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Ácin Dambágin
1st ed by Torbjørn Lien (1999) Lovehulen Spilldesign
A Norwegian-language fantasy RPG setting, in a world with no elements from traditional fantasy. Ácin Dambágin is "the land to the East, beyond the great ocean which no one may cross. Dambágin is the land of the Guardian, eternally illuminated by the light of the One. From here mankind is guarded; from here history is changed; from here the Guardian one day will return to the world to settle all things and destroy the Enemy for ever. And then he will take mankind home to the stars..."
1st ed by Jon Sagberg (unknown) unknown
A small-press Norwegian-language RPG. It is a universal system with two minimal settings: one in the 4th century, and one in a cyberpunk future. It includes a number of tongue-in-cheek tables (such as random sexual orientation including "fish"). It includes a magic system with an extensive list of spells.
1st ed by Matthijs Holter (2004) Spartacus Forlag
A Norwegian-language RPG based on Norwegian folklore and fairy-tales, set in a fantasy version of Norway in the year 1801 -- where the nation is under Danish rule without sovereign or flag. The setting includes peasant life, hard times, history and national romanticism along with a variety of supernatural creatures such as nøkken, huldra, vetter, trolls, and nisser. The system is a modified version of the Fudge system. Character generation is assigning ten freeform traits (2 great, 3 good, and 5 fair). There is a conflict rules but only a few suggestions for how to handle combat. The single volume rules are divided into the Player's Book, Gamemaster's Book, and the Book of Adventure.
1st ed by Tomas Mørkrid (1999) Cappelen
A fantasy-genre RPG a generic background and a simple, straightforward system. Its web supplement, "Ulvetid", however, is recommended for adults and advanced players, and has more psychological depths, sex and grimness. cf. the official website.
Imperium 3000
1st ed by Torbjørn Lien (1993) Lovehulen Spilldesign
A Norwegian-language diceless sci-fi RPG. It is set in a chaotic future where intelligent machines are threatening human existence in the whole galaxy.
Rollespillet Muu
1st ed by Tomas HV Mrkrid (1989) self-published
A Norwegian-language fantasy RPG about peaceful, semi-intelligent creatures trying to find food, take baths, cuddle, and sleep. The muu have no language. All actions in the game are initiated by normal playing cards. Any conflicts are resolved by the use of dice. The method involves strong techniques for transforming the language used in-game into poetic Muu-phrases. The aim of the game is to create a kind of merry harmony.

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