This is a role-playing campaign that blends Space Opera and Lovecraftian horror, set in the late 21st century, around 250 light-years from Earth. The campaign is played using the Simply Roleplaying system (from MicroTactix). The rules are in playtest currently (October 1999).

GM Mike DeSanto. Players Tom Kinzer, Damien, Liz Henry, John Kim, Venter Laird, Jessica Mandoki, Kim Haas.

         The PC's are investigators for Valkyrie Security, a company which blends security, law enforcement, and mercernary interests. (Similar to the Pinkertons of the 19th century, but with more scruples.) At the start of the campaign, the company had been hired by a sector governor (Gov. Caruthers) to investigate a small private research station (population 37) which has been lost to outside communication. A previous police ship sent to investigate was also lost.

         At the start of the campaign, the PC's were sent out in a small ship, capable of 500c FTL speed. There were eight Valkyrie-employed crew plus the resident 4D engineer who operates the FTL drive.

Player Characters
Technology Overview
Historical Background of the United Planets
Overview of the Plot
Session Logs


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