Harn Notes

         Hârn is a lavishly detailed medieval fantasy world, published since 1983. In tone, it is a cross between Tolkienesque fantasy (with elves, dwarves, and magic) and historical England of the early middle ages. What sets it apart is the mass of carefully-constructed detail which is paid to the regions, cultures, and races of the world. While I read Hârn and Hârnmaster since early in their development, I only played in a campaign set in Hârn much later. My first campaign was game-mastered by Jim Chokey, and was set in the village of Cuthren in the Kingdom of Rethem. My second campaign was game-mastered by David Johnson, and began on Cherafir on the island of Melderyn.

Local Hârn Articles by John Kim
While I'm not a Hârn expert, I have written two analysis articles.
HârnMaster Character Sheet Utility
An incomplete online utility that creates nicely formatted HTML character sheets.

Campaign Links

Hârn: City of Red Domes (GM's site)
A campaign set in Hârn using the Burning Wheel system, started in June 2007. The PCs are establishing an Ilviran temple in the city of Coranan. (This was originally planned in 2005 to be run using the HârnMaster system, but was put on hold.)
Hârn: The Glooming Isle
A HârnMaster campaign started in the fall of 2005. GM David Johnson.
Cuthren Village Campaign
This was a HârnMaster Gold campaign, set in a small village in the Kingdom of Rethem. The PC's were an eclectic mix of folk from village, who investigate various political and supernatural machinations which intersect their corner of the world.
Player Characters
Baraud Valain
Cuthren Village Characters (PC and NPC)
Local Cuthren Village Notes
Timeline of Campaign Events
Regional Map of Rethem
Political Map of Rethem
Local Map of the Cuthren Area

General Hârn Links


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