Sweden. It is set in a distant future where Earth has been destroyed, and the solar system is colonized by soulless megacorps. A discovery on Pluto unleashes "The Darkness", which makes computers go crazy and throws the solar system into chaos. The fanatical "Brotherhood" arose to resist the taint of "Dark Symmetry" in an Inquisition-like manner -- later leading the crusade when a tenth planet was found, unleashing a horde of "Necromutants" which nearly wiped out humanity.
Mutant R.Y.M.D.
1st ed (1992) Target Games
A short-lived Swedish-language sci-fi/cyperpunk RPG, a predecessor to Mutant Chronicles. The system is similar to Warhammer.
1st ed by Marco Behrmann, Dan Hörning, Carl Johan Ström, Krister Sundelin (1993) Neogames AB
2nd ed (1999)
A Swedish-language cyberpunk / technothriller RPG, set in the year 2059. It has a detailed background as well as rules for netrunning and cyber implants. The system and background try to be as realistic as possible regarding weapon rules, social changes and the world as a whole.
1st ed by Olof Lindqvist (2005) Olof Lindqvist Games
A Swedish-language modern fantasy RPG set in an alternate Earth where through the ages mages have been opening portals to other dimensions and letting in strange creatures. The characters are members of a secret organization trying to stop these forces of darkness.
Skuggornas Mästare
1st ed by Gunilla Jonsson, Mikael Petersén (1988) Ragnarök
"Master of the Shadows" -- a Swedish-language modern-day espionage RPG. It uses the same game system found in En Garde. The PC's are agents, crimefighters, or something similar, all having a secret background.
1st ed by Thord Daniel Hedengren (2002) Alltid Attack
A Swedish-language horror RPG, in a generic setting.
1st ed by Tomas Härenstam (2012) Fria Ligan
A Swedish-language fantasy game based on the fantasy novel series by Erik Granström, in a merchant empire ("Tracoria") among four main islands in a fictional renaissance world. The title translates as "Winter of Brimstone". The world is animistic with living clouds, mountains and winds along with dragons and other mythical beasts.
Svenil Rollspelet
1st ed by Daniel Lenneér (2000) Svenil Games
A humorous Swedish-language RPG where you play anti-heroes and ordinary people in a cartoony version of the modern world.
1st ed by David Bergqvist, Terje Nordin (2001) Terra Incognita Västerås Stift
A Swedish-language RPG set in a post-apocalyptic future where the remnants of mankind have built a new society, free from violence and injustice, but not without its problems, on the ruins of the old world.
Tomtar och Troll
1st ed by Carl Johan Stróm (1986) self-published
A small-press Swedish-language fantasy-genre RPG, whose title translates to "Gnomes and Trolls". The first and only publication was "Bok 1, Hjältarnas Återkomst", which translates to "Book 1, The Return of the Heroes". The system is similar to Traveller, with attributes from Chaosium's Basic Role-Playing.
1st ed by Krister Sundelin (unknown) Rävsvans Förlag
A Swedish-language fantasy RPG, based on folklore and fairy tales. The campaign world is a mix of traditonal stories and myths and regular fantasy.
3rd ed by Krister Sundelin (2003) Rävsvans Förlag
A Swedish-language historical fantasy RPG set in the Saxon kingdom of Västmark in the year 1192. The setting is based on various chivalric myth and legend as well as history. The Third Crusade rages in the Holy Land, causing enmities between the Holy Roman Empire, France and England is temporarily laid aside in order to free the Holy Land. However, there is an ancient darkness rising on Lyonia, an island southwest of Britain.
1st ed by Fabian Fridholm, Carl Johan Strôm, Marco Behrmann, Mattias Svendsen (1994) Neogames AB
A Swedish-language historical/fantasy RPG. It uses a skill-based system with no classes or levels, using mainly d6's.
1st ed by Stefan Burstrom, Anders Blixt, Hakan Jonsson, Hans Sundqvist (1990) Lancelot Games
"No Law, No Rules, Only Chaos" A Swedish-language post-apocalyptic RPG with a light-hearted, action-based tone. It is set 30 years after a devastating invasion by aliens from outer space. The system is a simplified version of the Khelataar system.
The Way
1st "Vägen" ed by Johan Anglemark (1993) Västerås Stift
Quo Vadis? ed (1995)
1st "The Way" [English] ed (1997)
Ansgar ed (1998)
A Swedish-language Christian educational RPG, developed for church youth groups. It is Christian but non-denominational, intended to let the players deal with complex moral problems and serves as a basis for teaching a Christian way of life. Each part includes built-in scenarios. Part I ("Vagen") is a fantasy setting. Part II ("Quo Vadis?") is set in the early Roman times of the Christian church. Part III ("Ansgar") is based around missionaries to 9th century Sweden. In the base rules there are three races (Elf, Human, Dwarf) and three classes (Wizard, Warrior, Scout). The player rolls 2d6+6 for six characteristics (Strength, Intelligence, Attentiveness, Agility, Endurance, Looks). There are 18 skills split among the classes, where each skill has a base chance equal to its key characteristic. Resolution is by rolling 3d6 under skill value. cf. http://www.rollspel.com/engelsk/theway.htm
1st ed by Anders Gillbring, Mikael Hermansson, Anders Thyberg (1989) Lancelot
2nd ed (1989)
3rd ed (1998) Rävspel
A Swedish-language RPG set in the American wild west, with has detailed background and complex rules. It used a skill-based system with rules for skill improvement and maintenance. There are at least 5 adventures published for it.

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