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Aphalon: Ksieżycowe Ostrze
1st ed by Arkadiusz Mielczarek, Dariusz Tarka (1995) Multimedium
A Polish-language fantasy RPG set in a typical fantasy world. The title translates as "Aphalon: the Moonblade". It uses a complex rules system.
De Profundis
1st [Polish] ed by Michal Oracz (2001) Portal
1st [English] ed by Michal Oracz (2002) Hogshead Games
A modern-day horror RPG designed for play over mail. Originally published in Polish, and translated into English. The players write in-character letters to each other, describing their progressive exploration of (or victimization by) eldritch nightmare forces. There is no GM; it's up to the players to interlink their stories. It also suggests the option of "field psychodrama" -- where the players use elements from their real life in the stories.
Droga ku Chwale
1st ed by Andrzej Stoj (2002) Portal
A Polish-language RPG, based on Hong Kong kung-fu movies and video games. The title translates as "The Road to Glory". The PC's are masters of martial arts, fighting series of duels in fantasy city of Tsiengtao. The rules are simple, based on rolling under attribute + skill. The game has extended list of combat maneuvers and different styles of fighting.
Dzikie Pola
1st ed by Jacek Komuda, Maciej Jurewicz, Marcin Barylka (1997) Wydawnictwo MAG
2nd ed by Jacek Komuda, Michal Mochocki, Artur Machlowski (2005) Wydawnictwo MAG
A Polish-language historical RPG set in 17th century Poland. The player characters are all noblemen - usually Polish but possibly foreign - who fight various Polish enemies of this period. There were two supplements published: W stepie szerokim (In the wide steppe) and Ogniem i mieczem (With fire and sword). It has complicated rules for sabre-fighting and duels, using szablas (a Polish type of a sabre) or rapiers (used mainly by foreigners). The rules for other activities are generally simple. The second edition uses a simple mechanic comparing a 1d20 roll plus attribute, skill, and modifiers versus a difficulty number. Character creation is point-based, with slow advancement and little increase in hit points for a realistic feal.
Frankenstein Faktoria
1st ed by Joe Abracadabra (2000) Portal
1st Spanish ed (2001) Edge Entertainment
A Polish-language horror RPG, whose title translates as "Frankenstein Factory". The PC's are creations of doctor Frankenstein, made up with many different body parts.
Kryształy Czasu
1st ed by Artur Szyndler (1999) Wydawnictwo MAG
A Polish-language fantasy RPG set in an original world called Orchia. The title translates as "Jewels of Time". It uses a complex rules system, particularly in character generation. Before the book edition, it was published in parts in "Magia i Miecz" ("Sword and Sorcery") magazine, being really the first set of true role-playing rules published in Polish.
1st ed by Michal Oracz, Ignacy Trzewiczek (2003) Portal
A Polish-language post-apocalyptic game which action takes place in the U.S. after the rebellion of great strategic military computer. Cities are burn to the ground, people are fighting with machines and so on. World is somehow similar to computer RPG "Fallout" or movie "Mad Max". It uses a game system emphasizing speed of play. Action resolution uses 3d20 vs difficulty.
Oko Yrrhedesa
1st ed by Andrzej Sapkowski (1995) Wydawnictwo MAG
A Polish-language fantasy RPG, written by a best-selling fantasy writer. The title translates as "Eye of Yrrhedes". The rules were originally a magazine article, then later published as a book (in 1995). The system is simple and aimed at beginning players.
Wiedźmin, gra wyobraźni
1st ed by Tomek Kreczmar, Michal Marszalik, Maciej Nowak-Kreyer, Michal Studniarek (2001) Wydawnictwo MAG
A Polish-language fantasy RPG, based on novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. The title translates as "Hexer, the imaginary role playing". It uses a complex skill-based rules set.
Wladcy losu
1st ed by Krzysztof Piskorski (2003) Portal
A Polish-language fantasy RPG, whose title translates as "Masters of fate". It is a new style game where players become gods of light and darkness and are trying to manipulate with a live of a single ordinary person. The goal is to win with another player.
Zły Cien: Kruki Urojenia
1st ed by Jacek J. Greczyszyn (1995) Szaman
A Polish-language fantasy RPG based on Slavic history and mythology. The title translates as "The Evil Shadow: Ravens of Delusion". It was the first original Polish-language RPG. It uses a complex rules system.

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