Amber Diceless

         This documents material for the Amber Diceless RPG, by Eric Wujcik.

Local Amber Resources

An Introduction to Zelazny's Rebma by John Kim
This is my summary of the little which is written about the underwater city of Rebma by Zelazny.
Thari: The Language of Amber by John Kim
A few notes on the language of Amber as defined by Zelazny, and it's real-world parallel, the dialect used by Irish travellers called "Shelta Thari".
Amber Sorcery by Martin Terman
An alternate system for sorcery, pattern, and logrus developed by Martin Terman and posted to Usenet in 1992.
An Expanded Sorcery System for the Amber Roleplaying Game by David Rourke
Another alternate system for sorcery, written by David Rourke and posted to Usenet in 1994.
Amber Links Page
A list of links organized by general topic.

Amber: Shadow of a Doubt (2006)

         A campaign started in June 2006. The GM is Madeline Ferwerda; the players are Bill Humpries, Cynthia Gonsalves, Liz Henry, Lee Abuabara, and myself. The PCs begin knowing each other as a group of resistance fighters in 1946 London of an alternate history where the Germans conquered England.

Amber: Princesses in Rebma (2005-2006)

         This was a one-shot game which I ran at AmberCon NorthWest 2005, and again (in a modified form) at ACNW 2006.

Amber: Creation (1992)

         A short campaign from June to August in 1992, with other gamers at Columbia University. The GM was Andy Harasty, with player including Victoria Fike, Rick Cripe, Chris Svara, and myself. In the course of the campaign, the PCs (all younger Amberites) were found to be avatars of a third axis, Creation, which opposed Pattern and Chaos. My character was Morgause, a Princess of Amber of unknown heritage who had wandered into shadow and come to become Queen of the Shadow Erebus.


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