RPG Encyclopedia: Portuguese

1st ed by Christiano Chaves (2000) Akrito Editora
"Twilight" -- A Portuguese-language supernatural conspiracy RPG set shortly before a looming apocalypse. It is the middle of what may be the last battle between Order and Chaos for the dominance of the world. The two Gods have their pawns in secret societies, orders and sects that face each other in open combat or treacherous conspiracies.
Demos Corporation
1st ed (1995) Ventrue Editora
A Portuguese-language espionage RPG published in Brazil, with a complex rules system.
O Desafio dos Bandeirantes
1st ed by Carlos Eduardo Klimmick Pereira, Flávio Maurício de Andrade, Luiz Eduardo Ricon de Freitas (1992) GSA Editora
A Portuguese-language fantasy RPG published in Brazil by 'Editora Art Bureau editora de arte LTDA' / GSA Editora. Roughly translated, the title means "The Challenge of the Explorers". It is set in an original fantasy world based in Brazilian history and folklore, named 'Land of St. Cross' (one of the early names for Brazil during the Colonial period). Character creation uses classes such as fighters, wizards, and other common types. Characters may include Portuguese bandeirantes, native scouts, miracle-working Jesuits, native shamans, Yoruba medium-priests, and even Hermetic European "warlocks". Combat is resolved using 2d10 + weapon or dodge skill, while non-combat tasks are resolved using 1d100 roll under skill. (It uses d20, d10 and d6.) The game includes a number of monsters including native beasts such as the anhangüera (demon-possessed fire-breathing animals), kanaíma (cannibals reincarnated as werejaguars) and jurupari (nightmare spirits who strangle people in their sleep), as well as more prosaic fare -- vampires, werewolves, mermaids and even the Devil itself. There are at least three sourcebooks: "A Floresta do Medo/O Engenho" (two adventures); "Os Quliombos da Lua" (setting expansion, detailing a fortress deep in the wilderness built by rebel african slaves); and "O Vale dos Acritós" (detailing the region of the savage giant native Acritós and their culture).
Opera RPG 'Beholders Lost in Alternative Realities'
1st ed by Leonardo Andrade, Rogério Godoy (2004) Comic Store Comercial Ltda
A Portuguese-language universal system, billed as "The Ultimate Guide to RPG Worlds Creation". There is also an English-language shareware version and upcoming print version. Action resolution is roll under stat on 2d6, or stat + 2d6 for contests. Character creation is open point-bought. The basic game includes world-building system, martial arts, psychic powers, magic, and superpowers rules.
1st ed by Ygor Morais Esteves da Silva, Marcelo Rodrigues, August Julio Cesar Junior, Leonardo Nahoum Pache de Faria, Sergio Fonseca de Castro (1991) GSA Editora
A Portuguese-language traditional fantasy RPG published in Brazil by "Editora Art Bureau editora de arte LTDA" / GSA Editora. It is set in a world with humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, and other classic fantasy elements. It's system is similar to D&D. However, it has a split damage system: Heroic Energy is damaged by most attacks, while Physical Energy is damaged by critical hits and falls. (This is similar to the Wound Point / Vitality Point distinction used in some D20 games). It uses two d10s and a d20. This was one of the earliest Brazilian RPGs, and influential on many Brazilian gamers. Two sourcebooks were published for it: one with adventures and other expanding the setting.

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