RPG Encyclopedia: Czech

Draci Doupe
1st ed by Martin Klima (1990) Altar
A Czech-language generic fantasy roleplaying game, whose title translates as "Dragon Den". It is clearly inspired by This was a variant of Dungeons & Dragons, but also contains many original ideas. Combat is resolved using a roll of Strength + 1d6, while other situations are resolved using stat + 1d10. There are six attributes and six classes. Upon reaching sixth level each class must choose one of two specializations.
Kouzlem a mečem
1st ed by Jiří Reiter (2010) MYTAGO
A Czech-language old-school fantasy game focused on compact rules that cover fighting goblins, skeletons, and other monsters in underground labyrinths.
Pribehy Imperia
1st ed by Kryštof Ferenc, Jonaáš Ferenc (2009) MYTAGO
A Czech-language fantasy/steampunk RPG set in Victorian England, whose title translates as "Stories of the Empire". It uses a variant of the FATE system (Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment) from Spirit of the Century.
Střepy snů
1st ed by Matouš Ježek (2010) Midnight Theatre
A universal system, whose title translates as "shards of dreams". It focuses on cinematic storytelling aspects of gaming, with mechanics inspired by film techniques.

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