RPG Encyclopedia: Greek

1st ed by Panagiotis "Aiollus" Laskaris, Themis Mpalomenos (2004) Initiative
A modern-day Greek-language fantasy RPG, playable either live-action or tabletop. The basic rules also introduce players to the ongoing official campaign, and gives credit in the official campaign currency (10 "talanta"). The PCs are organised in "Brotherhoods", and try to discover the truth behind an unfolding conspiracy. They work for eight ancient Guilds, which assign missions that loosely resemble treasure hunts. The Eight Guilds are: Order of Gaia, Creators' Stage, School of the Occult, Academy of Alchemists, Contract of Merchants, House of Brothers, Caste of the Warriors, and Society of Leaders. The "talanta" are used to buy spells, skills and equipment. Actions are resolved by 1d20 + stat vs difficulty. There is a simple combat system with binary damage -- i.e. whenever you are hit, you are out of the game for as long as this battle lasts.
Gun Tale
1st ed by Christos Giannakoulas, Panagiotis Panagiotidis, Panteleimon Pantou, Evangelos Polizoides, Emmanuel Zachariadis-Sourvos, Konstantinos I. Zachopoulos (2007) Psychis ta Lampyrismata
A Greek-language game set in the American Old West, using d6 mechanics for resolution.
Zontana Epi (Ζωντανα Επι)
1st ed by Thomas Mastakouris (2000) Aiolos
"Living Epics" -- A Greek-language RPG set in the mythic Greece of Homer's epics. It uses a skill-based system.

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