Dawn of Fire

"Dig hard, dig deep, go for shelter, and never look back." That has become a creed for all of mankind. Where once thriving civilizations stood of men and elves, and even of orcs and gnolls -- now the skies and the land belong to the dragons. Over the past year, the population of dragons has risen a hundredfold, and they have swept over all the nations of the world.

Of the survivors, only a few remain. While dragons sweep the most inhabited portions, adventurous folk seek out the most remote and inhospitable underground structures -- taking with them the few other survivors whom they were able to rescue. Together, they seek to carve out a new life for themselves in the ruins and dungeons of the old world.

This is an epic campaign for the Dungeons & Dragons game which turns the game on its head. A plague of dragons has devastated the entire surface world. Rather than raiding dungeons to find the treasure of dragons, now humanity is fleeing to remote underground locations to survive in the face of a dragon plague. This draws on the post-apocalyptic genre, in films like Reign of Fire and Dawn of the Dead or the Walking Dead series. The concept is that there will still be exploring dungeons and fighting monsters, but rather than raiding for treasure and killing, the adventurers are looking for a place to live.




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