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1950 Allarme UFO!
1st ed by Antonello Lotronto (1996) Qualitygame
An Italian-language sci-fi RPG based on the 50's alien invasion B-movies, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection.
1st ed by Alberto Tronchi (2011) Alephtar Games
A science fantasy RPG inspired by Japanese console RPGs. The player characters are agents of an elite corp in charge of exploring the ruins of a lost civilization - armed with energy guns, katanas, spells, and ancient artifacts.
1st ed by Mirko Caruccio, Piero Cioni, Barbara Chies (1992) Editore Planetario
An Italian-language modern-day/sci-fi action RPG, inspired by manga comics such as "Ghost in the Shell" and "Gundam".
Angeli e Demoni
1st ed by Antonio Sottocasa, Sergio Giovannini, Massimo Ghirardi, Davide Tortosa, Giacomo Sottocasa (1997) Rose and Poison
An Italian-language modern-day magic RPG, where PC's take the roles of angels and demons who fight on Earth to control the souls of mankind. Supplements include the adventures "Christmas with the devil", "Le maschere del diavolo", and "Enchersi"; a GM's screen; and an expansion book "Anno secondo", with new character classes and rules for live role-playing.
I Cavalieri Del Tempio
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Giuliano Boschi, Agostino Carocci, Massimo Casa, Luca Giuliano (1990) E.Elle
A peculiar Italian-language time-travel RPG, when players play the role of knights templar, whose soul travel from various places and times to the most important events of the history of mankind. They try to make sure that History goes as it should.
C'era una volta
1st ed by Francesco Lutrario (1994) Carte Segrete
An Italian-language RPG for children, whose mission is to prevent traditional fairy tales from being changed by some evil entity. The title translates as "Once Upon a Time".
Cyb: Gioco di ruolo in un lontano futuro
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Giuliano Boschi, Agostino Carocci, Massimo Casa, Luca Giuliano (1991) Kappa magazine #1-2
2nd ed (1998) Qualitygame
An Italian-language cyberpunk RPG, set in the 26th century where genetically-manipuated plants have become intelligent and taken control of the Earth. The PCs are byborg human rebels. The title translates as "CYB: Role-playing Game in a Far-off Future". The rule system uses playing cards instead of dice. You score your stat with a card for an easy check, with a card of a certain color for a difficult check, or with a card of the same suit for a very difficult check. It was originally published in Kappa magazone in issues #1 and #2 of the third year (1991). The second edition was part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection.
De Eloquentia
1st ed by Paolo Fasce, Alessandro Gatti, Teo Mora, Paolo Parrucci (1996) Qualitygame
An Italian-language storytelling fantasy game, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection. The title is latin and means "About The Art Of Speaking". It can supposedly be played even without a GM.
Dragonball + Dragonball Z: il gioco di ruolo
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Paolo Parrucci (1999) Nexus Editrice
An Italian-language martial-arts RPG, based on the Japanese manga/anime series of the same name. This is unrelated to the English game of the same name published by R Talsorian. It has two supplement that can be played as separate boardgames: "Dragonball - Alla ricerca delle Sette Sfere" and "Dragonball Z - Il Torneo".
1st ed by Spartaco Albertarelli (1993) Editrice Giochi
An Italian-language fantasy RPG, set in a mythic land patterned after the Great Britain of Celtic mythology. The last Druid recruits the PCs in his struggle against the spirits of the Derwydd -- evil druids who had caused the Gods to send a diluvium. Every PC had some sort of magic/psionic power, such as healing, illusion, ESP, musical powers, perception, elemental summoning, runes, or hypnosis. The system is skill-based, using d100+skill vs. difficulty. Combat and magic are variations to this standard method. Attributes are generated from a point pool; common fantasy races (elves, dwarves, halflings) are in use, as well as vocations that describe the main professions (granting special advantages). One geographical expansion was printed.
1st ed by E. Coltorti, M. Calamita, T. Yamanouchi, V. Castelfranchi (1994) self-published
2nd ed (2000)
An Italian-language storytelling fantasy RPG. It is popular and may make an appearance on the German market. The system allows both dice-using and diceless. It also incorporates some live-action elements: casting magic requires learning various hand combinations. Characters creation is based on deriving skills from a developed background (perhaps similar to Hero Wars).
1st ed by Massimo Bianchini, Mario Pasqualotto (2006) Asterion Press
An Italian-language medieval fantasy RPG with a planar setting emphasizing an involved cosmology. It uses a variant of the D20 system used by 3rd edition D&D.
1st ed (1999) editore Clinica tbf/multiserver
An Italian-language fantasy RPG and combat simulation. The system uses cards in combat to determine the way you attack. It has a web-based expansion dedicated to the videogame "Soul Calibur".
I Figli Dell'Olocausto
1st ed by Andrea Cortellazzi (1990) Black-Out
An Italian-language post-atomic-apocalypse RPG set in Italy, using a detailed set of rules.
Giallo in Casa Vernaschi
1st ed by Maurizio Mancini, Mauro Teragnoli (1997) Qualitygame
An Italian-language murder mystery party game, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection of RPGs. The title translates as "Murder at Vernaschi's Home". It is an investigation one-shot RPG with no GM, only an organizer who can also play.
Il Gioco Di Ruolo Di Dylan Dog
1st ed by Fabrizio Biasiolo, Roberto Chiavini, Jacopo Garuglieri, Michele Gianni, Alessandro Ivanoff (1991) DaS Productions
An Italian-language modern-day horror RPG, based on the popular Italian comics character (published by Dark Horse in the U.S.). Dylan Dog is a demon/ghost hunter. Similar to Call of Cthulhu. It also has a sourcebook introducing the world of Martin Mystere -- another popular Italian comics character.
Il Gioco Di Ruolo Di Ken Il Guerriero
1st ed by Marcello Missiroli, Marcello Manicardi, Beppe Reina, Paolo Poli, Simone Gatti, Simone Peruzzi, Roberto Di Meglio (1995) Nexus Editrice
An Italian-language post-nuclear-apocalypse RPG, licensed from the popular anime series, Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star). The rule system is based on the French system Simulacres.
Il Gioco di Ruolo Ufficiale dei Manga
1st ed (2000) Kappa Edizioni
An Italian-language universal manga/anime RPG created to simulate the world and the action of anime and manga characters.
Gioco Libero
1st ed by P. Maraziti (1991) Fuori dal Tempo magazine #1
An Italian-language universal diceless RPG system, or a sort. It has no dice, no rules, and possibly no GM.
Gli Ultimi Templari
1st ed by Maurizio Mancini, Mauro Teragnoli (1995) Qualitygame
An Italian-language historical mystery party game, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection. The title translates as "The Last Templars". It has an emphasis on intrigue and politics. It is a one-shot RPG with no GM, only an organizer who can also play.
Holmes & Company
1st ed by Mario Corte, Antonello Lotronto (1986) E.Elle
2nd ed (1989) Universal Editrice
An Italian-language investigation RPG, in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. The original game was focused on pure investigation. The second edition added rules for action investigations including firearms, car and foot chases, and more. The second edition also shortened the title to "Holmes & Co.".
1st ed by Andrea Sfiligoi (1993) Nexus Editrice
An Italian-language horror RPG, based on the French system Simulacres. The player characters are angels or demons (generally demons). It includes a list of major demons based on traditional western demonology, and rules for witchcraft (to be used in games set in the Dark Ages or in the contemporary world).
1st ed (1988) Edizioni Rune
An Italian-language RPG printed in a small-press (photocopy) fanzine named "Rune" -- part of a local RPG club, called "Lords of Dragons". It is a modern-day horror-genre game, set in Northern Italy with the addition of various mad cultists and strange curses. The system is similar to "Call of Chtulhu" with a simple D6 mechanics and rules for ritual magic.
1st ed by Luigi Castellani (1996) Qualitygame
An Italian-language fantasy RPG based on Finnish mythology, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection. The title is from the Finnish epic.
Kata Kumbas
1st ed by Agostino Carocci, Massimo Senzacqua (1984) Bero Toys
2nd ed (1988) E.Elle
An Italian-language fantasy RPG, set in an alternate medieval Italy inspired by Italian folklore, fairy-tales and classic myths.
1st ed by Danilo Moretti (1994) Beholder
An Italian-language superhero RPG.
Legio VII
1st ed by Marco Donadoni (1980) International Team
An Italian-language sci-fi boardgame, only marginally an RPG. It is set in a vast galactic empire along Roman lines, where players go exploring the galaxy. The title is Latin for "7th Legion". It is a strictly table-driven game, where the GM only rolls dice and reads results on tables.
Lex Arcana
1st ed by Leo Colovini, Dario De Toffoli, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello (1993) Dal Negro
"Essential Rules" ed (1998) Nexus Editrice
An Italian-language alternate-history RPG with magic, set in an alternate history 476 A.D. where the Western Roman Empire survived rather than fell. Players take the role of Custodes, members of the Cohors Auxiliaria Arcana, a special branch of the Praetorian Guard devoted to search deep into the mysteries of the known world. In the late 90's, Nexus Editrice bought the game from Dal Negro and distributed the remaining copies. They also published a new geographical supplement called "Italia", by Andrea Angiolino and Francesca Garello. However, the "Essential Rules" edition is really an 8-page introduction to the original game, published in #54 of the magazine "Kaos".
1st ed by Marco Donadoni (unknown) International Team
An Italian-language fantasy boardgame / RPG, using a very simple system for limited dungeon-delving.
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino (1992) Giochi del 2000
2nd ed (1995) Qualitygame
An Italian-language fantasy-genre mini-RPG, set in the Europe of classical myth, among Greek and Roman deities, demigods, and monsters. The first edition was an independent booklet and came out as supplement of "E Giochi" magazine #5 in January/February 1992. The 2nd edition from Qualitygame was released as part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection.
1st ed by A. Piparo, L. de Luca (1999) Cuccia Editore
An Italian-language universal RPG system. It has a lengthy and complex character creation process and simple resolution system.
Nameless Streets
1st ed by Charles Green (2010) Alephtar Games
A paranormal detective RPG set in modern-day Portland, Oregon - developed as a setting and variant of the HeroQuest system created by Issaries, Inc. It includes full keywords for various supernatural creatures including vampires and werewolves, to lamia and djinn. It also adds rules for five different magical traditions, including Witchcraft, Necromancy, and Wizardry.
1st ed by Massimo Bianchini, Mario Pasqualotto (2005) Asterion Press
1st [English] ed by Massimo Bianchini, Mario Pasqualotto (2007) Mongoose Publishing
An Italian-language dark fantasy / horror RPG, using the D20 system, later translated into English and released by Mongoose Publishing. Set in a fantasy world where five dark cosmic entities rule over five different aspects of fear: Disease, Madness, Blood, Darkness and Savagery.
On Stage!
1st ed by Luca Giuliano (1995) DaS Productions
An Italian-language acting game. The original game assumes that the players take on the role of the main characters in various Shakespeare plays. It uses cards to determine events. The basic rules include a scenario based on Hamlet. Supplements and other works have extended it to other genres. Official supplements include "Sogno di una notte di mezza estate" (Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream); "Biancaneve e i tre porcellini" ("Snow White and the Three Little Pigs") a mixing of traditional fairy tales); "Fagioli dollari e polvere da sparo" ("Beans, dollars and gunpowder") about Sergio Leone's Western movies; and "On Stage! Epico" about King Arthur's knights.
Orlando Furioso - Il gioco di ruolo dei Paladini di Re Carlo
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Gianluca Meluzzi (1993) City Council of Rome
2nd ed (2002) Rose and Poison
An Italian-language fantasy RPG, based on the Italian poem of Ludovico Ariosto. It uses a simple rule system intended for for new players. The first edition was published by the City Council of Rome and freely distributed to teachers and librarians for educational purposes. The expanded second edition from Rose and Poison includes a section on mythological monsters. Both editions are illustrated with classical engravings by Gustav Doré (from circa 1800).
Ranma 1/2: il gioco
1st ed by Gianluca Casu, Millo Franzoni (1999) Alchemia
An Italian-language martial-arts RPG, based on the Japanese manga/anime series of the same name.
La Regola del Gioco
1st ed by Piermaria Maraziti, Marco Perez (1996) Qualitygame
An Italian-language universal storytelling RPG, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection. The title translates as "The Rule of the Game".
1st ed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini (1995) Qualitygame
An Italian-language mini-RPG, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection. A sci-fi game with rules similar to TSR's Alternity system.
I Signori Del Caos
1st ed by Giovanna Maselli, Auro Miselli, Franco Tralli (1983) Black-Out
An Italian-language medieval fantasy RPG, and the first Italian RPG. The setting is reminescent of Lone Wolf. The title translates as "The Lords of Chaos".
Sine Requie
1st ed by Matteo Cortini, Leonardo Moretti (2003) Rose and Poison
Year XIII ed (2007) Asterion Press
An Italian-language horror RPG set in an alternate history of 1954, where during D-Day in 1944 the dead woke up and started killing and eating the human race. WWII ends with the Germans calling themselves winners after a coup d'etat where Hitler and the other leader are killed. The Fourth Reich covers most of Europe. In Italy, Pope Leone XIII becomes the governor and returns the Inquisition, which bans most technological items. In the USSR, the cities have become iron fortress and half-men/ half-machines are created to work at the orders of ZAR, the main computer. It uses a Tarot-based system, which can be either a storytelling game (using only the Major arcana) or as a traditional RPG (using cards instead of dice).
Sol Levante
1st ed by Eugenio Maria Lauro (1998) Qualitygame
An Italian-language historical RPG set in feudal Japan, part of the "I Giochi del 2000" collection. The title translates as "Rising Sun".
La Storia Ancestrale
1st ed by Giuliano Bezzi, Andrea Trapani (1995) Hobby & Work
An Italian-language fantasy RPG inspired by a story published by the same editor as a collection of issues sold in Italian newspaperkiosks. The title translates as "The Ancestral Story".
1st ed by Andrea "Anderson" Gualano, Giuseppe "Mitsuhashi" Lanzi (1999) self-published
An Italian-language universal RPG. It uses a flexible and fast rule system, using d20 for all rolls. It was started as an online project, and much later was collected in one volume. The basic manual has several "classic", "serious" and "humorous" settings.
Sulle sponde del Nilo
1st ed by Andrea Angiolino, Pier Giorgio Paglia, Stefano Pischedda (1995) City Council of Rome
2nd ed (1998) Kaos magazine #53
An Italian-language historical RPG set in ancient Egypt. The title translates as "On the Nile river banks". It uses a simple set of rules, similar to Mediterraneo and Orlando Furioso. Most of the space is devoted to the adventure, "Il papiro trafugato" ("The stolen papyrus"). The first edition was part of the booklet "L'Egitto in biblioteca", freely distributed to teachers and librarians. The second edition was published in Kaos magazine #53, March 1998.
Super! - Il Gioco di ruolo dei supereroi
1st ed by Chris Rutkowsky (2008) Inspired Device
An Italian-language adaptation of the superhero RPG BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes, written by Chris Rutkowsky in 2004.
Ultima Eclisse
1st ed by G. Niccolai, F. Baroni, M. Corsini, A. Silvestrini (1993) Draco Flamula Games
An Italian-language fantasy genre RPG, whose title translates as "Last Eclipse". The design is strongly inspired by D&D.
Venetia Obscura
1st ed (2000) editore il Pentacolo Nexus Editrice
An Italian-language sci-fi RPG, set in an obscure future Venice where different factions fight for control. The game is very combat centered, but the setting of Venice is very well treated. The title is Latin, meaning "Dark Venice".
Vento Nero
1st ed by Agostino Carocci (1987) Giochi magazine #5
An Italian-language humorous one-shot RPG. It is a short adventure with a very simple set of rules, set on a Sicilian island (Filicudi) during a nuclear disaster. It was published in issue #5 of the first year of Giochi Magazine (1987). The title tranlates as "Black Wind".

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