Werewolves of London

         This is a resource page on a campaign of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, using the rules from the new World of Darkness core and Werewolf: The Forsaken. The campaign, started in 2009, is about a set of British rock stars who gravitated together as teens and formed their own band, and then found that they were all werewolves. We pick up the band in mid-career as they are doing their first international tours. Their songs include "Mystic Taint," "Blood in the Snow," and others.

Xandra (played by Heather)
A mixed instrumentalist and lead songwriter of the band, fond of world music influences and odd instruments.
Colin (played by Bill)
A Glasswalker, who plays keyboard, and is known for his technological savvy.
Maggie (played by Cynthia)
The lead singer of the band, an Irish-American woman known for her fiery spirit.
Rocky (played by John)
The drummer of the band, known for his angry streak and his bulldogish promotion of the band in their early years.
Wiilo (played by Liz)
The lead guitar player, who went off for a solo career.

Recurring NPCs include our manager Kumar Patel, our PR lady Ruth, and our replacement lead guitarist Ben Ortega. Werewolf contacts include Tansy Miyamoto, a Glasswalker in Boston.

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