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         This site is divided into a number of features. The primary features are the three indexes: of game companies, of published RPGs, and of free RPGs available on the web. I also have a section of articles, broken into several categories.

•  What's New
News of updates to my site, which I am currently trying to update bi-weekly or monthly.
•  About This Site
History of this site, technical details, and a little blurb on myself.
•  What are Role-playing Games?
A beginner's introduction that covers a variety of types of RPGs, as well as a survey of different forms of role-playing that go on around the world.
•  Game Companies Listing
Capsule description and links/contact info for over 350 companies that make RPG products.
•  RPG Encyclopedia
Detailed entries for nearly every RPG ever printed. It includes author, publication date, publishing company, and capsule description for over 700 RPGs, including entries in seven languages.
•  Free Role-Playing Games
Links and capsule descriptions for hundreds of RPGs that are available free over the web. Each entry includes estimated page count, file format, and keywords.
•  Murder Mystery Games
This is an introduction and links for various murder mystery party games, including a complete freeware mystery game by myself.
•  Styles of Play
This is a collection of articles and discussion applicable to just about any RPG game. The articles are about how RPGs are played, inspired by discussion on the Usenet newsgroup rec.games.frp.advocacy.
•  System Design
This is a collection of my thoughts on game design, broken into articles analyzing different types of RPG mechanics like dice rolling, class and template systems, and so forth.
•  Articles and Reviews
Links to material by me devoted to specific RPG systems: including GURPS, Hero, D&D, Aberrant, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and others. This includes a number of in-depth reviews of RPG products.
•  Games and Copyright
These are notes about issues of copyright and trademark law, focussing on how they apply to role-playing games and other non-computer games (i.e. card games, board games, etc.).
•  A History of My Campaigns
In chronological order, including those I have run, many of those I have played in, and a few potential campaigns.
•  Miscellaneous RPG Links
This is a personal list of role-playing links which I found interesting, which is only haphazardly organized and pruned.

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