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     This is a list of role-playing campaigns that I have participated in, both as a game-master (GM) and as a player. It is in reverse chronological order -- i.e. starting with the most recent. I also have separate pages on one-shots I have designed, my early campaigns, and plans for future campaigns. Lastly, I have a list of my player characters (from extended campaigns). I also have now run at a number of Bay Area gaming conventions.

     The campaigns listed below have a capsule description and usually a link to assorted information on the campaign -- basically whatever I have online about that game. Some of the capsule descriptions use specialized terminology from rec.games.frp.advocacy (cf. my RPG Theory page), but most of it should be fairly understandable to those familiar with tabletop RPGs.

Land of New Horizons (Nov 2021 - Present)
A Dungeons & Dragons campaign in a fantasy world inspired by Incan history, where the player characters are agents of a past emperor, as spiritual guides within a massive empire.
GM John/Hanju. Players Mike, Laura, Bernia, Lee, and Sylvester.
Masks of Nyarlathotep (Jan 2020 - May 2021)
An online Call of Cthulhu campaign using the massive published campaign book from Chaosium, played over Roll20 during the pandemic.
GM Daniel. Players David, James, Gareth, Renee, and John.
Archipelago: Uprooted (Feb 2019 - Present)
A storytelling game using the Archipelago system, and set in the world of Naomi Novik's novel "Uprooted".
Players Jarys and John.
Steampunk Fate (Feb 2019 - June 2019)
A fantasy game in a collectively-created setting with a steampunk vibe. The characters were bounty hunters riding an airship around to collect escaped convicts - bonded from their past in a totalitarian state they all escaped.
GM Jarys. Players Lillith, Victoria, and John.
Out from the Temple (Nov 2018 - Feb 2019)
A Dungeons & Dragons campaign in a world where orcs, goblins, and similar races are good - while humans, elves, and similar are evil. The PCs are a heroic group trying to find and restore the ancient Temple of the Elements.
GM John. Players Rebeka, Zev, Matt, Jarys.
Mutant: Year Zero (June 2017 - Jan 2018)
A run of the post-apocalyptic game, where the PCs were based in the ruins of a huge IKEA store in Stockholm.
GM Daniel. Players David, John K, Gareth, James.
Weird Tales (August 2015 ... March 2017)
An occasional game run when my friend Russell was lecturing in Berkeley on visit from San Diego. It used the small press system "Strange Brew" / Argh!. This was set in Providence, Rhode Island - and inspired by tabloid journalism. The PCs were either journalists working for a tablid (the Weird World Weekly) or fringe academics writing for the academic journal, the Journal of Cryptozoology. It was a lot of fun, always inspired by real conspiracy theories / tabloid stories.
GM Russell. Players Marco, Valentine, Antonina, David, Milo, John.
The Dawn of Fire (November 2015 - June 2017)
A 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign set in the midst of a dragon apocalypse. It reverses some usual tropes, in that humans and others are fleeing the surface world to live underground.
GM John. Players Daniel, David, Joey, Gareth, James.
The Cult Killers (September 2013 - November 2015)
A 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign that started with the extended adventure, "The Horde of the Dragon Queen".
GM Daniel. Players David, John K, Gareth, James.
GURPS Fantasy: Haven (September 2013 - 2017)
This was a GURPS game set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, with monthly sessions. The long first stage was set in a medieval period, while a second stage was set in a more steampunk period.
GM Erik. Players Chrissy, Guy, Megan, and John.
Call of Cthulhu: After the Deep War (Jan 2014 - March 2014)
A brief call campaign set in an alternate 1950s after a world-spanning war with the Deep Ones that killed millions. Eventually, the naval powers forged an alliance that drove them back - England, the U.S., Nazi Germany, and Japan. It was one of my experiments into morally ambiguous horror (as opposed to good guys fighting monsters).
GM John K. Players Daniel, David, Gareth.
In A Wicked Age (2013)
A brief rotating-GM campaign using an indie story game where each session had new characters and other elements based on card draws (the Oracle).
Players/GMs Daniel, Gareth, John, Jens, and David.
Dungeon World (2013 - 2014)
This was a series of games in an improvised world with my weekly group.
GM Gareth. Players Daniel, John, Jens, and David.
Trail/Call of Cthulhu (September 2011 - October 2012)
This was a series of games, starting with two adventures using the recent Trail of Cthulhu system and pregenerated characters.
GM Daniel. Players Gareth, John, Renee, and David.
Dresden Files (March 2011 - September 2011)
A campaign of the Dresden Files, entitled "Battleground San Francisco", as we had created our city as a designated battleground between the Winter and Summer Courts of Faerie.
GM John. Players Gareth, Daniel, Renee, and David.
Mortal Coil (Sep 2010 - Dec 2010)
A short campaign using the Mortal Coil system - with a unique magic system and diceless conflict resolution. We had problems with the conflict resolution mechanic, but the characters and magic were intriguing.
GM Daniel. Players John, Gareth, Jens, and Renee.
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies (July 2010 - Sep 2010)
A short campaign using the S7S system.
GM Jens. Players John, Gareth, Daniel, and Renee.
Spirit of the Century (Feb 2010 - June 2010)
A short campaign using the canonical setting of pulp adventure in the 1920s, with rotating GMs.
GMs John Kim, Gareth, Jens. Players the same plus Daniel and Renee.
Lacuna (Jan 2010 - May 2010)
A short campaign using Lacuna: Second Attempt - though 9 sessions is longer than most campaigns of Lacuna go. This was intriguing for the handling of PC identity - all the PCs are amnesiacs in a strange environment.
GM John Kim. Players Albert, Nancy, Sandra, Peter, Black.
Mouse Guard (Feb 2009 - July 2009)
This was a straight run game of Mouse Guard, with a bit of shared GMing.
GMs Albert. Players Nancy, Peter, Sandra, Black, and John.
Werewolves of London (June 2009 - Jan 2010)
A game set in the original background for Werewolf: The Apocalypse, using the new World of Darkness rules. The PCs are a pack who found each other in their teenage years in London, and formed a rock band.
GM Madeline Ferwerda. Players John Kim, Heather, Cynthia Gonsalves, Bill Humphries, and Liz Henry.
All Shall Love Me and Despair (Jan 2009 - Apr 2009)
An aborted campaign set in Tolkien's Middle Earth, following an alternate branch of events where Frodo insists that Galadriel take the One Ring.
GM John Kim. Players David Johnson, Dennis Ruth, Daniel Elenius.
Hârn: City of Red Domes (June 2007 - Aug 2008)
A Hârn campaign using the Burning Wheel rules, about a group of Ilviran missionaries come to the largest city on Hârn to found a temple there.
GM Jim Chokey. Players David Johnson, John Kim, Dennis Ruth, Daniel Elenius, and Mark Atkinson.
Dragons of the Yellow Sea (Apr 2007 - May 2009)
A pseudo-historical pulp fiction campaign set on the Korean island of Jeju in the 1860's in a parallel history where there are domesticated dragons -- the setting of Naomi Novik's Temeraire novels.
GM John Kim. Players Madeline Ferwerda, Heather, Cynthia Gonsalves, Bill Humphries, Lee Abuabara, Liz Henry, and Bob.
The Mystery of Bailey (Feb 2007 - Present)
One of a set of long-standing Call of Cthulhu campaigns which ran from the late 1920s to the early 30s. This campaign is centered on the village of Bailey in Yorkshire, and its strange inhabitants.
GM Janyce Engan. Players Chaz Engan, Daniel Rohrer, Tom Johnson, John Kim, Kevin Glazner, Robert Bullis, Richard Silver.
The Golden Dawn (Jun 2006 - Mar 2007)
A Call of Cthulhu campaign starting in London 1893, using Pagan Publishing's supplement The Golden Dawn as a primary resource.
GM John Kim. Players David Johnson, Jim Chokey, Dennis Ruth, Daniel Elenius.
Amber: Shadow of a Doubt (Jun 2006 - Dec 2006)
An Amber Diceless RPG campaign, where the PCs began as fellow members of the English resistance against the Nazis in an London of an alternate 1943.
GM Madeline Ferwerda. Players Cynthia Gonsalves, Bill Humphries, Lee Abuabara, Liz Henry, John Kim.
Gamma Hero: The Famine of Far-Go (Mar 2006 - Jun 2006)
A post-apocalyptic campaign in the original Gamma World setting, using the 5th edition Hero System rules. It was using the 1982 adventure module, "The Famine of Far-Go" -- a tongue-in-cheek teenage quest story with parodies of Midwestern life.
GM Jesse Wilson. Players Ryan Graham, Clifford Chin, Peter Obregozo, and John Kim.
Silicon Valley Slayage: Season 3 (Oct 2005 - May 2006)
This is the third installment of the earlier Buffy the Vampire Slayer campaigns, again co-game-mastered by Bill and myself. (Picked up again after we played a number of one-shot games over the summer.) The company Vampster has been sold, and everyone has slowly shifted to living in the interdimensional nexus where the offices formerly were.
Third Season: Co-GM/Players Bill Humphries and John Kim. Players Cynthia Gonsalves, Heather, Liz Henry, Madeline Ferwerda.
Hârn: The Glooming Isle (Jun 2005 - May 2006)
A HârnMaster campaign set in Melderyn, the small isle of wizards, and promising mystical intrigue.
GM David Johnson. Players John Kim, Jim Chokey, Dennis Ruth, Daniel Elenius.
Silicon Valley Slayage: Season 2 (Oct 2004 - May 2005)
This is a continuation of the first season campaign GMed by Bill Humphries using the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. For the second season, there is some shift of players and characters; plus some rules changes; and Bill and I are switching off GMing episodes.
Second Season: Co-GM/Players Bill Humphries and John Kim. Players Cynthia Gonsalves, Heather, Liz Henry, Shannon Cotterell, Madeline Ferwerda, and Tyler Jordan.
My Life With Master: Roszakabad (Aug - Sep 2004)
A brief game of Paul Czege's "My Life With Master", which featured strange mystical beliefs in electricity in a sanitorium/health spa of a remote mountain village.
GM John Kim. Players Bill Humphries, Cynthia Gonsalves, and Liz Henry.
The Hero-Cults RPG
I briefly played an adventure GMed by Russell Impagliazzo within the general setting and situation of his ongoing campaign while visiting him in San Diego. It is a D&D3 campaign which attempts to reify a number of the conventions of D&D.
GM Russell Impagliazzo.
James Bond 007: The Replacement Killers (Feb - Oct 2004)
A cinematic spy campaign using Victory Games' classic James Bond 007 RPG (1983). This is a retro take on James Bond, set back in the eighties. The premise is from the end of "Never Say Never Again" -- that Bond actually did finally retire, and a set of new double-ohs have taken over the business of saving the world.
GM John Kim. Players David Johnson, Jim Chokey, Dennis Ruth, and Bill Humphries.
Lord of the Rings: The Northern Shadow (Feb 2003 - Jan 2004)
A campaign using Deciper's new "Lord of the Rings" RPG system. It was set in neary Lake-town and Mirkwood early in the time period of the War of the Ring. I played Gudrid, a Beorning woman who is learning magic of nature.
GM David Johnson. Players Jim Chokey, Dennis Ruth, John Kim, and (briefly) Liz Henry.
Silicon Valley Slayage: Season 1 (Nov 2002 - Mar 2004)
This is a campaign using Eden Studio's new Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. It is set in Silicon Valley, in an offshoot of the TV show. Rather than high school drama, the theme is 20-something and 30-somethings dealing with life in Silicon Valley.
First Season: GM Bill Humphries. Players John Kim, Daniel Ferrante, Cynthia Gonsalves, Heather, Liz Henry, Gen Lang, and Tyler Jordan.
Hârn: Cuthren Village (Jul 2002 - January 2003)
This is a HârnMaster Gold campaign, set in Cuthren village of the Kingdom of Rethem. The PC's are an eclectic mix of folk from village, who investigate various political and supernatural machinations which intersect their corner of the world.
GM James Chokey. Players David Johnson, Dennis Ruth, John Kim.
SAGA Ravenloft (January - February 2002)
An abortive campaign of people contacted over the net, set in the Ravenloft demi-plane setting from TSR but using an adaptation of the SAGA rules developed for the Dragonlance RPG. This only went two or three sessions before folding.
GM Merwin Shanmugasundaram. Players John Kim, et al.
Vikings and Skraelings: (Aug 2001 - May 2004)
Thus far my favorite campaign of all time. This was a mythic alternate history game, set in 1392 North America around the Hudson river valley where the Viking Vinland colony thrived rather than dying out. It was an epic campaign with 52 sessions over three years, and a lot of drama and involvement. We used a modified version of the Runequest rules, with the addition of Whimsy Cards.
GM John Kim. Players Liz Henry, Laura Henry, Bill Humphries, James Chokey, Heather, Selene, Russell Impagliazzo, Ken McKinney.
Fantasy Hero: Mystara (Spring 2002)
This was a brief fantasy campaign set in the fantasy world of Mystara (i.e. the setting for Basic D&D), but using 4th edition HERO System rules. Due to life issues at the time, I did not continue with the campaign.
GM Randy Greer. Players Kimberly Power, Jenevieve D, John Kim, Joseph Gallo.
Champions: The New Millenium (Sep 2001 - Mar 2002)
This was a short superhero campaign using 4th edition Champions rules, but using the setting from Champions: The New Millenium which was written for the Fuzion system.
GM Jenevieve D. Players Kimberly Power, Randy Greer, John Kim, Joseph Gallo.
Gambino Campaign (Feb - Apr 2001)
A fantasy-genre campaign set in the corrupt city of Persea, where the PC's are members of the Gambino merchant-noble family seeking their fortunes. It was using 3rd edition D&D rules.
GM Mike Derry. Players Scott Chelette, Ken McKinney, Joe White, Kara White, Sam Jennings, John Kim, and Liz Henry.
Mahalala (Feb - Mar 2001)
A short-lived fantasy-genre campaign set in an original world, where the PC's are goblins who have a militant matriarchal society. The PC's were sent by their clan as a team on various missions. The rule-system is a homebrew based on Runequest.
GM Mike Derry. Players Scott Chelette, Ken McKinney, Joe White, Kara White, John Kim, and Liz Henry.
Earth-Realm (Jul - Sep 2000)
A fantasy-genre campaign set in an original world, where the PC's were discovered to be the "Chosen Ones" of an ancient prophecy. This was run using a free RPG system, The Window.
GM Tom Kinzer. Players Mike DeSanto, Venter Laird, Jiles Mccoy, John Kim.
GURPS "Dollar for the Dead" (Feb - Mar, 2000)
An extended adventure based on a TV movie, run using the GURPS system with added cinematic rules.
GM Tom Kinzer. Players Mike DeSanto, Jessica Mandoki, Peter Froehlich, Kim Haas, John Kim, Liz Henry.
Space/Cthulhu (1999-2000)
This was a sci-fi game which mixes "gritty" space opera with Lovecraftian horror. The PC's are a group of investigators for a private security firm (Valkyrie Securities), working in the corrupt edges of the United Planets.
GM Mike DeSanto. Players Tom Kinzer, Damien, Liz Henry, John Kim, Venter Laird, Jessica Mandoki, Kim Haas.
Crystal Palace (Sep 1999 - May 2000)
This is a fantasy game set in an original fantasy world by Russell Impagliazzo. The entirely non-human inhabitants of an ancient city (the Crystal Palace) work to restore its glory of past millenia.
GM Russell Impagliazzo. Players Beth Dugan, John Kim, Liz Henry, Ted Carson, and Craig.
Water Uphill World (1999)
This was a children's fantasy game, in the vein of Baum's Oz books and Lewis' Narnia. It is set on an original world by John Kim and Liz Henry. Four children from a school in Chicago are transported to a magical land where water runs uphill.
GM John Kim. Players Joshua Macy, Liz Henry, Russell Impagliazzo, Mike LeFebre.
Lang of Neng: "Friends of the Fox" (1998-99)
This was a fantasy game set in the Land of Neng, an original fantasy world by Joshua Macy and Russell Impagliazzo. The rule system shifted from Fantasy HERO to Rolemaster and then to FUDGE.
GM Joshua Macy. Players Dutch, Tony, Liz Henry, John Kim, Russell Impagliazzo.
Champions: ``House Rules'' (1997)
This was a Champions game, designed to be a more action-packed, fun, and mystical change of pace from the relatively cerebral Star Trek games I had been running.
GM John Kim. Players Joe Franecki, Chris Lehrich, Mark Kobrak, Cullen Grace, Mike Bathgate, and Liz Henry.
Chicago: Dark Requiem (1996)
A live-action Vampire: The Masquerade game using the Mind's Eye Theater rules, with very large events (100 or more players). Liz Henry and I played in a half-dozen or so events of this.
The Ripper Game: (1996-1997)
This was a Victorian mystery/horror game, set in 1890's London. Against the backdrop of the Jack the Ripper murders, the PC's slowly uncovered a mystical conspiracy which far overshadowed the Golden Dawn. The rule system was Call of Cthulhu, but the background was entirely non-Lovecraft.
GMs Chris Lehrich and Alex Dent-Young. Players John Kim, Liz Henry, Mark Kobrak, Mike Bathgate, and Jim Wilson.
Ars Magica 767 (Fall 1996 - Spring 1997)
This was an Ars Magica game starting in 767 A.D., at the time of the founding of the Order of Hermes. We were in an alternate timeline where Bonisagus was killed, thus disrupting the history of the Order. The PC's were the orphaned students of Bonisagus who wandered in search of a home for a while.
GM Joe Franecki. Players Chris Lehrich, Mark Kobrak, John Kim, Liz Henry.
Star Trek: Columbus' Journey: (Apr - Jul, 1995)
This was a short-lived episodic campaign about an exploration cruise by the Survey Cruiser Columbus 13 years before the Original Series.
GM John Kim. Players Chris Lehrich, Cullen Grace, Mark Kobrak, Mike Bathgate.
Immortal Tales: (Dec 1994 - Apr 1995)
This was a diceless, freeform, troupe-style storytelling game. It had the wraparound story of four immortal beings who meet in the present to swap stories about old times. Each week, a different person would GM, as the others told his character about what happened.
Players/GMs: Chris Lehrich, John Kim, Mark Kobrak, Ben Brighoff.
Star Trek: Pericles: (Jul - Dec, 1994)
Really a continuation of the previous campaign with a completely new PC's. This campaign continued to focus on the slide towards war with the Klingons. The system and style evolved some, but no huge changes.
GM John Kim. Players Joe Franecki, Chris Lehrich, Richard Garfinkle.
T'ang China III (1994)
This was a martial arts campaign set in T'ang Dynasty China. It used a variant of the Theatrix system, focussing on both high-flying action and mystical mystery-solving (inspired by the Judge Dee books and Bridge of Birds).
GM Chris Lehrich. Players John Kim, Mark Kobrak, Ron Levy, David Covin.
Star Trek: Gettysburg/Republic: (Jan - Jul, 1994)
This was a episodic game set shortly after the original series on the Klingon border. It had plotted episodic set-ups, but was open-ended and even simulation-oriented in how the situation resolved. This first campaign started with the Light Cruiser Gettysburg, although the main characters later moved to the Heavy Cruiser Republic.
GM John Kim. Players Joe Franecki, Chris Lehrich, Richard Garfinkle, and David Covin.
T'ang China II (1993 - 1994)
This was a martial arts campaign set in T'ang Dynasty China, focussing on high-flying action. It used the Hero System rules, with Ninja Hero and home-brewed rules for magic (a grammar-based system using Chinese characters).
GM Chris Lehrich. Players John Kim, Mark Kobrak, David Covin, ("Dragon"), Ron Levy.
Mystic Investigators: (Jul - Dec, 1993)
This was a mystical game set in modern times, where the PC's were private investigators specializing in the paranormal. It was run using the HERO system.
GM John Kim. Players Chris Lehrich, Joe Franecki, Ingrid De Beus, Mark Kobrak, Ron Levy.
Ravenloft: (Mar - Apr, 1993)
This was an AD&D game, run because of my nostalgic fondness for the modules Ravenloft and Ravenloft II. Based on these, there was a pre-planned progression of ongoing events, some of which involved the PC's. However, within those constraints, it was very loosely plotted: the modules were designed as environments which were filled with.
GM John Kim. Players Cari McAskill, Michele Rizack, Rick Cripe, Andy Harasty, Victoria Fike.
Champions (Sep 1992 - Mar 1993)
A dramatic Champions campaign in a fairly mainstram superhero genre, adding StoryPath cards handed out to players to the usual mechanics.
GM Darrell. Players Victoria Fike, Rick Cripe, John Kim, Chris Svara, Lara Coutinho, Andy Harasty.
Amber: "Creation" (Jun - Aug, 1992)
This was a short-lived campaign of the Amber Diceless RPG. The PC's, younger Amberites, were found to be avatars of a third axis, Creation, which opposed Pattern and Chaos.
GM Andy Harasty. Players Victoria Fike, Rick Cripe, John Kim, Chris Svara.
GURPS Fantasy (Oct 1991 - May 1992)
This was a post-magical-holocaust game using the GURPS system. Europe was reliving history, with a Roman empire existing side-by-side with medieval arms, a powerful Catholic church, learned magic, psionic elves (mostly heathen), dwarves, and other fantasy tropes. The PC's wandered about, eventually tackling the source of the magical holocaust.
GM Graham Hine. Players Cari McAskill, Michele Rizack, John Kim, Andy Harasty, Rick Cripe.
Champions:1644 (Jun - Aug, 1991)
A short-lived superhero game set in Paris 1644 -- the period of the Musketeers and swashbuckling. There was a mix of historical adventure and a bit of swashbuckling/comic-book action.
GM: Alessandra Kelly. Players: Richard Garfinkle, John Kim, Ron Levy, et al.
Cybercops (Feb - Apr, 1991)
This was a short cyberpunk campaign in all its violence and nihilism. The PC's were an ultra-violent SWAT team intended to take down cyberpsychos and other high-risk threats. The PC's caught up in a corporate plan, and thus the whole was fairly plotted even though I was rigidly realistic and random. It used a version of the Twilight 2000 rules system.
GM John Kim. Players Chris Lehrich, Steve Mulholland, and Keith McCall.
GURPS Space: Rogue Agents
This was a space-opera campaign using the GURPS system, where the PCs were genetically-engineered super-agents working for a shadowy organization. However, they came to view each other as their family, and they eventually rebelled to support each other on their own.
GM Robert Masenten. Players John Kim, Diane Westerfield, et al.
This was a mixed wargame/role-playing game campaign depicting a series of conflicts as a military force tried to take over a planet. The PCs were mech pilots and support personnel. We would play out battles using the Battletech system, followed by intervening action using Mechwarrior.
GM Steve Mulholland. Players Chris Lehrich, Keith McCall, John Kim, Richard Garfinkle.
Oneiros: Emsworth Chronicle (Sep 1990 - Feb 1991)
This was a Gothic Fantasy campaign which I GMed, set on an original fantasy world. At the core of the world was a fascinating magic system and cosmology. The basic rules from modified Ars Magica, but the magic rules were unique. It was heavily plotted, with different puzzles continually coming in.
GM John Kim. Players Steve Mulholland, Richard Garfinkle, Robert Ellis, Ron Levy, Chris Lehrich, Keith McCall, Cory Liszt, Jill Nicholaus.
Hindu Myth (Spring 1991)
This was a game set in Hindu myth, using a variant of the Spellcrafter system. Ascetics would have ratings for various portions of illusion (Maya) that they learn to ignore. Buddhists were different in that they had a single graded series of overcoming all illusion. However, using this as worldly power threatened to mire you more in illusion.
GM Richard Garfinkle. Players Craig Neumeier, John Kim, et al.
Sci-Fi Superheroes (1990 - 1991)
This was a superhero campaign set in a dystopic 2012. In 1994, bombs from alien invasion trigger superpowers in select humans. The aliens were eventually driven off, but a repressive world government had taken over. The PCs were superheroes maintaining a tiny free state in Hawaii.
GM Robert Ellis. Players Richard Garfinkle, Alessandra Kelly, John Kim, Chris Lehrich, Ron Levy, Keith McCall, and Craig Neumeier.
The God Game (1990 - 1991)
This was a curious short-lived campaign where the PC's were among 20 or so normal people who suddenly gained truly god-like superpowers. The idea was to look at how they shaped the world thereafter, including clashes with other "gods".
GM Craig Neumeier. Players Ingrid de Beus, Ron Levy, John Kim, Paul Estin, Michael Schiffer, Robert Ellis.
Worlds in Collision (Jan - May, 1989)
This was a heavily simulationist, realistic game set in a modern world where individuals with strange paranormal powers (perhaps psionic) had been appearing since 1912. It used the HERO system (4th ed), with realistic options.
GM John Kim. Players Chris Lehrich, Craig Neumeier, Ron Levy, Joe Franecki, Keith McCall.
Oathbreaker / Secrecy Game (Sep 1988 - May 1989)
This was a game set in the modern world with secret magic going on underneath it. A powerful enchantment ("The Secrecy") kept magic and miracles hidden, which was key in the fight against a rogue god that founded Judaism, Christianity, and Islam ("The Oathbreaker"). There was a second-generation campaign with new PC's set after the Oathbreaker god was killed and the Secrecy broken.
GM Richard Garfinkle. Players Craig Neumeier, Ron Levy, John Kim, Robert Ellis, Michael Schiffer, Ingrid de Beus, Will Flaschbart, Ralph.
Ravenloft: Family Reunion
This was an interesting run of the original AD&D Ravenloft module, which I ran for some friends in my hometown the summer after my freshman year of college. We designed the PCs to be a powerful but dysfunction set of siblings and friends who had returned to their home. Each of the PCs had some sort of evil taint to them, in a gothic style. There was a fair amount of improvisation and rule-bending here.
GM John Kim. Players Marc Egazarian, Molly, et al.
Mirrorworld (Nov 1987 - May 1988)
This was an experimental game set in an original fantasy world, where the players tackled an open-ended magical challenge. The cosmology was quite complex, with a sequence (1-4-16-64-256) of small worlds that are distorted reflections of the one true land. The game was set in the "Orchard World", where culture centered on cultivated groves of trees. The challenge was that our world was being invaded by a forest from a neighboring world, which we open-endedly worked on solving. The rule system was a printed homebrew called Spellcrafter.
GM Richard Garfinkle. Players Craig Neumeier, Ron Levy, John Kim, Robert Ellis, Alessandra Kelly.
Avatars (Sep 1987 - May 1988)
This was a high-powered superhero game with cosmic implications. In a long string of characters, the PC's went from fighting supervillians to championing the true reality. We discovered in the end that the universe was a pseudo-computer simulation for the purpose of re-generating souls lost in a cataclysmic war. However, the simulation was hacked by the opposition who sought to corrupt or destroy it.
GM Robert Ellis. Players Richard Garfinkle, Alessandra Kelly, Craig Neumeier, Ron Levy, John Kim.

         "Avatars" was the first campaign I played in college. Before this are the games which I was in for high school and grade school, which I have a separate page for.

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