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Welcome to a world of murder and intrigue. This document is about murder mystery party games, including a freeware game written by myself.

     A murder mystery game is a party game of secrets and intrigue, sort of a blend halfway between theatre games and Clue. Each person attending will be playing the part of a character in a murder mystery. They will act in character, and will know only what their character knows. Together, they will discover that a murder has been committed, and collect the facts of the murder. Then, between them, they have enough information to discover the identity of the murderer. Of course, the trick is that one of them is secretly the murderer -- and he will be trying to lead them astray by lies and misdirection.

     The game officially ends when the murderer is discovered, but the real goal is simply to have fun. Even if everyone is completely wrong in the end, it may well be an evening full of wit, intrigue, and accusations.

So What is Here?

Currently, this site has one freeware game (written by yours truly), an archive of some frequently asked questions, and listings of games sold by other companies.

•  The Business of Murder
A freeware game about murder in a prestigious School of Finance.
•  Other Games and Companies
Incomplete listings which sample some other choices.
• Murder Mystery FAQs
A set of FAQs including reviews from the UseNet newsgroup rec.games.frp.live-action.


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