James Bond 007 RPG

         This is a page about Victory Games' "James Bond 007" Role-playing Game, by Gerard Christopher Klug. It was released in 1983 and supported for many years, but went out of print by the 90's. It was based primarily on the film series, and only secondarily on the books by Ian Fleming. The system was notable for its universal skill-based mechanics which emphasized quality of result more than binary success/failure. It also includes a Hero point system where points can be spent to modify the outcome of rolls. Character creation is open point-based, allowing characters at "Rookie", "Agent", and "00" levels.

Review of the Basic Game
This is my review of the core book (incomplete).
James Bond Film List
A list of James Bond films with brief notes and links to IMDB information.
The Campaign
My campaign starting in February '04. It is set in the eighties, starting in December 1983.
Notes on the Eighties
Mission 1, Mission 2, Mission 3, Mission 4
PC Descriptions
PC Stats
Experience Spending
RPG Links
Links for James Bond and espionage role-playing in general:
Kove's JB007 RPG Page
Q Manual (archived)
Modus Operandi 007 RPG Forum
Paul Kasper's 007 RPG Page (archive)
Pat's James Bond Games: Video/Board/Role-Playing/Card (French)
Film Links
The James Bond Warehouse


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