Vikings and Skraelings


An introduction to the campaign, the genre and sources, and an overview of the background.
Campaign Information
Information on the current campaign, including PC forms, complete session summaries, and background information on the families involved.
Rules Sheets
Overviews of the rules which we are using, a simplified variant of 3rd edition Runequest.
Discussion of the different systems of magic in Vinland, including Norse Seidhr (prophecy and sorcery), Lagakin shamanic magic, and Norse runic magic.
The Vinlander People
An overview of the Norse settlers to the land and their way of life.
The Lagakin Tribes
An overview of the local natives of the Northeastern coast, as they are known to the settlers.
An overview of the regions and peoples of Vinland.
Links to related outside sources.
GM's Only Section
GM-Only notes and play aids.


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